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LUSH American Cream Condtioner

So I though considering as it's American Independence day as I write this (July 4th) I thought it was only appropriate to write something American-themed (kind of) so I went with American Cream conditioner by Lush Cosmetics! I've been getting into Lush more and more over recent months, so after a trip during my lunch break I picked up this. I originally went in for a hair mask, but discovered they were out of my price range (especially for a one use product!) so I had a look around the Shampoo/Conditioner section of the store - I settled on this. I went for a conditioner as I'm constantly trying to improve the condition of my hair as i'm almost rid of the damaged parts thanks to years of dying/bleaching/killing it during my teenage years.

American Cream Conditioner Lush

American Cream Conditioner Lush

This conditioner is described as a 'strawberry vanilla milkshake' and it contains Vanilla pod infusion, vanilla absolute and clary sage. It also contains fresh strawberries to cleanse the hair, as well as being rich in vitamin C. To help your hair get super glossy, the creators of their conditioner have also included fresh orange juice in to the mix, this is because "the acidity of the orange juice makes the hair cuticles lay flat and allows them to reflect more light". The Clary Sage and a splash of lavender are thrown in there too to help calm your scalp. 

American Cream comes in three sizes - a small 100g which costs £4.50, a medium size (which I picked up) and that costs £8.95 for 250g of product, or you can pick up a large size which is 500g and costs £14.25. This is the pricer end of shampoo/conditioners and is a lot more than I'd usually pay, but I thought I would treat myself. However, I don't think i'll be using it every time I was my hair - I think i'll use it every other time to make sure it lasts quite a while. 

American Cream Conditioner Lush

It says on the back that American Cream is a heavy conditioner however despite the heavy formula it won't leave the hair weighed down or feel heavy, however I wouldn't agree! I found it to be quite a thin consistency and I needed quite a bit in order for it to feel like it was working at all, combined with having long hair - after two uses I'd used up quite a considerable amount which I wasn't too happy about.

It also states this is quite sweet smelling - again, I disagree. I found mine to be almost cinammony or spice kind of smell - definitely a warm scent that I associate with Christmas. So I think due to that alone, I won't be repurchasing this for the time being and will wait until we are back in the Winter months and in the mean time I will find something that is lighter and sweeter smelling.

After my first use of American Cream I wasn't too sure on my opinion - at first, I thought it kind of left it feeling a little dry and not as soft as I was used too. But after I had left it to settle a few hours after drying it, and then straightening it, it soon felt gorgeous and soft again, and the acidity of the orange juice definitely made my hair shiny. It is also true when they say the smell lingers - I went out that evening for a friends work party and could definitely still smell it on my hair hours later! 

I definitely do love the American Cream conditoner and I'd be interested in trying out some more from their range of hair care products in the future. But as I said, something lighter and sweeter - but I'll definitely be picking this up again once the Winter months roll around as I think it will be perfect for then. 

Can I also just take a minute to mention how lovely the staff are who work for Lush? The lovely lady who was helping me pick out which shampoo also showed me some more of their hair care and as it was a little out of my price range - she gave me two sample pots, and she said and I quote "I've put more than I should have in there so you can give it a proper test" - how sweet is she? 

What's your favourite buy from Lush?


  1. I love Lush's beauty products and have never tried any of their hair products, but I would really like to as I keep hearing really good things about them !xx
    Katherine Rosie | UK Beauty Blog


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