Sunday, 12 October 2014

What is it like getting Foundation matched at MAC?

I got given a giftcard at by my Manager at work for our department winning a competition in the Company, so when we had our 10% off Beauty and Fragrance last month, I knew that it was the best time to spend my giftcard. I'm a bad beauty bloggers, as I had never tried or owned a MAC foundation before so I thought as I wasn't wasting money if I didn't like it, that it would be the perfect chance to buy one. So, I popped down to my work on my day off (!) and went to the MAC counter and was greeted by a lady who asked if I needed any help. I explained to her that I was looking to get a foundation but as I had never tried a MAC foundation before I had no idea what shade I was. She got me to sit at one of the chairs in front of a large mirror and grabbed a foundation, after we discussed what kind of finish I liked.

I was after an every day foundation and one that was medium to full coverage and that would last well as I was doing quite a few shifts that were quite long (last week I ended up doing a 14 hour shift!) so I would need my make-up to stay in place. I wasn't after a matte finish either, or a really dewey finish so she decided that MAC Studio Sculpt foundation was the best one for me. She then grabbed two shades and took my current foundation off with a face wipe, which I was suprised at, sure at a place like MAC they should take your make-up off with actual make-up remover and cotton wool? (such places like Benefit and Bobbi Brown take it off with that, so I would have thought somewhere like MAC would too?)

She then foundation matched my by place a swatch of both shades on my jaw line and we decided that NW20 looked best on me and that NW15 was a little too light for my skin (which is a first!), she then removed the swatches of foundation and then applied the foundation all over my face with a flat foundation brush - a brush I hate, I've never gotten on with flat foundation brushes as I find no matter how much or less you apply, it will always be streaky.

I said I would take one and happily went to browse the rest of the make-up. I then decided I would treat myself to a new eyebrow powder and I waited for 30 minutes to get some kind of service from someone at MAC - I make eye contact with several assistants but they all just walked away, I then waited in line at the till to get some help, and a lady did help me. I explained what I wanted and she showed me one product and when I said it wasn't exactly the right shade, she said "oh okay, let me know if you need any more help" and walked off.

So I walked off as well, I walked over to Illamasqua where the lady helped me pick our a brow shade, applied it and explained how to use it to it's full advantage as well as showing me a few products that go well with it and I purchased that, instead of making another purchase from MAC.

MACs products are brilliant, but the service is one of the worst considering they are one of the biggest make-up brands going.


  1. I found the same thing with Mac did q post on it ages ago. Was a bit put off xx

    1. I'm really disappointed in their customer service! x

  2. I find it a bit hit and miss when I go to MAC. Sometimes I get amazing attentive friendly service, and other times I get ignored. It's such a shame as I then don't own much MAC at all!
    How are you getting on with the foundation?

    Ting |

  3. I hate MAC's service, I always get ignored when I go :( but Illamasqua are brilliant, I agree :D

    Danniella x

  4. I have never tried service in MAC, however I did go in once to buy something and a member of staff just mindlessly stood where I was trying to get to and would not budge. That put me off so I just left! I think I'd rather buy online or get help from a different company! It really is sad! :(

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

    1. Yeah, I have found they do like to push you out of the way if they need something! x

  5. That happens to me sometimes. Mac employees blame it on being understaffed but there's some employees who just don't like helping customers.

    1. They can't use understaffed as an excuse at my local MAC counter as there is always more than enough staff, and normally are just standing about! x

  6. Last year I thought that service at mac was great, but from my last few visits I've had quite bad experiences, once I had to wait 30 minutes just to get somebody to get a lipstick for me x


  7. I'm glad you found your foundation shade, but it's such a shame about the service! xx



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