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The Limited Edition Rio Rio i-Divine palette by Sleek

 I loved the look of the Rio Rio palette as soon as I saw the promo photos for it - I am definitely lacking in bright eye shadows after years of loving my neutrals and browns I finally felt it was time to branch out and be brave - I know, that's a strange thing to say coming from a person who loves their bright lipsticks, has had bright pink hair and isn't afraid of colour! However, I think I'm on a personal mission to own every Sleek Palette that comes out, there is something about them I just love!

The Rio Rio palette is based on the bright colours of the Rio Carnival and to celebrate everything about Brazil and nodding to the World Cup that was held in Brazil earlier this year. This palette is filled with the brights and vivid colours you would expect to find at a carnival but also pleasantly contains some soft colours such a beige, white and a light soft brown shade. The Rio Rio i-Divine palette also contains glitters, shimmers and mattes so there is definitely something for everyone, no matter what type of look you like to wear.

Sleek Make Up Rio Rio i-Divine Palette Limited Edition Eyeshadow

Sleek Make Up Rio Rio i-Divine Palette Limited Edition Eyeshadow

Sleek Make Up Rio Rio i-Divine Palette Limited Edition Eyeshadow

Just like with all Sleek palette's, the forumlas are absolutely fantastic and 95% of the time give such impressive pigmentation, however I've found in all Sleek palettes there is also one - and it's usually a matte - that isn't that good quality, or have good pigmentation. I think Sleek have also upped their game a little as with previous i-Divine palettes, there has been some fallout however in the Rio Rio i-Divine there is noticeable less fall out both in the pan and when applying it to the eyes. Well Done Sleek! 

As with most eyeshadows, these shades definitely have the most pop and intensity when applied over a primer - especially with the reds/oranges/pinks as I have noticed that they can leave a stain behind. However, even without a primer underneath, these shadows still definitely give off a brilliant pack of colour that screams carnival-esque! 

All swatches below have been done without primer.

Sleek Make Up Rio Rio i-Divine Palette Limited Edition Eyeshadow

Tropics: This is one of the matte eyeshadows in the palette and it is a bright orange shadow, however I still wouldn't class it as 'neon', but it with definitely give a gorgeous bright flash of colour on your eyes.

Night Fever: A bright fuchsia pink eyeshadow that contains some lovely red undertones - again, this is a bright eyeshadow however I still wouldn't class this as a neon eye shadow. This is also another matte eyeshadow that has a lot of pigmentation.

Ipanema: One of my favourite eyeshadows from the Rio Rio i-Divine palette, a gorgeous mix of reds, maroons and browns to give kind of a plum toned shadow that goes beautifully with blue eyes to make them pop! This eyeshadow does have some slight silver flecks running through it to give it something extra when the light catches it.

Caipirinha: An absolutely gorgeous shimmery lime green that really catches the light and one of the most pigmented out of the entire palette! My eye was definitely drawn to this shadow when I first saw this palette in person!

Urca: A lovely shimmery champagne colour. This shadow is not as intense as the rest of this palette is and it does need a bit of building to get a good pigmentation. This shadow would be lovely as a highlighter on the inner corner!

Leblon: The black eyeshadow of the palette and another one of the matte eyeshadows that come with the Rio Rio i-Divine palette. This is lovely to add some definition and depth in the crease and outer corner - or to darker the lashes when used as a liner.

Sleek Make Up Rio Rio i-Divine Palette Limited Edition Eyeshadow

Cachaca: A white shimmer shade. I wasn't a fan of this shade as because I have such pale skin, this light shadow hardly showed up, especially on camera. However it would work lovely on someone with a darker skin tone or to act as a highlight shade.

City of God: A gorgeous bright summery yellow. This eyeshadow is a shimmer and has an impressively high level of pigmentation - it transfers to skin much brighter than I though it would! 

Copacabana: A nude almost matte shadow with peach tones and a light shimmer running through it. I think this would look stunning as a base shadow or used to blend or other shades.

Sao Conrado: A lovely pastel pink shadow to help contrast the amount of brights that are contained in the Rio Rio i-Divine palette. It has high pigmentation and it is one of the matte eye shadows in the palette and I can definitely see some coral tones running through when certain light hits this eye eyeshadow.

Bossa Nova: One of those most interesting shadows from the palette in my opinion. A pinky purple shimmer shadow with a blue duochrome shimmer finish giving it the most amazing appearance when the light hits it making it shine blues, pinks and purples! It definitely has an iridescent feel to it and of course, stunning pigmentation.

Leme: The only blue in the palette and it is a lovely deep royal blue and it has a slight shimmer to it.This would add a great twist when layered with black for a gorgeous interesting smokey eye. Like the others, it packs impressive pigmentation!

I can safely say I love this palette, and this is going to be coming in handy during the Summer months! 

Have you picked up this palette yet? If not, what's your favourite product from Sleek?


  1. This palette looks gorgeous! So many amazing shades.


  2. This palette really is breathtaking :) just love how bright the shades are, so pretty!! I really want this now ha,ha xx | Giveaway

    1. I know, I was so surprised how bright they were! x

  3. These shades are so bright and vibrant for summer! They look super pigmented too x


    1. I was really surprised how pigmented the matte shades were! x

  4. Oooo I love the look of this palette. I'm a sucker for bright eyeshadows. Sleek do such great palettes I already own a few (as well as their cheek palettes).


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