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MUA Luxe Pretty Edgy Palette

So, this is the little baby that I spoke about in my recent February Favourites post. This palette is from the new selection from the Luxe range that we can see start to make it's way into Superdrug stores. (You can see my reviews on products from the Luxe range here) - I believe it started to make appearences in January this year, however, my Superdrug stores likes to sell out of things super quickly, so I have only just discovered this little gem of a palette!

This new palette is named the Pretty Edgy palette and is in a hard black plastic case with gold studs on - I think MUA thought 'oh, we'll stick studs on - that will make it edgy!' which is something I see quite often. It is a very sturdy case and it does take a bit of force to open it, so if you do need to take it on your travels with you - you don't need to worry about your bag getting covered in all different colours! 

MUA Luxe Pretty Edgy Eyeshadow Palette

I know with the MUA Luxe range, they have been trying out new packaging and are running with a black and gold theme - for the other products in the range, this works. But with this palette the black plastic with the gold studs, honestly to me make it feel a bit cheap as I see this kind of thing in places like Primark. Don't get me wrong, I adore Primark, but when you are a brand trying to make yourself and your products seem more expensive than they are - such as what MUA are/have been doing with the Luxe range - is this really something you want with your product?

MUA Luxe Pretty Edgy Eyeshadow Palette

MUA Luxe Pretty Edgy Eyeshadow Palette

This palette has quite big eyeshadows - especially by MUA's standards which is nice! It contains 8 different shades. The website claims this palette contains both velvet matte eyeshadows and shimmery eyeshadows, which is true - although it's alot more shimmer heavy, rather than an even balance between the two.

Just like normal, this palette contains a foam double-ended applicator - these wind me up SO much. Why won't make-up companies (I'm looking at you high-street brands!) realise that getting rid of it and including an actual brush or an eyeliner will make things a lot better? 

In the lid of the palette is a VERY generous sized mirror that takes up the entire lid of the palette - again, very useful if you have to take this palette on the go with you for any touch ups throughout the day, or quickly transforming your makeup from day-time wear to night time. 

MUA Luxe Pretty Edgy Eyeshadow Palette

"Encased in a cool gold studded clutch, this palette features a mixture of pretty pink neutrals with dark sultry tones in velvet matte and shimmery textures."
 - taken from the MUA website.

The top row are the softer shades contain the shimmers, and the bottom four shadows are the 'sexy and sultry' shadows and are the four matte shades that MUA has included in this palette. The palette focuses around browns, pretty pinks, plums and purples and MUA have marketed this palette as a pretty romance with a grunge edge - which to an extent I agree with, as it does have the softer romantic shades - but with dark sultry shades layered on top, it can transform your eye make-up into a grunge look, vamp up your eyes or add a bit of sexiness and mystery to your make-up.

MUA Luxe Pretty Edgy Eyeshadow Palette

The top row are the soft, romantic shades and are the 6 shimmer shades that are included in this palette.

Antique: A light white shimmer - I have been using this as a highlight shadow due to my pale skin, it works brilliantly as a subtle highlight in the inner corner of my eye. I haven't been using it anywhere else as a highlight as it is a bit too shimmery for me to be used under my brows and on my cheekbones - it may look gorgeous on some other skin tones though.

Bow: A light bronze brown shimmer shade. This shade would work well on it's own to create a simple day time look or combined with another shade to give a unique romantic look (such as Antique/Flounce).

Toile: A light shimmery liliac shade. Another shade that would work well on it's own or create a unique look that could be both soft and romantic (if you paired it with Sinful/Antique) or a darker, sultry look (if you paired it with Lace/Wrath)

Ruffle: The darkest shimmer in the palette, a medium grey shade. I feel like this is one of the shimmers that was designed to be used as a shade to create a sexy/sultry look. (combined with Lace/Gothic/Envy)

Flounce: A dark grey toned brown shimmer. I feel like this shade would create a beautiful brown, soft smokey eye that would look gorgeous in spring summer (if paired with a shade like Bow) or used to help blend out a smokey eye (with shades such as Ruffle/Lace)

Lace: A dark purple/plum tone with a shimmer. This would look gorgeous when it's used to create a beautiful purple/plum smokey eye (when combined with shades such as Toile/Sinful)

MUA Luxe Pretty Edgy Eyeshadow Palette

The bottom four shades are the matte eyeshadows that are contained in this palette.

Sinful: A light, soft rosey matte shade. This shade is my favourite out of the whole palette - it is very soft, and romantic and would be perfect for casual days in Spring/Summer or paired with a gorgeous pink lip. You could even create a gorgeous matte smokey eye with this shade (if you combined it with a shade such as Wrath).

Gothic: My least favourite out of the whole palette - a matte shade what I would describe as a dirty brown shade. I will be honest and say I have hardly used this shade, and doubt I will.

Wrath: A dark purple matte eyeshadow. Again, not one of my favourites but I can see it working so well on darker skinned ladies to give that sexy, sultry look as intended by this palette. This would make a beautiful smokey eye (when combined with Sinful to create a matte eye make-up)

Envy: The black in the palette - it isn't the blackest black i've seen, but it does it's job and with some primer and a bit of layering, it's great. You could use this as a liner or to add a bit of definition if you aren't brave enough to have a full black smokey eye!

This eyeshadow palettes can be a little chalky, but it's nothing major. The term 'buttery soft' has never applied so much to an eyeshadow before. These shadows are so soft and creamy, and apply like a dream and blend out wonderfully. They aren't the most long lasting eyeshadows in the world, so if you are going to be wearing them for a while - then I would highly recommend using a primer underneath to give them a little more wear time.

This eyeshadow palette retails for £8 on MUA's website or in Superdrug stores, and when I purchased this palette - there was also an offer on, that if I spend more than £6 on any MUA Products I got a free eyeshadow tint! That kind of thing always makes me a happy lady! So expect a review of that coming soon!

Have you picked up this palette? What's your favourite thing by MUA?


  1. Those colours look lovely #tempted
    Adela x

    1. Go for it! It really isn't bad considering the price - plus you get a free gift at the minute in Superdrug! x

  2. Those shades look GORGEOUS! I am following on Bloglovin'! So glad I found you through the #bbloggers chat today!

    1. Thank you so much lovely! I'm glad you like my little blog (: x


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