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My Experience with Mica Bella Cosmetics

Mica Bella experience

If you are familiar with Meadowhall, you know that whenever you decide to go anywhere in there you will be bombared with Sales Assistants trying to get you to stop and try their amazing product - either by shouting "Can I ask you a question" or trying to lure you in with free soap. It's literally like an episode of Total Wipeout trying to get to and from work every day.

Anyway, I was bored after work and I walked past Mica Bella cosmetics - which is the most annoying one of them all, and it's situated right in the path I take to work, I stopped. I knew the girl working there, from college although we don't really speak anymore. I got talking to her, thinking "Oh! It'll be a nice catch up" Nope. 

She sat me down straight away and said "do you want me to try things on your face?" I immediately said no. So she tested products on my hand. 

The first product was their Mineral Foundation - A loose powder that was applied sloppily to the back of my hand. I'm quite pale so she picked out the palest foundation - which was still 4 or 5 times darker than my skin tone and very. very orange toned (I'm a pink toned girl) and she compared both my hands, whilst going "Look at the coverage! It's covered up all the uneven skin tones!" Yes, it had - but the powder had gotten everywhere and my hands were two different colours.
Next she tried the blush - again, 4 or 5 times darker than my usual blush, but this is probably to match the incredibly darker foundation she had applied to my hand. Even then she just brushed it across, no blending at all. This made my hand look even darker, but yet she was so pleased with the result and said it was perfect for me.
She also said a few things that quite frankly shocked me, she advised me to sleep in the make-up, claiming it would help my skin and clear up spots. Also, apparently the small pot of loose powder, which was the foundation would last me a whole year. I don't think so somehow. 

Mica Bella experience

Next, was a revolutionary product! Did you know that if you mixed eyeshadow pigment and clear nail polish you can create your own coloured nail polish? Exactly. They thought that this was unique to them and made their eyeshadows amazing, and multi-functional. "you like to wear blacks and greys on your eyes don't you?" She asked. No. I wasn't wearing any black - I had neutral and browns on my eyes with a pink lip and pink nails. Yet the "multi-functional" eyeshadow she picked out to show me the nail polish and eyeshadow pigment was a dark silver. Not something I would wear. After quickly and sloppily putting this on her own nail and waving it in front of my face, she started reeling off prices.

Making sure than she said "If you buy this I can give you my discount, taking it from £60 to £25!" or "if you buy this I can give you a free eyeshadow!" whilst showing me the pot of foundation that cost £59. No thanks.

As soon as I informed her I didn't want anything, and wasn't intrested in any of the products - she turned her back and went "see you later". Not that I was bothered - I was completely shocked by their sales tactics and information that claimed about their products. I'm not surprised most people walked past and say no - I don't blame them. I can safely say, I will never be buying any products from Mica Bella. 

Have you had any experience with the company?


  1. Ugh, that sounds horrendous! There's this one Benefit counter in Debenhams in Bristol that's pretty terrible for that; Jade and I went in and they put loads of products on her face that she said she didn't like, and kept asking us what we were going to buy even though we'd made it clear we had no intention of giving them any money on that particular day. Really tarnishes the brand x

    1. I find it a lot with Illamasqua too - they have put make-up on my face and expected me to buy things even when I have said I'm only looking. Put the wrong shades on my face too! Not a huge fan of Illamasqua since! x

  2. That sounds horrible, there's nothing worse than poor customer service! The fact that you knew her too and all she did was choose the worse advice to give you was really bad. Thanks for the heads up, I definitely won't be trying Mica Bella Cosmetics anytime soon x


    1. I know! I already heard bad things about the brand from other bloggers and some friends I knew but I never knew it would be that bad! Kind of glad I went just to experience it and see for myself though.x


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