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Argan Oil Pre Launch at The Body Shop with Meadowhall Shopping Center

The Body Shop Argan Oil Range

I was kindly invited by The Body Shop and Meadowhall to pop down to one of the two stores in the shopping center to learn more about the brand new Argan Oil range that The Body Shop have just released ahead of their launch party next week, where there is going to be lots of exciting things happening in store. 

The Body Shop use ingredients from all over the world and in 1987 they launched their Community Fair Trade programme meaning they trade fairly with their suppliers for example they source their ingredients from traditional artisans, small scale farmers and rural co-ops and in turn provide them with good trading practices and independence building prices. To date, their Community Trade programme helps and brings real benefits to over 300,000 people! 

The Moroccan Argan Oil is carefully pressed from the best Argan nuts, that are hand cracked in South West Morocco by the local wommen of the Berber Tribe. The Kernels are pressed and filtered slowly over 48 hours to extract the purest and most high quality oil possible before making their way into the products.

The Body Shop Argan Oil Range

The new Argan Oil range contains 9 products including two "hero" products. 

There is a Rough Scrub which exfoliates the skin to make it feel lovely and soft and incredibly smooth. A Shower Gel which is a lather rich body cleanser but also it isn't a drying shower gel either. There is also a Bubbling Bath! Personally, I didn't even know The Body Shop did bubble baths (although it does make sense that they do), it is a foam rich bubble bath for relaxing indulgence! A Body Butter - which is one of the things I think The Body Shop are famous for (I have literally 10+ body butters sitting on my shelf!) just like all their body butters, this one has a rich and luxurious texture which helps to lock in moisture and leaves the skin hydrated for up to a whopping 24 hours. A Body Lotion which is a light formula and is quick to sink in so you aren't left with that oily feeling that so many leave behind. Another product The Body Shop is famous for is their lip balms (again, something which I have countless of!), which make another appearance in this new Argan Oil range which is the Solid Oil Lip Balm which makes your lips incredibly soft and moisturized.

The two "hero" products are The Radiant Oil which provides instant illuminations for hair and body and it has an easy spray application to make it super easy to apply and means less mess, this also soaks in quickly to make sure there is no oily feeling left behind. The second Hero product is the Miracle Solid Oil for Tips & Toes which is an intensely rich multi-purpose solid oil for those extra dry areas and can be used both on the body and the hair!  

The final product is the Massage Soap, with the rest of the products in the Argan Oil range, they can be bought individually, however with the Massage Soap, it can only be bought in a set alongside a Body Butter, Shower Gel and a Crinkle Lily. The Massage Soap is a foaming soap that provides and excellent cleansing experience and can help to release tension - perfect for a pamper night after a long week at work!

The Body Shop Argan Oil Range

Whilst I was learning about the new range, I was given a complimentary hand massage using the Rough Scrub to exfoliate, once that was washed off, the gorgeous Body Butter was applied and massaged into the skin, which left my skin feels so incredibly soft and I can safely say the whole range smells incredible. 

One thing I found out whilst I was at The Body Shop, was that they really appreciate bloggers and people who support them. On the Argan Oil display was a message from one of the most well known bloggers out there - Fleur De Force - and her opinions on the range, the staff there were so incredibly lovely and clearly love what they do and the customer experience and made sure I was completely happy with everything. I went into the staff room with an absolutely lovely lady named Sam, who told me about the company and answered any questions I had and very, very kindly gave me a gift containing a Shower Gel, Some Argan Oil and some Body Butters.

Whilst I was there I was given some exclusive news - As many as you know, earlier this year The Body Shop released Instablur - a primer to give you flawless skin and make your foundation look immaculate? Well in a few months time, they are going to be releasing Instablur.. for the eyes! Say goodbye to eyeshadows that crease! As well as that, over the next year they are going to be releasing a whole new make-up range - including everything from Foundation, to Lipsticks as well as more products aimed at more mature skin. Incredible! I can't wait to try their new products.

One big question I wanted answered whilst I was there was something that I noticed kicked up quite a fuss in the blogging community over the past few months. Do The Body Shop Test on Animals? This is something I've seen crop up time and time again during blogger chats and over various blogs, as The Body Shop were taken over by L'Oreal and so a rumour arose that they had stopped being a cruelty free brand, so I asked this in search of answers.

The answer is NO. The Body Shop DO NOT test on animals. Although the company have been taken over by L'Oreal, the company is still working independently and have created a product called Episkin. Episkin is made from human skin cells which have been left over from breast surgery and then developed in a lab to create reconstructed skin. Not only does this mean that The Body Shop do not test on animals, it also means that they can create Episkin that is in a variety of different skin tones as well as younger and older skin. This means that safety tests give more relevant results for humans! So no little bunnies are harmed and the products come out better and there is something for everyone! That is something I definitely love about The Body Shop - did I mention all their products are Veterinarian friendly? I know, it just keeps getting better.

If you are near a Body Shop at all, I HIGHLY recommend you pop in and explore the new Argan Oil range, I promise you that you won't be disappointed and you'll find atleast one of the products that you will fall in love with! (For me, it's the Rough Scrub!)

I would like to thank Meadowhall Shopping Centre and The Body Shop for inviting me down, I had a lovely time there and it was a great way to meet the staff and have a little pamper before work. I will definitely be picking up a few items on pay day.

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