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Decolour Remover: Stripping colour without using bleach

Decolour remover stripping colour no bleach remove dye

As some of you may know - for years and years, I have been dying my hair. It's literally been every colour you can think of, and i've had my fair share of disasters in the hair dye department. For 2+ years, I had been after the perfect red shade - I loved my red hair, but it faded VERY quickly as red's notoriously do, and the colour never lasted more than 10 days. Due to my hair being very damaged as it was, I decided it needed a break and I wanted to go from red to brown so I could leave it longer between dyes without going ginger. However, from previous experiences, I knew that bleaching my hair would absolutely destroy it and that's not what my hair needed. (I once bleached my hair from black to platinum blonde and then to light brown in a single night before - my hair hated me after that)

Because of all the dyes/bleaches I had used in the past my hair was in VERY bad condition - dry, strawlike and brittle and so it has taken me 4 - 5 years, and now my hair is in excellent condition - the best it has ever have been! So I refused to put any more bleach on it. I googled, and came across ColorB4 - a colour stripper that contained no amonia or bleach to kill your hair, it was designed to strip all artificial colours out of your hair (if you have build up of many dyes/dark dyes like I did, then it would take as much out as it could) and restore it to as-near to your natural colour as possible. Unless you have lightened/bleached it, you can't reverse those effects as you have taken the pigmentation out of your hair.

However, after reading - I read that with ColorB4 you can't re-dye straight away after, you need to wait 48 hours for the hair to oxodise afterwards and settle itself down before applying another dye. So, after more research, I came across Decolour Remover. I picked up Ultra Kind, which I thought was the best bet as I still was trying to keep my hair in excellent condition and wanted to use something that would cause the least amount of damage as possible.

Decolour remover stripping colour no bleach remove dye

Decolour remover stripping colour no bleach remove dye

The package contains 2 bottles that you mix together, just like a standard dye and one bottle has a nozzle applicator for precise application. What makes this slightly different from a standard dye, is that instead of a conditioner you get a 'conclude balm' which you use instead to help draw out the last of the artificial pigmentation. 

The application and rinsing process is also slighly different. You mix the two together and apply it like a normal hair dye, and leave it between 15 minutes and 60 minutes, depending on your hair colour and how much pigmentation there is to remove. Due to the build up of colour on my hair, I left it a full hour to make sure it had enough time to break down. When you come to rinsing, it gets a bit tricky. You need to rinse your hair well in the shower/bath for a good 5 minutes, towel dry your hair so it's damp and then add the conclude balm. Rub the balm into your hair well for a good 5 minutes, before hopping back in the bath/shower and rinsing your hair for another 5 minutes to ensure all the pigmentation - or as much as it could get - comes out of your hair. Dry and style as normal.. or apply another dye like I did!

Now, I have to warn you about something with this product. The smell.

..oh god the smell..

Excuse my language, but it smells like eggy farts. There is literally no other way to describe the smell. It smelt so bad that whilst I was applying it and waiting the 60 minutes for it to develop, I had to have a sock over my mouth to try and hide the smell. Then whilst rinsing, I had to keep stopping and cover my mouth with a towel as the smell literally made me heave and think I was literally going to be stick. Once your done, and you think your in the all clear.. no, your not. The smell lingers - in your house, on your clothes and on your hair. Even the next day, I could still smell it, even after I dyed my hair brown and doused it in perfume. That evening, I had to have a very strong smelling candle burning after spraying febreeze everywhere to try and disguise the smell!

This remover, however, contains no bleach, amonia and no peroxide - instead it breaks down the pigmentation of the artificial colour in your hair, and draws it out. If you have dark hair/multiple layers of dye (especially browns/dark browns/blacks) they advise to do the treatment twice. With this remover, it also says that you can apply dye straight after, although you should chose a shade slightly lighter than what you are looking for as your hair will oxodise over the next 48 hours and darken.

