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Is It Okay If I Don't Drink Alcohol?

This is probably going to be quite a different post, I wouldn't say controversial but it's definitely different. One of the biggest questions I get asked on nights out or when I go out for drinks or a meal with someone, or one of the biggest things people are shocked about when they first meet me is that I don't drink alcohol at all. A lot of people don't seem to grasp that it's okay if you don't drink alcohol and you can actually have fun without needing to intoxicate yourself.

So, this post may answer some questions as to why some people don't drink and it's not weird if you don't want to have alcohol.

When people find out I don't drink there is only two types of responses I get, one response being "that's amazing, and a really rare thing to find. Well Done!", but I don't see it as an achievement? The second response I get it shock, and people immediately go "Why?" before asking question after question. One of the biggest questions that anyone asks me when they find out I don't drink alcohol is WHY? Why don't I drink alcohol? Is it for religious reasons? Do I just not like the taste? Does alcohol affect me badly?

Quite simply no. Of course some people don't drink alcohol because of religious reasons and some people don't like the taste of alcohol and for some people alcohol does affect them - for example; I know some people who can't drink spirits because it makes them behave badly, some people I know don't drink wine because it makes them sleepy. Alcohol affects people differently, but that isn't the reason I don't drink alcohol either. The reason I don't drink alcohol, is simply because I don't want to. No other reason, and I've found that a lot of people don't believe me when I say that it's just simply a lifestyle choice and there is no reason behind me not wanting to drink.

I have never drank alcohol in my life, and yes I've been to University and done the whole freshers thing and gone out to all the events and not drank, and I've still had brilliant nights out and met some wonderful people - all whilst remaining sober. I've been to school discos, foam partys, party buses - and drank soft drinks the entire time. People always ask "why?" i've never tried alcohol, and again the answer is quite simple really - I've never felt the need to drink alcohol, I've never felt tempted to try it. But the thing is, I don't judge anyone who does drink - I really don't mind being around someone who drinks, I always get asked "doesn't it bother you on nights out when everyone else is drunk?" and again, no - they want to drink alcohol, so why should I judge them, just like I choose not too? I find it hilarious when people are drunk and it just cracks me up with things they come out with when they have had alcohol. 

The best thing I have found out by not drinking is that I can save a lot of money - by the end of the first term at University, my friends were running out of their loan and were going into their overdrafts - I was able to buy a new laptop and still have money left over. The following year I was able to afford a week long holiday in London using the money I had saved by not drinking alcohol on nights out, the following year I was able to buy quite an expensive DSLR camera with the money I had saved. Let me put in in perspective, on a night out people can spend £30 - £40 on drinks, plus a taxi home at the end of the night. On New Years Eve I spent £10. I paid to get in to one place and then I drank water, which is free in the majority of bars and then I paid for my taxi home. This is by no means me bragging about how much I save or that not drinking it's better - it's just me explaining my lifestyle choice as I get so many questions about it considering finding a mid twenty year old who's been to University who doesn't drink.

Once I explain to friends or people I meet that I don't drink and that it is simply because of a lifestyle choice then let it go and we all have a brilliant night - of course it still crops up in conversation every now and again and my friends still like to tease me every now and again or try and get me to taste a sip of their beer, but I know it's all in good fun and then won't force me to drink anything I don't want too. At my best friends wedding, she even served me a separate dessert from everyone else as they were all having champagne sorbet - so she kindly gave me a non-alcoholic one. 

If you don't drink, nights out and social events can be scary as there could be alcoholic drinks handed out on arrival, or if a person buys a round of drinks without knowing that you don't drink alcohol but honestly, it's not such a big deal as you think it will be. For example; I went to the Northern Blogger Meet Up and it was cocktail making, but I just mentioned it to someone there that I don't drink and we made a mocktail instead, if you are at an event and there is alcohol and you can't see a non-alcoholic alternative, just mention it to someone and 9 times out of 10 they will cater for you too! Of course there will be a few people who ask you why - but you are under no obligation to drink alcohol if you don't want to and 99% of people respect that decision. Even at University, where everyone expects you do go out and drink most nights of the week, literally after the first day or two no-one cared and we all went out as normal and the topic was never brought up again. I always was nervous about going to University and thinking that I wouldn't be very social because of my decision not to drink, but I didn't have to worry about a single thing - I met some wonderful people there, including my best friend and I went on some amazing nights out and never once even thought about drinking alcohol - and that's okay.

And if you do drink, that's okay too. People will get over your decision to not drink in literally 2 minutes and you will carry on to have a fun night and best of all - no hangover in the morning! 


  1. Thank you for this post, it's brill! I too, don't drink, out of my own choice, i always get the questions, or people assuming you have a problem or just don't get it! I find i have a great time (if people would stop asking why i don't drink) and it's funny seeing others get drunker as the night wears on! And like you said best of all No entire day wasted with a hangover!! Adele x

  2. I can't understand why people are shocked when people say they don't drink... it's as if alcohol consumption should be a way of life! Me and my husband own a pub so although we make a living out of people drinking alcohol we also see what it does to people and I really don't blame you for not wanting to drink... like you say it's not 'weird' and it saves you a hell of a lot of money!

    Jade x
    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog

    1. I know - it such a shame people think having a good time revolves around drinking alcohol. x

  3. Fair play to you Amy for not drinking! In my last year of university and for two years after finishing university I continued to go out, waste my money and end up feeling like crap the next day. I hardly go out drinking now and if I do I make sure to just enjoy myself and be a little merry instead of getting shit faced.

    A great post hun and definitely something different. ^_^

  4. I don't drink due to it reacting with tablets I take for a medical condition. Like you, I can habe just as much fun as anyone else and feel no need to drink anyways. Fantastic post!

  5. I don't drink either due to the migraines I get and have found that since I stopped drinking nearly a year ago, I feel healthier and less sluggish. I'm in my last year at uni now and don't go on nights out because I don't like being around drunk people and being pressurised to drink. Luckily my two best friends aren't huge drinkers and we'd rather go out for food and a bit of chit-chat!

    Sian x

    1. Food and chats are always a fun night in my book! x


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