Sunday, 18 May 2014

The Body Shop Slanted Brush

It's no secret that I absolute adore The Body Shop and they do the best foundation for my skin (nothing has beaten it so far!), the next on my list of favourites from there is their slanted brush. I used this every day without fail, I use it to apply my brow powder and sometimes to apply a soft liner.

The Body Shop Slanted Brush

The Body Shop Slanted Brush

The bristles are tightly packed in and are made from high quality synthetic hair that is super soft to the touch and feels lovely when you apply it, making the product go on your skin effortlessly. The brush also doesn't collect any product in the hairs so you know that you aren't wasting any of your make-up. The line it produces is quite soft, so if you want a harsh line then this probably isn't the best brush for your liner - but for a soft natural look or to help with a smokey eye then this brush is perfect for you!

These brushes also wash really nicely - I use MAC's brush cleaner, and with just a quick swirls around in that and then rubbed on an old cloth to get the product off, and it works absolutely beautiful and looks and feels brand new afterwards! I then store them with the hairs facing down so that no water gets in the ferrule (the metal bit) and breaks down the glue (this is what causes hairs to fall out). Doing it this way helps you brushes last longer and feel better. With recent uproar about L'Oreal taking over Body Shop, it is very important to mention this brush is cruelty free.

I'm already on to my second one of these brushes and can see me buying plenty more in the future! This brush retails at £9 (don't forget that if you have a Love Your Body card, then you get an extra 10% off!) and can be bought online or in store.

Have you tried any brushes from the Body Shop?


  1. I think you mean ferrule :P

    I've never tried a Body Shop brush. I use mostly Real Techniques, with some EcoTools, e.l.f. and MUA brushes too :) x x x

    Maliberry Makeup

    1. Yes! I knew I had spelt it wrong but I was sleepy and forgot to fix it the following morning! thank you. :P x


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