Sunday, 24 August 2014

MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer - The Full Collection

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you will know at the start of the year I reviewed MUA's Lip Lacquer line, however since then they have released four new shades so I thought I might as well do an updated post which includes better photos and covers the whole 9 shades. I did want to do this a few weeks ago however, one of the new shades was impossible to get hold of - Halcyon. Every single time I popped into Superdrug they were sold out - however, I went in after work one day last week and they had one left, and it came home with me!

MUA Make Up Academy Luxe Velvet Matte Lip Lacquers Reckless Kooky Funk Atomic Serene Tranquility Aflush Criminal Halcyon

The four new shades make sure that this collection now has something for everyone - previously they were all very bright shades of reds and pinks - and even a dark purple! But the new shades include pale pinks and nudes so there is definitely a colour for everyone. I'm sure I've said before but I absolutely love the packaging for the Luxe Line from MUA - the sleek black with gold detailing and frosted tubes make these look so much more expensive than their £3 price tag! 

Saturday, 23 August 2014

A Bobbi Brown Makeover with Pro Artist Amy Conway

Bobbi Brown Pro Artist Amy Conway

Image take from here.

Earlier this month, I got the opportunity to pop along to House of Fraser in Meadowhall where one of Bobbi Browns Pro Artists, Amy Conway was going to be giving tips to create the perfect look and help with make overs and make up lessons.

Amy Conway is one of Bobbi Browns Pro Artists and has worked closely with Bobbi Brown herself.  Amy has appeared on QVC and has worked globally with the brand so I definitely couldn't pass up this opportunity to learn some tips! 
Bobbi Brown Pro Artist Amy Conway Makeover Sheffield House of Fraser Meadowhall

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Meadowhall Blogger Event - Cocktail Class at Chao Baby

Palm Sugar Lounge Chao Baby Sheffiled Meadowhall

Last week I was kindly invited down to Meadowhall for the second Bloggers Hub meet. This was arranged to take place at the Palm Sugar bar, which is a part of the Chao Baby resturant which is next to the Palm Sugar lounge, to learn how to make cocktails and mocktails (for those under 18, those who were driving, and awkward ones like myself - who don't drink!) 

We gathered there around noon and introduced ourselves before making ourselves comfy around the circular bar where Matt, who was the Mixologist, showed us how to make cocktails and mocktails after honing his skills in Sydney, Australia (does anyone else think of the Tom Cruise movie, Cocktail?). He even got some of us up to make the cocktails and get really involved with the process which was brilliant. 

Palm Sugar Lounge Chao Baby Sheffiled Meadowhall

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Argan Oil Pre Launch at The Body Shop with Meadowhall Shopping Center

The Body Shop Argan Oil Range

I was kindly invited by The Body Shop and Meadowhall to pop down to one of the two stores in the shopping center to learn more about the brand new Argan Oil range that The Body Shop have just released ahead of their launch party next week, where there is going to be lots of exciting things happening in store. 

The Body Shop use ingredients from all over the world and in 1987 they launched their Community Fair Trade programme meaning they trade fairly with their suppliers for example they source their ingredients from traditional artisans, small scale farmers and rural co-ops and in turn provide them with good trading practices and independence building prices. To date, their Community Trade programme helps and brings real benefits to over 300,000 people! 

The Moroccan Argan Oil is carefully pressed from the best Argan nuts, that are hand cracked in South West Morocco by the local wommen of the Berber Tribe. The Kernels are pressed and filtered slowly over 48 hours to extract the purest and most high quality oil possible before making their way into the products.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Montagne Jeunesse Peel Off Face Masks in Mango Tango & Runny Honey

Montagne Jeunesse Peel off Face Mask Mango Tango Runny Honey

I've been using Montagne Jeunesse face masks for a while, both the the Mud ones and the Peel off ones. However, when I was in Primark recently I spotted these where which I assume are exclusive to Primark in the flavours of Mango Tango and Runny Honey, immediately I thought they both would smell absolutely yummy and at 90p each, I couldn't say no! So a packet of each flavour soon made it's way into my basket. 

I've had a few pamper nights since I bought these so I could test them out (like I needed a reason to pop on a face mask!) so here's what I thought...

Montagne Jeunesse Peel off Face Mask Mango Tango Runny Honey

Mango Tango was definitely my favourite out of the two - mainly because Mango (alongside Cherry) is one of my favourite fruits - both the scent and taste. This face mask is a mix of Mango and Noni Fruit to create a gorgeous tropical scent.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Blogger Event: Fruition Hair & Beauty Demo night

Monday night I was invited to my first ever blogger event! It was the Fruition Hair and Beauty Demo night at the Revolucion De Cuba bar in Sheffield, just off of West Street in the City Centre. Having lived in Sheffield for almost 8 years now, I had never been to this bar before or even heard of it - turns out it's right next door to my hairdressers! Who Knew! It was a really nice venue with a beachy feel to it that I really liked - the ceiling has big wooden fans which absolutely made no difference to the heat inside the venue. I loved meeting more Sheffield bloggers - I know that they're out there but I never seem to meet any, but I finally did and it was amazing finally being able to match names to those blogs!

