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Blogger Event: Fruition Hair & Beauty Demo night

Monday night I was invited to my first ever blogger event! It was the Fruition Hair and Beauty Demo night at the Revolucion De Cuba bar in Sheffield, just off of West Street in the City Centre. Having lived in Sheffield for almost 8 years now, I had never been to this bar before or even heard of it - turns out it's right next door to my hairdressers! Who Knew! It was a really nice venue with a beachy feel to it that I really liked - the ceiling has big wooden fans which absolutely made no difference to the heat inside the venue. I loved meeting more Sheffield bloggers - I know that they're out there but I never seem to meet any, but I finally did and it was amazing finally being able to match names to those blogs!

The night had different things going off at all times - from Lateysha from MTV's The Valleys have hair extensions applied by Kerri from Fruition Hair & Nails, who were the lovely hosts for the night. There were makeovers, massages, fashion and Lush things going off all at the same time.. so myself and Lucy from LucyLoves went exploring after we got over our initial nerves and tried a bit of everything.

There's Faye, a fellow Sheffield blogger, sneaking through the shot!

They're were plenty of clothes on display - the one we saw most of were handmade creations by Anna Roberts clothing which were made from some absolutely gorgeous materials and were good prices considering they were all hand made. Anna also takes custom orders which is brilliant. 

They're were also ladies doing HD Brows doing both shaping and teaching you how to fill in your brows properly if you asked them nicely. I didn't get mine done as I had just had my eyebrows waxed and tinted that week and I was having a good eyebrow day (which is rare). But Lucy got her eyebrows done by the ladies and they look amazing after! 

Lucy also tried out their gadget - forgive me as I can't remember the name - but it puts electrical currents through the area, which when done on the face, makes the skin appear and feel tighter and look younger. They kind of look like fancy chopsticks to me! Lucy described the weird sensation of the electrical currents as "a mouse giving you a massage" which I loved! 

Also, there's a photo of myself and the absolutely lovely, gorgeous Lucy! Go check out her fab blog if you haven't already!

The ladies from The Relaxtion Den were on hand to give out free massages, with a whole range of things for you to choose from, these included everything from Indian Head Massages to Reflexology! I went for a head massage and it was very relaxing and these ladies definitely know what they are doing. Myself and Lucy did find it absolutely hilarious when a guy got a foot massage and enjoyed it a little too much! 

They also gave you an opportunity to win some goodies by popping your details on a little card and putting in it the cute little post box that they had on the table - the prizes included more free massages which would be amazing to win!  

The lady in pink and white getting her makeup done is Kirstie, another Sheffield blogger.

My Makeup before the Makeover                   My Makeup after the makeover

The very talented Georgina from  was doing makeovers on the night and everyone wanted her to do their makeup, so much so that she had a queue all night of ladies wanting their make up doing! I loved the foundation Georgina used, it made my skin feel amazing and looked flawless - she used MAC's Studio Fix Foundation in NW10 as we knew we were the same shade in Revlon Colourstay Foundation, so we knew exactly what shade to use for me which is handy as I can hold my hands up and say that before this night, I had never tried a MAC foundation before! I know, shocking - but I had no reason too as I adore my Body Shop foundation too much.

LUSH were also their showing their products and giving out hand/arm massages - which myself and Lucy both took advantage of! These girls work wonders with their hands and it was really relaxing, and we had a bit of a giggle when the talc went everywhere (read: my jeans!) and now I definitely have a few things that have made their way on to my wishlist, I swear it just keeps getting longer.

Goody Bags were also given out which contained information on most of the brands that appeared that night, sweeties and a pencil - some other peoples bags contained LUSH samples as well plus an Argon Oil sample bottle but they had ran out of them by the time we got our bags, no bother though! The night was a big success and I have a good feeling that there will be another one in the future, we even made the local paper - The Sheffield Star.

I really enjoyed the night, and topping it off by eating KFC in a B&Q carpark at 11pm with Georgina after the event had finished definitely topped the night perfectly, and it was definiely worth being tired the next day when I had to get up at 7am to do a full days work! I loved my first Bloggers event and I definitely can't wait to go to my next one.. which shouldn't be too long away!


  1. What a wonderful place, you look gorgeous as always. Have a nice time. Angela | Hairdressers Sheffield

  2. Thank you for the great write up and pics of Anna Roberts Clothing, the event was fab and I also hope the next one is not too far away!! Please get in touch if you would like a special outfit to wear.
    Anna xxx

    1. No Problem Anna, was a pleasure to meet you. x

  3. It looks like you had a great time! I'm about to go to my first bloggers event & am a little nervous so being able to see your photos & read about your experience has calmed my nerves a little! Xx

    1. Honestly, it's not as bad as you think! I was so scared but everyone was so lovely! x

  4. wow that event looks like it was so much fun! I wish i was there ! It looks like you had a fantastic time !
    lotsa love from Abbi

  5. We had a friend create some custom drink options that the bartenders served throughout the night and our designer easily collaborated with the vow renewal location to address her needs.


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