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The Body Shop: The Essential Brush Collection

The Body Shop Essential Brush Collection Foundation Eyeshadow Blush

Recently, I couldn't find 2 of my brushes from The Body Shop (one of my slanted brushes and my shadow brush) from what I recall, I think they went missing when I moved my room around. So, I decided, why not take advantage of The Body Shop's 3 for 2 on makeup and skincare which they have on at the minute - I wanted a blush brush too, so it was of course meant to be! 

However, when I went in, I found this! A set of three brushes (Blush Brush, Eyeshadow brush and Foundation brush) for £18 - this in itself is a bargain as their brushes range from £8 - £16 per brush and it contained 2 of the brushes I was after. However, I still took advantage of the 3 for 2 offer and still picked up my slanted brush plus a their new face sorbet. I definitely managed to get myself a little bargain! For four brushes it should be (if were working on averages) £40 and then another £8 or so for the face sorbet. But because of the offer and the brush set - plus having a 'Love Your Body' card ensures you another 10% off the total making the total cost of all 4 brushes and the face sorbet £26. Bargain. 

In this review, if you hadn't of guessed, i'll be looking at the set itself - I have already posted a review on the slanted brush which you can read here and you can expect a post on the lovely little gem that is the face sorbet soon!

The Body Shop Essential Brush Collection Foundation Eyeshadow Blush

The Body Shop Essential Brush Collection Foundation Eyeshadow Blush

As I said previously, the set contains the eyeshadow brush, a flat foundation brush and a medium sized blush brush and they come packaged in a matte black cardboard box that has some fancy edges and pictures of the brushes on the front so you know what you are getting. The brushes themselves are then wrapped in plastic so you are certain these are brand new.

I love brushes from The Body Shop, they are so soft and wash really well. Being a fan of them, these are duplicates as I already own all the brushes from the range - so me buying more really should tell you everything you need to know! All brushes from The Body Shop are made with synthetic hair and are cruelty free yet still ridiculously soft and are fantastic to use. I genuinely think these are given the love and attention they deserve by the blogging community.

These brushes also wash really well, I use MAC's brush cleaner to wash all my brushes - I just swirl them around in a small amount of the solution and then dry on a paper towel or a tea towel to get any excess water off them and store pointing down, then leave them to dry over night in room temperature and they are dry by morning.

The Body Shop Essential Brush Collection Foundation Eyeshadow Blush

The Eyeshadow Brush: This has shorter hairs and is relatively flat to ensure you pick up plenty of product. There is a little fallout when using this brush but nothing major. As this brush has relatively short bristles, it makes it quite firm, you will need to use a blending brush after to blend out any harsh lines.

The Blush Brush: A soft round tipped brush that is stupidly soft. It's the perfect size to apply the blush to your cheeks and evenly dispenses the product to give you a nice flush of colour. If you have the Face and Body brush, it is similar to that only with a smaller head. This brush blends out well thanks to it's domed shape and I haven't had any problems with fallout when using this brush.

The Foundation Brush: A flat tapered blush that works best with liquid foundation. I'll admit here I dislike using flat foundation brushes as I find they can go streaky so these don't get as much love from me as they should. Despite this, it isn't as large as soon of the other flat foundation brushes I've seen so it does have better control and precision around the eyes and nose.

Have you tried any brushes from The Body Shop? What's your favourite brush of all time?


  1. These brushes look so soft and I can imagine them making application a breeze x


  2. I have the eyeshadow and the the foundation brush and the foundation one is my absolute favourite for applying liquid foundation. Unlike you though I find the foundation and the powder brush I had really hard to clean - they are 100% clean. I chucked the powder brush away because it went funny :o(. Maybe I need to invest in a proper brush cleaner but I like to use my cleanser to do it.

    Emma xx ||

    1. As I said I use MAC's brush cleaner and that works a treat, so that could always be an option? x

  3. I love your photography. While these do look super soft I am so in love with my RT brushes I don't think I could try anything else.
    Julz Obsessions xx


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