Sunday, 7 September 2014

The Hair Tag.

So after speaking to Georgina from SheMightBeLoved when we met up for a bit of Shopping in Meadowhall, we were talking about her and she suggested that I should start a hair tag as I've had my fair share of hair colours and hair styles! So I've finally got around to doing it, so here we go. (:

What is your Natural hair colour?

What hair colour is your hair currently?

Me as of now. 

What hair colour would you love to have?
Red! I've had red hair before, but I'd love to have red, wavy mermaid hair.

What is your everyday hair style?
Straight and down, but if I'm working that it's just tied up in a pony tail.

How often do you dye your hair?
It used to be every two weeks, but now it's every 3-4 months.

Is there a hair style you would love to have, but can't do?
Wavy! My hair refuses to stay wavy - or even go wavy in the first place! It's either ringlets or straight.

Honestly, how often do you visit the hairdressers?
I used to go EVERY week because my hair just wouldn't be have. Now it's every 4ish months.

What's the worst hair style you have ever had?
There's so many to chose from! It's either be when I was trying to get rid of black and and part red hair and was very patch. Either that or when I had black hair, cheap fake clip in extensions and a fringe that covered my eyes!

Any hair disasters?
Quite a few! I once tried to go brown but the dye went black! So the same night I bleached my hair twice and dyed it brown - safe to say it killed it!

What hair tool could you not live without?
My hair dryer! Without it my hair turns into dreadlocks. My hair is pretty straight naturally, so I can go without straightners or any styling tools.

Over your various years of having hair... what are the biggest things you've learnt about hair care?
Don't use too much heat! Since i've been using less and less heat I've really started to notice a difference. I used to blow dry and straighten my hair pin straight almost every day. Now I wash it every other day, use my hair dryer but only quickly straighten the ends and I have really noticed an improvement.


Any Shampoos and Conditioners you swear by?
I used to only use Aussie shampoos and conditioners but since learning that most shampoos contain Silicone to give your hair that shiny appearance, I've switched to using Lush as they don't use chemicals and keeps your hair super healthy and shiny - plus smells incredible!

Anything you regret?
Dying my hair so much, and using so much bleach. It killed my hair and it's taken 5-6 years to get it looking remotely healthy again. If you use ColourB4 it strips hair dye out rather than bleaching it - it stinks, but your hair will thank you for not using bleach.

How do you keep your hair happy and healthy?
Don't use bleach and dye your hair the least amount possible and leave as long as possible between dyes. Also don't use heat - or if you do, use the least amount possible! For example; let it dry naturally and then just give it a quick blast to finish it off and then run the straighteners over the ends to smooth them. Check the ingredients on hair products, some brands (such as Tresemme) actually use certain ingredients that make hair dye fade quicker.

I tag the following ladies:
Georgina from SheMightBeLoved
Jemma from DorkFace
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and Natasha from NatashaParisBlog


  1. This is a brilliant post! I love seeing all the colours you've been haha :) This is definitely something I can relate to. I've been a lot of colours haha! But I have WRECKED my hair in the process. I'm now trying to make it healthy and happy and GROW a lot haha. Thank you so much for thinking of me lovely ^_^ I will definitely do this tag this week!

    Jemma xx

    1. thank you so much! I can't wait to read yours! x



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