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The #SheffieldBBloggers Meet Part 2

As I said in my previous post - Part 1 of the #SheffieldBBloggers Meet, I said about how fantastic the goody bags we were kindly given were. I also briefly went over the raffle and some of the generous prizes - so because there was so much, here is a post dedicate to it all and to say a massive thank you to all the companies that got involved with the event, whether it be kindly sending something in for the goody bags and putting something in the raffle - they went above and beyond! 

I was so surprised to see some of the brands that had gotten involved - I had been wanting to try Nanshy brushes and Crown brushes for a while now, and I'm so happy I've finally been given the chance after they kindly donated some brushes to go into goody bags! They were two of my favourite items that I found after digging around in my bag, which was kindly provided and personalised thanks to The Blogger Programme? They printed the hashtag we were using for the even on the front of it for us which made it feel even more special.

I was quite excited to see a few MakeUp Revolution products in my bag! Everyone got something different in their bag due to the availability of some items but I was so happy to see what items I got. I had been wanting to try some of these lipsticks for the longest time and was actually planning to pop into Superdrug this week and pick up the red and the dark reddy purple one! I was also always intrigued by the green lipstick, named Serpent, but always a little scared. Now I don't really have choice do i? Serpent was definitely a big hit at the event, as soon as everyone start finding it hiding at the bottom of their bags, out came the mirrors and a lot of bloggers ended up with a green pout - which was kind of perfect as Georgina had brought down her dress up things so we could take some Halloween snaps! As well as these lipsticks, I also kindly got an eye primer as well! 

Another thing I was excited about was some nail varnish! I had been looking at the nail varnishes from The Body Shop on launch day and fell in love with the majority of the shades.At first, because I am quite a pale lady I was unsure about wearing the black nail polish named Smokey Rose as it normally makes me look even more ghastly pale, however this week I decided to relive my teenage days have been black finger nails again! However, paired up with actually having longer nails now (I use to chomp on them a lot in my teenage days!) as well as my simple silver jewellery, including a gorgeous silver midi ring which was donated by Vanilla Shimmer - they actually look quite classy and grown up! We also got given a gorgeous nail varnish from Essie - mine was a metallic red shade that I think is going to look absolutely stunning for the festive months. I'm always after new reds to try out and always on the look out for the perfect "Christmas Red" - maybe this will be it! Of course the colours varied for everyone but everyone seemed very happy with their colour choices!

I was also very surprised to see a full sized Primer Potion by Urban Decay being handed out for our goody bags too! As I said in the previous post about the event, there was a surprise competition at the end of the event and the competition was this - use whatever you wanted from Georginas bag of Halloween goodies and take a selfie, post it on twitter using the hashtag for the event, which was #sheffieldbbloggers and the best 3 will win a prize. I decided on using multiple wigs and a fancy little black hat and to my surprise, I won! What did I win? Another full sized Primer Potion by Urban Decay! I felt so incredibly lucky to win and now I don't have to worry about having my eyeshadow crease for a while now!

A MASSIVE thank you to all the brands that contributed to the very generous goody bags! Make sure you go say hi to them!

Balance Active Formula Day & Night Cream | Passion for Natural Aloe Vera Product | Benefit Cosmetics Lola Tint, Big Easy Sample | T-Zone Facial Scrub | Crabtree and Evelyn Product | Skinetica |  Cloud 9 Skin Solutions  | Essie Nail Varnish | Somerset Toiletry Company | Papier Poudre Blotting paper | Body Shop Nail Varnish | Lyons Leaf Beauty Balm | Quinoderm Face Wash | Macadamia Cleansing Conditioner | Mondss Underarm Pads | Nanshy Makeup Brush | Transforming Lives £100 Voucher | Bare Minerals Eyeliner | Beauty UK Nail Varnish | Only Naturals Samples | Charnos Stockings from No Bull PR | Urban Decay Primer Potion from the White Rose Branch | Clinomyth Toothpaste Challenge | Lypsyl | Deborah Milano | Dermocare WWF Plasters | Epic Blend Lip Balms | Crownbrush Eye Brush | Punky Pins Earrings  | Tiny Wishes Bracelet | Go Splash Water Flavourer | Makeup Revolution Makeup | Vanilla Shimmer Midi Ring | Jurlique Mini Goodie Bag | House of Wonderland Badge | Old Wives Tail Hair Treatments | Demadew sample | Joico Colour Therapy | Flurt Frozen Yoghurt

As I said previously there was also a raffle held to raise money for the fantastic Charity, Look Good Feel Better which helps ladies suffering with cancer to feel better through the use of cosmetic which is such an amazing charity, and what better place to raise awareness - a beauty blogger event! I couldn't believe some of the prizes that were on offer and available
to win!

I think it's safe to say we were all completely in shock to see that amongst the prizes for the raffle were FOUR Vivienne Westwood rings - I'm not going to lie, I had my fingers and toes crossed in the hopes i'd win one but alas I didn't. However, Jan from the Charity did win one which I thought was lovely as she was very deserving.

However, I did win - TWICE! I won a meal for two at Handmade Burger Co. which I can't wait to use as I have been meaning to try there for a while now but never had the chance to go, so now I have a voucher I'll definitely have to make a trip down there and try a yummy burger! I also won a Make Up Brush set from Furless Cosmetics which couldn't have been more perfect!

I was considering buying more make-up brushes when next pay day rolls around as I want to expand my collection - so now thats saved me even more money I was going to spend! Someone must have really been listening in on my thoughts as so many things I received on the day were items that I was considering buying in the near future - my bank account thanks you all. 

I think everyone won something in the end - I saw Georgina going round at the end to make sure everyone won at least something which I thought was absolutely lovely and made everyone feel valued and cared about which is something I feel lacks at the bigger meets where more bloggers attend. 

Again a MASSIVE thank you to all the companies that generously donated items for the raffle!

Once again, thank you to Georgina, Heather & Ashleigh for organizing such an amazing event.


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