Monday, 27 October 2014

The Elysium Palette by MUA

When I first saw that MUA were bringing out the Elysium Palette, I knew I had to have it! The colours in this little palette looked incredible - all soft pinks with some shimmers, something that I think works gorgeously with us ladies that have pale skin! I recently was in Meadowhall doing a bit of shopping before my eyebrow appointment with Benefit, and I popping into Superdrug just to have a look around when I spotted one of these palettes left - I had no idea that they had already been released, so when I saw that there was only one left on the entire MUA stand, I grabbed it with both hands and swiftly made my way to the til point to make this baby mine.

One thing that I really liked with this palette as soon as I saw it was that MUA have finally listened to everyone and haven't included one of those foam applicator "brushes" that so many companies include with their palettes. Instead, they have included a double ended eyeliner with incredible pigmentation and staying power. On one end of the pencil there is a deep black and on the other end there is a peachy nude shade, which again stays put once applied. This is definitely a welcome change, and I am very impressed with the quality of them as well.

This palette contains the perfect mix of lights and darks and mattes and shimmers plus the two shades of eyeliners makes it a good contender for getting a gorgeous day time look before getting out the darker colours to turn it into a sexy smokey eye - all in one palette!

The Elysium Palette contains 10 eyeshadows packed into a case that fits comfortably into your hand and just like the majority of the palettes by MUA, they are all incredibly pigmented, but I'll get on to the swatches later. I love the colours in this palette so much and that is the primary reason I was drawn to this palette in the first place as I love dusty pinks and rose shades and I think that they really compliment my pale skin tone.

Air: Air is such a light shade that it is pratically non existent on my skintone and it has a matte finish - out of the palette, I will 100% be using this as my base shade.
Cherub: This is such a sweet shade with such a sweet name to match. This is a light pink shimmer with a rose gold tint to it to give it a bit of sparkle, that will help give your every day look a bit of sparkle which will be perfect for the festive season, I know I'll be wearing this shade to work nearer Christmas.
Charm: A light dusty pink shade with a matte finish. I think this would look absolutely stunning when paired with Cherub as the two shades really compliment each other.
Refine: A dark pink with brown undertones and this shade also has a matte finish. I would say that apart from air (and that's due to my skin tone, and not the eyeshadow itself) that this shadow has the least pigmentation, but I have found that is the norm when it comes to matte eyeshadows but this also means it's a very buildable eyeshadow.
Entrance: A taupe brown with a slight shimmer - just like Cherub and Charm, I think that this shadow would work beautifully when paired with Refine to give a subtle smokeyness and shimmer.
Adore: A deep purple sparkle shade that is simply just stunning. This would glam up a smokey eye and give it an edge of sexyness, I definitely can't wait to try out this eyeshadow out when the party season comes around.
Astral: A purple toned pink shimmer in the pan but when applied it is alot more rose gold than purple, but it is absolutely stunning. I would say it was a more pinky version if Cherub.
Grace: A shimmer taupe with a bronzey tint running through it which is beautiful, this shade isn't the most pigmented in the palette but again, that means it's definitely buidlable to achieve your desired look.
Smoke: A deep matte black eyeshadow that is pretty much a staple in most palettes and this one definitely has impressive pigmentation, especially for a matte eyeshadow!
Seraphic: A bronze shimmer eyeshadow that is definitely one of my favourites - a shimmer eyeshadow that is a similar colour to an eyeshadow I wear everyday so I can definitely see myself using this to achieve the same colour but with a bit of shimmer that would be perfect for the festive season.

I love this palette so much and I can see myself getting a lot of use out of it, especially once the festive season rolls around - I adore the variety of colours that MUA have put into this palette, it definitely means it can be used for any occasion - which means, you really don't have an excuse not to buy this! The fact they have swapped the annoying foam applicator for eyeliner makes this an even bigger winner in my eyes!


  1. I saw this in Superdrug the other day and was debating over buying it, might have to now!! Great Review!

    Parie xx

  2. The design looks so sleek and gorgeous, i love it!
    Love VictoriaJanex

  3. I haven't seen this yet but it looks amazing! Some of those colours are beautiful, I'll definitely have to get my hands on this palette! :)

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

  4. I loved the look of this when I saw it on their FB page, glad to hear it's good :) I'll keep an eye out for it in Superdrug x

    Jasmine // Magpie Jasmine


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