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A Bobbi Brown lesson on Classic or Smokey eyes

After a visit to the Bobbi Brown counter in Meadowhall a few weeks ago, I discovered that they did complimentary lessons. Most beauty counters offer lessons and make-over services but required an amount to be paid which is reedemable in products on the day of the makeover. However, with Bobbi Brown, the lessons are free and you are not forced to buy anything if you don't want too. I think the makeovers being free is absolutely brilliant, as I'm relatively new to the brand and hadn't tried anything from Bobbi Brown before so I liked that their was no commitment there that would make you buy anything as your not always guaranteed to like everything - as with everything, everyone has their own opinions and preferences. 

You book in for whatever lesson you want - from basic lips to a full on party look, or a step by step guide to create a flawless look. Each lesson varies in length from 15 minutes to a full 45 minutes, depending which makeover/lesson you choose. This time around I opted for the 'Classic or Smokey eye' lesson, which says it lasts 15 minutes. I chose this lesson as I'm not amazing an eye make-up, due to my love of a bold lip I often keep the eyes very light and natural to balance everything out.

This is my make-up just before I left the house. I didn't put on any eyeshadow at all as I knew I was going to Bobbi Brown for my lesson. Also ignore the rubbish eyebrows - I was getting my eyebrows waxed and tinted at Benefit just before my lesson.

Bobbi Brown Lesson Classic Smokey Eyes
Bobbi Brown Lesson Classic Smokey Eyes
Bobbi Brown Lesson Classic Smokey Eyes
Bobbi Brown Lesson Classic Smokey Eyes

The make-up artist I had at Bobbi Brown was named Brooke, and she was absolutely lovely and incredibly stunning with the most flawless skin I have seen. As I said, I had a wax and tint at Benefit beforehand (you can read my post about the Benefit Brow Bar here) and I had a new lady do my brows and she rushed them and filled them in so sloppily it was ridiculous, so I cheekily asked Brooke if she could fix them for me and she had no problems with that and happily redid my brows for me by using their eyebrow pencil in blond and combing it through with a spolie and using their foundation stick in 01 to cover any redness.

During the lesson, Brooke explained things step by step as she went, allowing me to look in the mirror after each step so I could see the make-up look coming together and I could see how she was creating the look. 

First, she removed any make-up from my lids (we kept my mascara on, which was Benefit They're Real if you're wondering) with a cotton swab and eye make-up remover. We then chatted about colours and I said I liked my bright lip so she said we'll create something light that I can wear with a bright lip, and then darken it up to a more night time eye that can be paired with a nude lip. 

The first shadow was Stone, which was a cream shadow which Brooke took all over the light and above the crease as I have a hooded lid and deepset eyes. We then took the shade Taupe which is a powder eyeshadow and we took that through the crease and in the outer V as well as underneath the lower lash line. To add some sparkle we used a shadow I think was called Black Chocolate, but unfortunately it wasn't written on my face chart with the other shadows so I can't be accurate. It was a gold shimmer/glitter to give the eye some sparkle. For the liner, we used Cavier Ink which is a black gel eyeliner - I explained to Brooke I had fallen out with gel eyeliner as I had bad experiences with it (I'm looking at you, MUA!) so she said she would make me fall back in love with it - and she did! Such a beautiful deep black liner! Brooke then used Light Bisque to conceal and clear up any fall out and to brighten up under the eyes and down my nose as well as my cupids bow. To blend everything out under the brow bone we used another powder eyeshadow, this time named Ivory which was an off white shadow. 

To my surprise, Brooke also finished off the rest of my face for me, adding some more foundation where I needed any touch ups, add Uber Beige blush to bring warmth to my cheeks and to contour my nose. She then chose a nude lip to go with the heavy eye make-up, we opted for Pink Beige lipstick, which is such a lovely pink and definitely a 'my lips but better' shade that I now love, then added Brightening Pink gloss to give my lips some shine. The lipgloss was sticky which I wasn't a huge fan off but it wasn't uncomfortable. 

Uber Beige blush is at the very, very top of my wishlist at the minute with Cavier Ink and Pink Beige lipstick a close second/third! 

and here's the finished look! 

I absolutely LOVE what Brooke did. I instantly wanted everything but only walked away with the cream eyeshadow in Stone. Definitely will be buying Uber Beige in the near future and not long after that I will be purchasing Pink Beige lipstick and Cavier Ink! My skin looked absolutely flawless and the warm tones in my make-up brought some gorgeous warmth to my porcelain skin which I loved. 

It's now been almost 12 hours since my make-over at Bobbi Brown and everything still looks flawless and my eyeshadows haven't creased or moved or faded at all, they still look exactly like the did when Brooke first applied the shadows which I'm very impressed with!  

Brooke also supplied me with a face chart with everything on it that I needed to know (I didn't realise until I got home that it was missing an eyeshadow) but nevertheless, it's very handy for when I go back to purchase more of the items which I will definitely be doing. I also loved how they didn't rush it and just went with the flow, Brooke was lovely and was happy to chat, making sure that I liked everything as we went along and the makeover/lesson ended up going over by 30 minutes, making it a 45 minute lesson rather that the stated 15.

I have another lesson booked in at the end of July to have a look at their skin care and foundation lesson. I have another lesson booked in for August 7th when one of Bobbi Brown's global make-up artist who works closely with Bobbi herself is coming in to store to give out tips along with lessons so that is very exciting!

I'm definitely looking forward to trying more out from Bobbi Brown in the future! 

What is your favourite item from Bobbi Brown? Have you tried any of their lessons?

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