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The #SheffieldBBlogger Meet - Part 1

This weekend I was lucky enough to attend the #SheffieldBBlogger meet up in Sheffield City Centre that was hosted by the lovely Georgina, Heather and Ashleigh. There was only a limited number of spaces avaliable and was on a first come first serve basis, I only found out about this meet up a few weeks before it was due to take place to I popped my name on the reserve list, You can guess how happy I was when a message appeared in my inbox saying someone had dropped out and that I was able to go. I checked to make sure I was off work as soon as possible and confirmed that I would be attending.

The meet was held at Maveli resturant on Glossop road, Sheffield which is just off West Street. Maveli is a Southern Indian Resturant that seemed like a cosy and intimate place - both for the meet and for dining in. The owners and staff were lovely and accomodating, not to mention served delicious food which gave us a good taste of what the resturant had to offer! I can see it being a lovely place to dine out at.

Georgina greeted everyone on arrival and made sure everyone got their goody bag straight away, instead of at the end of the meet which I've noticed is what happens at most of the blogger events that I have been too. I liked this because it meant we could sit down and have a nosy and chat among ourselves and have a good look at the products - it made a lovely ice breaker, and we definitely got suck into the goodies we had kindly been given and some of them gave us a good giggle and definitely helped towards the relaxed atmosphere. I won't go in to any detail about the goody bags just yet as I'm saving that for a separate post just because there is so much to talk about! I suppose you can have a sneaky look at the goody bags though.. However I will talk about them more in depth in a second post on the event.

Because it was limited availability and the meant there was only 25 of us, that really did help the cosy and intimate feeling that the girls were going for. It made the whole afternoon feel relaxed and we felt comfortable and able to talk to each other without it being crowded and too noisy.

The lovely Lush ladies from the Fargate, Sheffield branch popped along (if you look carefully, you'll see that lovely lady that was at the nothern blogger event came to this one aswell - the lady with blonde in her hair, which was lovely and she's such a nice lady!) 

They showed us some of this years Christmas range and some already well loved products from their permanent range - plus we could purchase anything we wanted from them there which is a brilliant touch. I especially fell in love with the little penguin! He was just so adorable, I kind of wish he came home with me. The ladies were so lovely and friendly, and were happy for us to stick our cameras in and get photos and ask about the products as well as Lush as a company. When you sit down and talk with the guys from Lush you can always see just how passionate they are about the company and the ethics behind them.

As well as showing us some of the products you can get from Lush - both during the Christmas period, and all year round, the lovely ladies were also providing hand/arm massages using the products. I didn't manage to get one as there was such a long queue who ladies wanting to try out the massage bars, however I managed to snag a hand/arm massage when I went to the Fruition Hair & Beauty demo night a few months ago - so I can confirm that they are amazing and make your hands feel so incredibly silky soft afterwards plus make you smell incredible! (Well, it is Lush so were you expecting anything different, really?) If that wasn't enough - the girls were also kind enough to teach us how to make our own Bath Bombs! 

The bath bomb of choice that we were making was Icke Baby Bot which is a little blue bath bomb in the shape of a robot - he is so adorable and smells amazing! The ladies made sure that everyone had a chance to make one (or two!) bath bombs and after they left, they left the mixtures behind so that we could carry on making them which was very kind of them - as I said before, the ladies who work for Lush are so wonderful and sweet! (I went to Lush after the event as I needed some more American Cream - which they sadly hadn't been selling at the event, and bumped into them again which was lovely!)

Next, Kim from Boudoir Salon Sheffield and is the main HD brow expert in Sheffield turned up at the event. She showed us how to thread brows and gave us all pieces of thread each and showed us how to hold it in order to do the twist motion used in threading, as well as teaching us all about the threading technique which was very interesting! Kim also very kindly gave us HD treatments - when you see her work her magic on brows you can definitely see why she is the main HD brow expert in Sheffield - she definitely knows her stuff! I didn't get my brows done unfortunately as I have an appointment this week to get them tinted otherwise I would have snapped up the offer! However, I saw other lovely ladies get their brows done and the results were amazing! 

Whilst we were all there to have fun and relax, we were also there to raise some money for an amazing charity - Look Good Feel Better. A lovely lady named Jan is one of Sheffields representatives for the charity and has been volunteering for them for 19 out of the 20 years they have been around and clearly has a great passion for the charity, and you can she puts her heart in to everything she does with them which is so incredibly lovely to see. She spoke to us all about the charity and the amazing work that they do and it was amazing to hear everything that she had to say.

