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MAC Cranberry eyeshadow

Hello ladies!

This is an eyeshadow I have had for quite some time now, and was the second MAC eyeshadow I ever bought (after Folie - review here) and it was one I was wanting for so long, because every time I saw it swatch or in a make-up look I just fell in love with it so it just had to be mine eventually.

MAC Cranberry eyeshadow

MAC Cranberry eyeshadow

Just like all MAC products, Cranberry comes in a sturdy black cardboard box with white writhing. Then eye shadow itself comes in a sturdy plastic case with a clear lid so you can clearly see the shade so you don't have to check the bottom of every eye shadow to find your shade, which is always handy! The eye shadow closes with a satisfying click so you know the eye shadow is safe and not going anywhere - meaning if you need to take this out and about with you for any touch ups you may need, you know that it is going to be safe in your bag and not cause any unwanted eye shadow explosions all over your things!

MAC Cranberry

MAC Cranberry

In the pan the colour is a copper toned red, and it just screams Autumn make-up to me, and Autumn just happens to be my favourite season because I love all the colours - reds, burgandys, oranges and yellows. It kind of has a rusty look to it that I really like as well. I was always unsure of wearing reds on the eyes, but this last year I have been braver and tried new colours - such as reds. I think this is one of the reasons I didn't buy it for so long, I loved the colour but I had no idea how to wear it. Thankfully, i'm gaining confidence now! 

I'm a person who loves bright coral lipsticks and loves a signature red lip - but is worried about a rusty colour on the eye? Who knew!

MAC Cranberry

On the skin it is such an unusual tones - it's a copper red with pink tones running through it. I think the term rusty definitely applies to this eye shadow. It is a gorgeous warm toned colour which goes beautifully with my blue eyes and helps make them stand out, which I really like! Normally, as I have said before, I love a good statement lip and making my lips the main feature, but lately, I have been having a play and having a statement eye instead and I am liking it at the minute!

Cranberry is slightly rough in texture when in the pan, but when swatching it or applying it to your eyes, it applyings smoothly and goes on well and is very pigmented. Cranberry is also a shade that blends out well - also I think with this shade you don't want to blend it out too much - red is a funny colour to work with, especially around the eyes! 

What do you think of cranberry?


  1. I'm a bit scared of this colour to even though I have green eyes and it should work - I have very strange colouring which means red eyeshadows or blushes make me look so weird. It's gorgeous though so I may have to try it!


    Katy x

    1. I was like that but as long as you line your eyes at yhe bases of your lashes to separate your eyes and the red you should be fine. It also works well as a blending colour.

  2. Gorgeous color, and I wore mine so much over winter :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  3. It really is just such a grogeous colour! I love this on smokey eyes recently xx

  4. You should really do some make up looks/tutorials with Cranberry! :D


  5. Such a gorgeous shade x



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