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A Bobbi Brown Make Up Lesson: Pretty Powerful in 10 Steps

This was my second makeover and makeup lesson that I had at Bobbi Brown (you can read my first experience with Bobbi Brown here) I love that Bobbi Brown provide these lessons and for free without any pressure to buy anything after. They offer a variety of lessons for all your needs from basic skin care to a full on party look. Previously, I had opted for the "Classic or Smokey eye" lesson but this time I really decided to test the brand and lessons, and booked myself in for the "Pretty Powerful in 10 Steps" lesson. 

The Pretty Powerful in 10 steps lesson teaches you everything from good skincare to a full face of make-up. With the lesson I had had previously, which was Classic or Smokey eyes, being quite dark and suitable for a night time look - this time myself and the make up artist, named Collette, decided to go for a daytime spring look.

Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful in 10 Steps Sheffield Meadowhall House of Fraser

The Pretty Powerful in 10 Steps lesson is meant to be 45 minutes long, however, myself and Collette got on like a house of fire and it ended up being 2 hours long as she talked me through an entire skin care range and made sure I was 100% happy with everything and I got a chance to have a proper look at the products and understand them, and why she used each product the way she did.

Collette firstly removed my makeup using their Cleansing Oil and their Longwear eye makeup remover, she asked me to hold a cotton wool pad on to each eye lid to remove any eye makeup and mascara as Bobbi Brown likes to soak mascara off your lashes rather than rubbing them to remove the product. We spent a good few minutes talking about which skin care range would be best suited for my skin and we decided the hydrating range would be most suitable at the minute. Because of the hot weather we have been having here in England at the minute, combined with the Air Con at work, my skin has been rather dry at the minute as well as some redness on my cheeks which I've always had.

So we used the Hydrating Tonic, and Collette explained the reason that they call this product a Hydrating Tonic rather than a Hydrating Toner is because it contains no alcohol. She also used the repairing serum to help with the dry areas of my skin, and she explained that the repairing serum contained Liquorice which apparently helps improve the skin and aid in repairing. She then used their Hydrating eye cream and hydrating gel to add some moisture into my skin. Once everything had sunk in, I had a look in the handy little mirror she had given me so I could check everything as we went, and my skin did look like it was glowing and it felt really soft. I can definitely see and feel that it had improved, and I definitely believe it was down to the repairing serum more than anything else.

Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful in 10 Steps Sheffield Meadowhall House of Fraser

We next added in concealer and we used the Light Bisque correcter, which has pink tones running through it to combat the purple tones under my eyes and then used the Cool Sand concealer over to add the yellow tones to match my skin tone. We the went on to foundation and found the foundation which best suited my skin was their Longwear 12 hour foundation in 3.25, it was impressive coverage and was the kind of foundation I like as I explained to Collete that I like light foundations that are comfortable to wear, especially at work but I also like a foundation with medium coverage to cover any small blemishes and even out skin tone. Collete then used a Blush Brush and used their Blush in Powder Pink to add some colour to my cheeks. 

When Collette was doing my foundation, I noticed she stopped at my jawline and didn't blend my foundation on to my neck - this is a personal pet peeve of mine and I hate when people don't blend their foundation. I hate seeing what I call the "gravy line" around a persons face/jaw line where their foundations ends and hasn't been blended to form a smooth transition. When I got home and looked in a mirror I could clearly see where my foundation stopped and the clear line that was around my jawline.

Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful in 10 Steps Sheffield Meadowhall House of Fraser Brushes

Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful in 10 Steps Sheffield Meadowhall House of Fraser make up skincare

For my eyes we decided something simple with a pop of colour, and we opted for a pale lilac colour to bring out the blue in my eyes. Collette used a cream eyeshadow named Cool Lilac cream all over the lid and then added Granite Ink, which is another gel product (after I explained I wasn't too fond of pencil liners) on my upper and lower lashline, as well as tightlining my eyes. For my eyebrows we went for a powder in the shade Taupe - if you remember my previous makeover with Bobbi Brown, you will know that for the smokey eye they used Taupe as one of the base shadows for my smokey eye. For my eyelashes, Collette used Glamour Extreme Lengthening Mascara - I did like this mascara as it added a great deal of length to my lashes but no volume, however I think two coats of this mascara woould have made my lashes look amazing!

Now my brows, this was the only problem I had with the makeover - can you please note how UNEVEN they are? One eyebrow had a lovely arch and the other was almost completely flat along the top with a semi arch underneath. The sizes of each brow where also uneven and started at different points. I had to fix this straight away as soon as I had taken these photos.

 For my lips, Collette used one of Bobbi Brown's new lipsticks in Baby Pink and applied it using a retractable lip brush. She then finished off my adding a powder down the center of my face and my T-Zone to combat shine, but left my cheeks to give me a "glow", for this she used Pale Yellow powder and used a Powder Brush to apply this.

And we were complete!

I did enjoy this make over and I loved the majority of the make-up - my only two problems where my uneven eyebrows(!!) and me being finicky about the foundation not being blended for a smooth transition. Collette was lovely and made sure that I was happy with everything as we went through it and made sure I was happy with colours and the types of products used.

I think my first makeover with Bobbi Brown was definitely my favourite, and I am returning next week for another lesson - which includes one of Bobbi Browns Pro Artists, Amy Conway giving away tips and helping with the lessons, so I am definitely looking forward to that!

Have you tried anything from Bobbi Brown or have you been to any of their lessons?


  1. I love how they offer these lessons for free! I don't understand why she did your brows so uneven, it's not like there's only a slight difference x


  2. Ahhhh it looks absolutely amazing! But it's such a shame over your brows, they're a little difficult but that's ridiculous!! xx

    1. I know! Every other person whos done my brows hasn't really had a problem! x

  3. This is such a good post, it's really interesting & you took great photo's :D



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