The night had different things going off at all times - from Lateysha from MTV's The Valleys have hair extensions applied by Kerri from Fruition Hair & Nails, who were the lovely hosts for the night. There were makeovers, massages, fashion and Lush things going off all at the same time.. so myself and Lucy from LucyLoves went exploring after we got over our initial nerves and tried a bit of everything.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

The Body Shop: The Essential Brush Collection

The Body Shop Essential Brush Collection Foundation Eyeshadow Blush

Recently, I couldn't find 2 of my brushes from The Body Shop (one of my slanted brushes and my shadow brush) from what I recall, I think they went missing when I moved my room around. So, I decided, why not take advantage of The Body Shop's 3 for 2 on makeup and skincare which they have on at the minute - I wanted a blush brush too, so it was of course meant to be! 

However, when I went in, I found this! A set of three brushes (Blush Brush, Eyeshadow brush and Foundation brush) for £18 - this in itself is a bargain as their brushes range from £8 - £16 per brush and it contained 2 of the brushes I was after. However, I still took advantage of the 3 for 2 offer and still picked up my slanted brush plus a their new face sorbet. I definitely managed to get myself a little bargain! For four brushes it should be (if were working on averages) £40 and then another £8 or so for the face sorbet. But because of the offer and the brush set - plus having a 'Love Your Body' card ensures you another 10% off the total making the total cost of all 4 brushes and the face sorbet £26. Bargain. 

In this review, if you hadn't of guessed, i'll be looking at the set itself - I have already posted a review on the slanted brush which you can read here and you can expect a post on the lovely little gem that is the face sorbet soon!

Sunday, 3 August 2014

The Limited Edition Rio Rio i-Divine palette by Sleek

 I loved the look of the Rio Rio palette as soon as I saw the promo photos for it - I am definitely lacking in bright eye shadows after years of loving my neutrals and browns I finally felt it was time to branch out and be brave - I know, that's a strange thing to say coming from a person who loves their bright lipsticks, has had bright pink hair and isn't afraid of colour! However, I think I'm on a personal mission to own every Sleek Palette that comes out, there is something about them I just love!

The Rio Rio palette is based on the bright colours of the Rio Carnival and to celebrate everything about Brazil and nodding to the World Cup that was held in Brazil earlier this year. This palette is filled with the brights and vivid colours you would expect to find at a carnival but also pleasantly contains some soft colours such a beige, white and a light soft brown shade. The Rio Rio i-Divine palette also contains glitters, shimmers and mattes so there is definitely something for everyone, no matter what type of look you like to wear.

Sleek Make Up Rio Rio i-Divine Palette Limited Edition Eyeshadow

Sleek Make Up Rio Rio i-Divine Palette Limited Edition Eyeshadow

A Bobbi Brown Make Up Lesson: Pretty Powerful in 10 Steps

This was my second makeover and makeup lesson that I had at Bobbi Brown (you can read my first experience with Bobbi Brown here) I love that Bobbi Brown provide these lessons and for free without any pressure to buy anything after. They offer a variety of lessons for all your needs from basic skin care to a full on party look. Previously, I had opted for the "Classic or Smokey eye" lesson but this time I really decided to test the brand and lessons, and booked myself in for the "Pretty Powerful in 10 Steps" lesson. 

The Pretty Powerful in 10 steps lesson teaches you everything from good skincare to a full face of make-up. With the lesson I had had previously, which was Classic or Smokey eyes, being quite dark and suitable for a night time look - this time myself and the make up artist, named Collette, decided to go for a daytime spring look.

Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful in 10 Steps Sheffield Meadowhall House of Fraser

The Pretty Powerful in 10 Steps lesson is meant to be 45 minutes long, however, myself and Collette got on like a house of fire and it ended up being 2 hours long as she talked me through an entire skin care range and made sure I was 100% happy with everything and I got a chance to have a proper look at the products and understand them, and why she used each product the way she did.

Collette firstly removed my makeup using their Cleansing Oil and their Longwear eye makeup remover, she asked me to hold a cotton wool pad on to each eye lid to remove any eye makeup and mascara as Bobbi Brown likes to soak mascara off your lashes rather than rubbing them to remove the product. We spent a good few minutes talking about which skin care range would be best suited for my skin and we decided the hydrating range would be most suitable at the minute. Because of the hot weather we have been having here in England at the minute, combined with the Air Con at work, my skin has been rather dry at the minute as well as some redness on my cheeks which I've always had.

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