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Eminem at Wembley Stadium - Saturday 12th July 2014

If you know me, or have been following my twitter or instagram for a while - you will know I have a lot of love for Marshall Mathers aka Eminem. He is my idol and inspiration - that man inspires me in so many ways it's unbelievable, plus it helps he is absolutely gorgeous! So, when I found out he was performing a concert in London I knew I HAD to get tickets - apart from festivals he hasn't performed a gig in the UK since 2001, and after recent interviews where he said he's probably going to go into producing more now and doesn't know about another album yet, i knew I had to see him live as I had a gut feeling it was probably going to be his last. So after bugging my friend for a good few days - she agreed to come see him with me. However, the tickets where released 2 weeks before payday so I had 0 money, however my gorgeous friend bought the tickets on release day so I could give her the money when I got paid to make sure we got tickets.

She bought the tickets at just after 9am on the day of release and we were right at the very top, at the back of seating. Luckily the other friend we were going with managed to snag us tickets for another show - when the tickets went on sale, another show was added but not announced - so we managed to get standing tickets! (long story short.. we managed to sell the others for the same price we paid for them).

I also live in Yorkshire - quite a distance from London, however my best friend who I was going with lives in Portsmouth, so she told me I could stay at her house! I bought my train tickets plenty of time in advance so got a very good deal and everything was set. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you would have seen the countdown to the best day of my life.

Image from Eminem

After a few shuffles we managed to get to the barrier.. albeit, not the barrier to the stage but the barrier separating us from the VIP area at the front.. so still a very good view. I wasn't a fan of the opening acts but you have no idea how excited I was and how big my smile was when the screens lit with with Marshall's face with a little video before he came on. It was a very, very clever video too - a follow on story from Stan.

If you know Eminem's music, you will know the song and video for Stan - a fan who is obsessed with Eminem and keeps writing to him, eventually killing himself and his pregnant girlfriend who he had locked in the boot of his car and driving off a bridge. He had a brother that was mentioned in the song, and the video focused on him and what happened as he grew up. Turns out he was just like Stan, only more obsessed with Eminem and took things a little further with his obsession..

and then BOOM. Eminem appeared on stage. 

this is my favourite photo from the night!

He performed some of my favourite songs! I was so surprised when he performed Square Dance.. that song always makes me laugh and I really didn't expect to hear it live. I was also surprised he only did 3 songs off of The Marshall Mathers LP 2 (Bad Guy, Rap God and Bezerk). When he performed Rap God I was in actual awe, his mouth moved SO fast and it was perfect. He knew how to work the crowd and it was so energetic. One thing I love about Eminem is his humour, and he didn't disappoint - he did funny little dances and pulled funny faces (especially an amazing one during Bezerk!) He also performed Stan, The Monster and Love the way you lie - Dido and Rihanna weren't there though, his backing singer performed their parts for the show.

One person who did make a surprise appearance though was Dr Dre! He showed up half way through the show and the crowd went insane. He performed a few songs with Eminem - including Still Dre and Forget about Dre. Another guest was there - but who wasn't performing was Xzibit! And because we were at the barrier, Xzibit walked straight past us to get the the tent in the middle of the stadium. 

It was also incredible to here Business live as I love that song so, so much and have had it stuck in my head ever since. He of course did Lose Yourself - he couldn't do a show without performing that, however he did tease us! He said his goodbyes and went off stage, only for the crowd to chat his name.. and then to chant "Lose Yourself!" before he came back on for the Encore. 

Another thing I love about Eminem is his opinions and how he emphazies you should be proud of who you are and that everyone is beautiful (listen to the song Beautiful, even if you don't like rap it's such an amazing song!)

It was such a surreal night, and almost 2 weeks later it still hasn't sunk it that I was meters away from my idol. I honestly could have stood and cried in that stadium when he came on stage, and I had to stop myself. I'm so, so glad I got to see him perform and that night will stay with me for the rest of my life. Hearing the man himself, plus 80,000+ people chant the songs that mean the world to me, standing next to my best friend was the best feeling in the world and like nothing could hurt me and I was invincible.

Nothing will ever top that night, ever. Eminem will always be my inspiration and my idol. Always. 


  1. I was scared to read this because I knew how incredibly jealous I would be! But this is a fantastic post and some parts brought my own memories back from when I seen him at V festival. Im so thrilled and happy for you that you got to be metres away, its an amazing feeling isnt it! He's truly amazing and Im glad you had such a wonderful time! x Jemma x

    1. thank you so much! It was such an incredible night that will stay with me forever! x


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