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Do Benefit listen to complaints?

If you are a regular reader of my blog or follow me on twitter, you will know that I have been getting my eyebrows waxed and tinted at Benefit for just over two years, and have posted about previously and have never had a problem until recently. On the last appointment I went too, the lady who waxed my eyebrows did them unevenly and left one eyebrow with hardly any hair left on one side and wiped my mascara down my face when she was removing the product I had put on. Then where she came to adding powder, she did them 4x darker than I wanted and larger that I had asked for and made one go down past my eye! The above photo is from a time when they actually did them how I wanted, now just imagine those a very, very dark brown and the left going down past my eye and the right eyebrow a lot thicker than the other - that's how I ended up leaving Benefit, and that was after I kept asking for touch ups!

It made me so self conscious that I had to go downstairs and visit The Body Shop and they kindly let me use whatever products I needed to fix my eyebrows - I ended up using foundation and concealer to tone down the brows after brushing them through with a spolie to get rid of as much excess powder as I could before I was remotely happy with them. Big thanks to The Body Shop for helping out!

A few weeks later, I was at the Northern Blogger Meet up in the centre of Sheffield and Benefit just so happen to be there, the ladies who where there were Kitty, the manager of the Sheffield City Centre branch and Jamie, who is the area manager from Benefit and covers South Yorkshire. At the event they explained about the brow bar and how an appointment is meant to go, and I innocently told them that I hadn't had what they described - no-one had ever offered me a brow consulation or offered to do brow mapping, they've always just sat me down - asked me what colour and got on with it. Jamie kindly took my number and said she would be in touch - thinking that she was just saying that to make it seem like my opinion mattered like most companies do, I was surprised when I go a phone call a few days later from the manager about my complaint...

Jamie had passed my complaint on to the Business Support Manager at the Benefit in Debenhams in Meadowhall, which was highly awkward considering it's the store I work in. Unfortunatly, I missed the call as I was working (how ironic that I was in the same buiding!) however, on my break I went up to the Benefit counter and spoke to Sarah, who is the Business Support Manager and I explained why I wasn't happy with the customer service I recieved, both with how my brows turned out and how rude the Brow Expert had been - she seemed like she didn't want to be there or care about my brows. As soon as I had paid, she had turned away without so much as a bye!

Without a second though, Sarah offered me a free complimentary brow wax and brow tint for my next appointment, and that appointment just so happened to be today!

I popped along at 4:30 and sat down - I noticed the girl I complained about doing someones brows, and the fear sank in that she was going to do my brows again. But she said Hi, but then when she thought I wasn't looking I saw her get another Brow Experts attention and nod towards me - asking her to do my brows so she didn't have too! How rude.

Luckily, I knew the second Brow Expert as she used to do my brows and she treated my like royalty! She explained the whole procedure and did a full brow consultation and showed me how to brow map before going through everything step by step making sure I was fully happy with everything before continuing - something that has never happened before with any of my brow appointments in the past. I left feeling wonderful and really taken care of - I did indeed book in, and they made sure I was with the same lady and not the person who I complained about which I was really thankful for because I would have felt really awkward asking for it to be changed.

As a result of this I have definitely learnt that it always benefits to complain if you aren't happy with a service that you are paying for and that you should never leave without feeling 100% happy with yourself and the service received, I kicked myself for days after for not saying something at the time so I didn't leave with horrendous brows. Benefit, as a company, I think really do value what bloggers and customers have to say and to take things into consideration, so if you have a brow appointment at some point in the future and aren't 150% happy with you brows at the end of it - say something! You are paying for they're service so you should leave feeling like a princess.


  1. Glad you got it sorted in the end, although it does concern me that said girl is still working for Benefit on the brow bar. I sincerely hope that someone had a word with her after your complaint...i've been to the meadowhall benefit brow bar a few times and each time a girl called Amy did my brows; she was wonderful but unfortunately I think she's left now!

    Jade x
    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog

    1. Yes, Amy has left Benefit. She now works for another counter in Meadowhall Branch of Debenhams. If you want your brows done brilliantly, I highly recommend Kirsty at the Benefit counter. x

  2. I hate it when you get bad service first time but I suppose everyone gets those days. Makes up for everything when the company or brand is bothered about your concerns though! Danielle xx

  3. Glad you got it sorted in the end Amy! This is why I'll never EVER touch my eyebrows, I don't trust people or myself for that matter to not fuck them up, to put it honestly.

    You have gorgeous brows. :D

    1. haha! 90% of the time, they do them brilliantly! x

  4. I'm so glad they followed through after the event, I have to say when I did mine at Sheffield I didn't get a consultation either


    1. I'd go back and speak to the manager! She was at the event where I complained so she should sort you out x


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