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Sleek - Del Mar Volume 1 Limited Edition Palette

This is a palette that I have been wanting for a long time. However, for several weeks it was only avaliable online and wasn't available in my local Superdrug store. However, finally last week I found it and grabbed it with both hands. As soon as I saw the preview of this palette online before it's initial release, I knew it had to be mine as it looked perfect for Spring/Summer as it contained lovely bright and pastel matte shades - something I'm definitely lacking in my eyeshadow collection. Of course I'm talking about Sleek's latest limited edition eyeshadow palette named Del Mar Volume 1. 

Firstly, I would just like to say home much I love the packaging? Sleek never seem to disappoint me with their packaging for the limited edition products! They are all so eye catching and gorgeous, and definitely give a true feel as to what kind of eyeshadows await inside!

Sleek Del Mar Volume 1 limited edition eyeshadow palette

Sleek Del Mar Volume 1 limited edition eyeshadow palette

Sleek Del Mar Volume 1 limited edition eyeshadow palette

And when I opened this palette up, I definitely wasn't disappointed. Before I even began swatching, I knew which shadows I would love, and I was right when I got around to testing them! The majority of this palette, are as I expected, mattes. However, there is a glitter and a shimmer shadow thrown in to the mix for good luck. 

I also definitely think that there is a shadow in here for everyone - there are soft browns and corals for an every day look, or you can go dramatic with green and purple lids! If you aren't a big colourful eyeshadow person, I would still say get this palette and I think it would be perfect for character make up too - especially Disney ones. I have already experimented and done my first ever character make-up and tried to recreate Maleficent (the one from the original Sleeping Beauty disney film though, where she has a green face and not the recent 2014 Maleficent movie featuring Angelina Jolie). The green and the purple on the bottom row worked perfectly for the green base and the bright purple eyeshadow that she wears. (I use Sleeks Garden of Eden palette for darker green contouring and bright green highlighting if you were wondering!) 

Sleek Del Mar Volume 1 limited edition eyeshadow palette

I will say now that I was surprised by this palette - normally I find that Sleek's matte shades are the least pigmented and they really shine in their glitter and shimmer eyeshadows. However, I found these matte shades, for the most part, were extremely pigmented which is definitely a great surprise! 

Sleek Del Mar Volume 1 limited edition eyeshadow palette

Lounge Lovers: This is the only glitter in the entire palette - which I have found rare for Sleek. It is definitely a brown toned gold, and when the light catches this shadow - the glitter really shines and the gold does pop more. I think this would look gorgeous blended in to a brown smokey eye to really give it something extra!

Poolside: A gorgeous royal blue matte eyeshadow, and one that is really pigmented. I think they couldn't have got a more perfect name for this eyeshadow as it really is the colour you would expect the pool or ocean to be when you go on holiday.

Sunset Strip: A beautiful coral toned orange eyeshadow, and there is definitely some peach running through it - so I think something with peachy in the name would suit it a lot more than Sunset. However, just like Poolside this eyeshadow is highly pigmented and applies smoothly.

Ambience: I really like this eyeshadow! I think it is actually a really unusual colour, it is a deep purple colour with grey tones running through it so it has some depth. This eyeshadow is definitely one of the most pigmented out of the whole palette.

Chilled Out: This eyeshadow is a matte white and it isn't as pigmented as most of the other shadows in this palette although I expected this, I haven't yet found a highly pigmented white eyeshadow. However, I am definitely glad to have a matte white in my make up collection now as it was something I was definitely lacking.

Blue Marlin: One of the most stunning colours I have seen! This eyeshadow is a deep ocean teal colour - I think this is the only, and the most acurate, way that I can describe this colour. This eyeshadow is also the most pigmented out of the entire palette and in person, it is just stunning.

Sleek Del Mar Volume 1 limited edition eyeshadow palette

Opening Party: This is a stunning colour! It is an iridescent purple shadow and reminds me a lot of Babe from the Poetica Palette by Kat Von D, which is one of my favourite palettes of all time (being a huge KvD helps!) - and is a palette that us in the UK struggle to find since we don't have Sephora here. It is a beautifully shimmery purple shadow.

On The Rocks: A light coral shadow that would be perfect for Spring/Summer. It goes absolutely beautifully with Opening Party to create an unsual, yet stunning, pastel eyeshadow look. Once again, this eyeshadow is highly pigmented and buttery soft.

Talamanca: This eyeshadow was the biggest disappointment out of the whole palette. It was hardly pigmented and it took a lot of effort to get it to look like this for the swatches. However, it would be nice to help blend out a brown smokey eye or paired with Lounge Lovers for an every day look.

Feel Euphoric: A soft light pastel pink eyeshadow, that is similar to On The Rocks but with less peach tones running through it. It is a very soft and girly eyeshadow that I can see a lot of people wearing over the summer months, and paired with the other light and pastel eyeshadows on the bottom row of this palette, I can see people creating such stunning looks with it.

Balearic Beat: A light lime green eyeshadow. I think this is the hardest eyeshadow to use, but that might just be me and not being big on green eyeshadow and it not suiting me as it clashes with my blue eyes, but I can see it looking stunning on people with brown eyes! It is highly pigmented and helped me create my Maleficent base with ease.

Paradise: A gorgeous bright pastel royal purple and once again, just like the majority of eyeshadows in this palette, it is highly pigmented. This is another one of my favourite eyeshadows in this palette as I really do like purple eyeshadows! This is also a similar shade to Babe from the Kat Von D palette however it doesn't have the iridescent qualities of babe - so if you were looking for a matte version, this is your eyeshadow!

Overall, this palette is a definite winner from me and I can't wait to use it more over the Summer months to create some gorgeous pastel looks! This palette retails at £7.99 - so you really can't go wrong, even if you only use a handful of the shades!

What's you favourite summer eyeshadow? 


  1. This palette looks so pretty, and the matte shades look much more pigmented than what they do in some of the other Sleek palettes :) Looks like it'd be perfect for summer! x

    She's Looking at the Stars

    1. Some of the most pigmented Matte shades Sleek have done! x

  2. This look stunning palette :)

    Pink Frenzy

  3. I always love the look of palettes like this but I just can't imagine ever wearing most of the shades, I so wish I was more daring but I have visions of wearing something really out of the ordinary (for me) and people being like 'heck, what did you do?!'

    Jade x
    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog

    1. I can't wear too many bright colours but i just couldn't pass it up! x

  4. Wow, the packaging is fab, there are some lovely shades here, but I don't think I could wear them!

  5. What a beautiful bright and bold palette- Lovely colours!

    Fab review :)

    Laura x |


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