I wanted to lighten my hair before applying the brown hair dye as red hair is notouriously bad for getting out - always leaving behind a copper tone, or shining through the brown and giving your new brown hair red undertones. So, removing the artificial colour, should solve that problem.

Now.. does it work? In a word, yes.

Decolour remover stripping colour no bleach remove dyeDecolour remover stripping colour no bleach remove dye

On the left is my hair before the treatment - a faded red dye. You can see why I wasn't happy with it! On the right, is my hair after the treatment. Some of the copper tones were still there but no-where near as bad as I expected. In certain lights, it almost looked natural blonde! And, just as promised - it hadn't killed my hair! The colour remover, actually left my hair feeling super soft and left it looking really shiny - the only problem I had was the horrible, horrible smell! But I was happy with the results, because of the amount of dye I had built up over the years, I wasn't expecting such a drastic change.

I used two boxes to cover my hair, because at the time of dying I had very long hair that reached my waist. (I was having it cut the next day, so wanted to get the colour sorted before then!) The dye doesn't go far, so I'd say if your hair is just past shoulder length or more, then you are probably best getting two boxes just to be on the safe side.

Now, as I said, this colour remover said that I could dye my hair straight after. So I did! I opted for L'Oreal Sublime Mousse (this is my favourite hair dye, I was previously using this to dye my hair red by using shade Hot Brown), this time I opted for the shade Luscious Hot Chocolate. 

This hair dye comes with all the usual parts - gloves, the conditioner, instructions and the mixtures. This hair dye is a permanent foam dye, so the applicator has a pump instead of a nozzle. I prefer using foam dyes to regular, as they go a lot further. With regular dyes, just like the decolour remover, I use two boxes - however with foam dyes, because the product goes longer I only need one, making it cheaper for me! So I'm happy. (: This dye, actually smells lovely (however, as my hair was already tinged with the disgusting smell of the colour remover - it didn't have much effect this time!)

You simply pump the product in to your hand and apply it like normal to your hair. Once fully applied, wait 20 - 30 minutes and then wash out. Once the water is running clear, use the conditioner to seal in the colour and make your hair smell lovely and look super soft and shiny.

The results...

 As you can see, it's took to my hair very well! It's a little darker than it should have been but that's due to the hair oxodising from the decolour remover, and not the l'oreal dye. I love this hair dye because it makes your hair SO soft and shiny and feels incredible. This is hands down my favourite brand and style of hair dye, and i'm not sure I will switch.

I have read that quite a few people had a little trouble with their darkening a lot after using the colour remover due to it oxodising, however I was lucky and it hardly affected me, but it is something to keep in mind if you do use the product, especially if you are considering dying your hair straight away after the stripping process like I did.

As I said, I was getting my hair cut the following day, so after all this pampering and colour changing over a 24 hour perioud.. how was my hair?

My hair is currently in the best condition it has ever been in, it's always soft and I always gets compliments on how shiny and healthy it looks, which makes me happy considering the amount of time, money and effort I have put into trying to bring my hair back from the brink of death!

Have your tried removing artificial colour from your hair? What's your favourite hair dye to use?


  1. I've used loads of these before and I see people saying 'they're so bad' etc, but to be honest I haven't had a problem!!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

    1. I didn't have a single problem either - it left my hair in good condition and shiny and took the colour out just as I wanted. Couldn't be happier! The only bad thing was the smell. Brilliant stuff if you don't want to damage your hair but want to try a new colour! X

  2. This is such a good idea for people wh have dyed their hair a lot. My hair is now an ashy blonde but I haad it almost every colour from red to black to purple. I wish I'd known about these before I dyed it blonde as I had o have the dreaded orange streaks through my hair for a while thanks to the left over red and purple ha! Your hair looks gorgeous I love the colour!
    Salted Roses // UK Fashion Blog

    1. I wish I had known about this stuff sooner as well! I have killed my hair over the years from bleach and far too many dyes! Thank you so much x

  3. your hair looks gorgeous and it definitely works :) great blog xox


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