Friday, 2 May 2014

April Favourites

Collection Lush Eau Roma Water Rimmel Kate Moss Shade 110 MUA Shade 3 bronzer Ultrabland Sleek Rose Gold Blush MUA Undress Your Skin highlighter Benefit They're Real Mascara

Benefit They're Real Mascara: This mascara is an old favourite of mine, but I recently had been leaving it in my make-up drawer in favour of MAC'S Studio Fix Mascara, however when that ran out, I reached back for my trusty Benefit mascara - and realized just how much i'd missed it. Normally, I hate giving into the blogger hype but this one lives up to all it's expectations and beyond. It gives absolutely gorgeous length and volume and makes my lashes look amazing. Literally, in my opinion, nothing compares to this mascara.

Lush's Eau Roma Water: As I mentioned in my lastest haul post, the absolutely stunning Georgina updated my shocking skin care routine, and it now includes this toner. It contains Rose Water to help with the skins redness (something which I have quite a bit of!) and lavender oil to soften the skin. I think this works an absolute treat, and I can instantly feel the difference after using this. It makes my skin super soft and feeling lovely after using it! 

MUA Undress Your Skin: I picked up this in Aprils drugstore haul - I had been meaning to get it for a while as I needed a new highlighter but didn't want to pay a fortune for one, so when I finally spotted this in my local Superdrug on my break from work it went straight into my basket. I have fallen in love with this highlighter and have been using on my cheekbones, under my brow and on the inner corners of my eyes and it really helps brighten my face and open up my eyes, and makes such a difference. I honestly don't know how I lived without it.

Collection Work Colour in Lilac Daze: I also got this in Aprils drugstore haul, and as I mentioned in that post, I got this nail polish for free as Collection had an offer on at the time, where if you spend £3.99 or more on Collection products then you got a free nail polish. I was torn between this polish and a nude polish named Bear Nude, so the obvious choice was to get them both! However, I have been absolutely loving this polish and I think it's the absolute perfect spring shade and I think it suits my skin tone beautifully.

Sleek Blush in Rose Gold: Again, another purchase I mean during my April drugstore haul - another product I had been meaning to get for a while, and finally when I got my little paws on it in Superdug, I grabbed it with both hands and ran to the tills. This blush is supposedly an amazing dupe for Nars Orgasm, but as I don't own that blush so I can't comment on that, but from what i've seen online and for the brief swatch i've done of Orgasm whilst in Selfridges in Birmingham, they are very similar. I think it's the absolute perfect blush for Spring/Summer and you can read my full review on this little gem here.

Lush's Ultrabland Cleanser: Another purchase I made during my Meadowhall shopping spree with Georgina and another item she introduced into my terrible skin care routine. This cleanser contains Beeswax, honey, almond oil and rose water to break down and remove make-up and dirt without removing your skins natural defenses. It's lovely and gentle and isn't at all harsh on your skin, which I now know is an important aspect of your skin care routine. I was amazed at how easy and effortlessly this product cleansed your face and removed your make-up, super quick and easy but you can feel it make a difference to your skin. Combining this and Eau Roma Water, my skin has improved so much and I can feel it at the end of the day when i remove my make-up.

MUA Bronzer in Shade 1: Again, a product I picked up in my April drugstore haul - can you sense a theme developing here? I didn't plan it this way, honest! Anyway, I picked up this blusher by accident again, as I wanted Shade 2 but this was in the wrong section so it came home with me. I have found it a little too sparkley for my cheeks as it contains what appears to be gold glitter - however, I have been using it on my eyes in the outer V and it looks gorgeous! I love it when I find things work in different areas that they're meant for. I learnt this trick from a lovely lady named Coco who works on the MAC counter at my work, she's ace and always helps me out!

Kate Moss for Rimmel in Shade 110: Another little forgotten gem - over the Winter months this neon orange lipstick had migrated to the back of my make-up drawer in favour of my darker colours, however, now it's Spring, I'm reaching for my pinks and my brighter colours and I came across this lipstick again and have fallen back in love with it. This lipstick is a beautiful bright orange toned coral shade, and is probably one of the only matte lipsticks i'll truly love. You can read my full review here.


  1. Some great products!
    Lusting over the Eau Roma Water and the Sleek Rose Gold Blush!

    I'm hosting a giveaway over on my blog, you should check it out! | nailsandteapots xx

    1. Definitely some of my favourites and staples in my makeup bag now! x

  2. The MUA Undress Your Skin highlighter looks beautiful x


    1. It really is! Using it on the inner corner of my eyes really opens them up! x

  3. I love the Lush Toner Waters!

    Laura- DemandBeauty xo


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