Look Good Feel Better is a charity to help women of all ages, who are currently battling cancer, both look and feel better using cosmetics. They are provided with 'confidence kits' which contain 19 products which are all safe to use on sensitive skin and come in kits for light skin, medium, dark and very dark so there really is something for everyone and no-one is left out which I think is actually incredible. 

They are shown how to draw on hair using the products and are taught how to deal with the side effects of treatments. One story that Jan told really stuck with me and that was when she was at a workshop teaching the patients how to use the cosmetics, she walked into a room and saw a young boy who had lost his hair due to the chemotherapy with a brow pencil in his hand, drawing hair on his head using the techniques he had learnt in the workshop, Jan didn't interrupt him, instead she quietly left the room. This was at a time when male cancer patients weren't provided with wigs to deal with the hair loss as a result of the cancer treatment, thankfully now anyone can receive a wig which is brilliant and definitely something that should have been done a lot sooner. 

To help raise funds there was a raffle which contained some amazing prizes such as Vivienne Westwood rings, kindly provided by SilverTree Jewellery - and Jan won one of those! (I'll talk more about the raffle in part 2!) I loved that she won one of them rings as she definitely deserved it for all the hard work she does and it was lovely seeing her shocked face when her name was called out! Such a deserving lady.

Thanks to the raffle and the bloggers generously digging in to their pockets to raise funds for the brilliant charity, in the end we raised around £235 for Look Good Feel Better which absolutely amazing and everyone who attended and donated such feel so very proud of themselves!

One of the funnest parts, for me, was the brilliant idea Georgina had of bringing her Halloween dress up bits along with her for some fun photoshoots! I think we were all a little shy at first but as we relaxed, we slowly started fishing around in Georginas box of goodies and I think we all pretty much fell in love with her Marie Wig from Annabelle's Wigs - it definitely made me want to have red hair again! (maybe next year...) They also ran a competition towards the end of the event where it was if you took a fun/funny selfie using items found in Georginas box of ticks and posted it on twitter using the hashtag for the event - #sheffieldbbloggers, the top 3 selfies would win a prize! I initially took one, but then I had the genius idea of using two wigs instead of one - and I won! But i'll talk about my prize in my second post about the event, just to keep you in suspense! Myself and Lucy definitely had a lot of fun playing with the costumes! I've met Lucy a few times before and she is so incredibly lovely - it's always a pleasure seeing her! 

Just as we thought the afternoon was winding down, Georgina pulled another surprise on us! Costellos Cakeaway showed up with boxes full of cake! You've never seen such an excited bunch of bloggers in your life. Costellos Cakeaway is based in Sheffield and delivers cake to your door! Yes, you heard right - simply go on there website and choose which slice (or five) cakes you want and they will bring it right to your door step in less than 25 minutes. How incredible is that?

The whole room was silent as the cakes were brought in and unboxed, all eye where on the gorgeous food in front of us - I think you could have heard a pin drop at that point. Who knew the key to beauty bloggers heart was boxes full of yummy cake? We were then told about all the cakes they do and they briefly told us what cakes they had brought to us - and then the best part, out came the forks and we got to try as much cake as we wanted. We all dived in and grabbed which cakes we wanted to try and all you could hear in the room was "mmms" and "oh my gods" as we ate the delicious cakes. I can definitely see myself placing a cheeky order or two at some point! The guys from Costellos Cakeaway also brought along pieces of cake to sell so instead of placing an order when we got home, instead we could buy cake there and then and I think they had a pretty long line at one point of eager bloggers wanting their cake fix - and I really don't blame them at all. 

All together, the event was incredible. The atmosphere was very relaxed and everyone got a chance to talk to everyone as well as experience everything. It was an amazing day and we did something awesome for an incredible charity, as well as had fantastic brands involved - whether they be in the goody bag, attending the event or donating something for the raffle - it was brilliant to see everything come together in the end and I think Georgina, Heather and Ashleigh did such a fantastic job hosting the event and putting everything together - I can really tell they put everything they could in to ensuring that the event went amazingly in the short time they had planning it all. I don't think it could have gone any better and I feel so lucky that I got the chance to attend!

There will be a second post talking more about the amazingly raffle that we help as well as talking about the insane goody bags that we were all kindly given so keep a look out for that!


  1. I've never been to a meet up (WAH) but this looks amazing. I have been seeing Georgina tweeting a lot about it and they did so well organising this!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo
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