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A Review: Benefit Brow Wax and Tint

I have been going to Benefit in Meadowhall for a wax and tint on my brows for around 18 - 24 months now. My best friend introduced me to their brow bar whilst we were at University together, now I don't go anywhere else to get them done. All the girls know me now (it also helps that I work in the same department store anyway so I always see them in the staff room or on the shop floor and always say hi!) and know exactly how I like my brows so I don't have to say anything, we just chat away about anything and everything whilst they work their magic!

I used to go to the Brow Lounge, which is a threading place - but I had a disaster there and I didn't like it. Basically, she made my brows uneven (so one start further back than the other) and forgot to trim a brow, so ones was long and one was short! I also don't like how they wipe your powder/pencil off but offer nothing to conceal the redness or to replace the product they wiped off so you have to walk around with a glowing red forehead after they ripped all your hair out.

Anyway, I ramble! On to Benefit! The first few times I went, I just had a wax but Christina kept suggesting that I get a tint as well (I am naturally a blonde, as you see below, and have dyed brown hair so things didn't really match up and I rely heavily on powder). I kept saying no, as I just had these visions of me walking out with a massive thick dark brow, now don't get me wrong - each to their own and I have nothing against that but it's not for me. But eventually I took the plunge to have tints as well - and I haven't looked back since!


Benefit Brow Wax and Tint
Benefit Brow Wax and Tint
above: powdered
below: natural

As you can see my brows are naturally very fair. I go 3 weeks between appointments as my brows grow fast and the colour fades quickly. I know other people can go 4 - 5 weeks without needing another wax/tint, so it is all about trial and error, but you'll soon figure out how often you need your brows doing. As you can see after 3 weeks, they are getting a bit unruly and the colour has definitely faded. (can i also add; i'm a big fan of my lashes in this photo? haha!)

So; what happens when you go for a wax and tint at Benefit?

Firstly, you'll sit down and discuss with your brow expert what you want doing - a wax? a wax and a tint? what shape? etc and if you are unsure, they will help to figure everything out with you to get the best brow for your face shape. 

Next, She will wipe any products away from your brow - foundation/brow product etc so she can get to all the little hairs. Then vaseline is applied around your brows to stop the dye from staining your skin (nothing worse than walking around with a stained forehead!) and then she will mix the dye to the colour you agreed on and pop it on your brows. It feels cold at first, but you soon adjust. She will then start a timer to count down 2 minutes whilst the dye develops and during this time we usually have a chat and she will tidy up any excess. 

Once the two minutes is up, she will wipe the dye off to reveal your new brows. At this point you will be shown your brows to make sure you are happy with the colour - this is before any plucking/waxing has taken place, so your brows will look thick as all the tiny and fine hairs will have been dyed  - this helps the ladies shape them better and ensure they don't miss any pesky hairs.

Once you are happy with the colour - the waxing begins! First, you will given her your hand so she can test the temperature of the wax to make sure it isn't too hot for you (am I the only one who loves the feeling of the wax?) She usually starts in the center and then will work on one eyebrow and get the shape how you want - normally leaving it a little thicker at first (because it's best to leave too much so you can take more off, rather than take too much off at once!) and then will work with you until you are happy with the shape and arch, and then will go on to the next brow. She will then show you your new brows and then will make any changes necessary until you are completely happy. 

Then she will apply a cooling gel/aloe vera to calm any redness and then will let that soak in for a minute and then will apply Boi-ing concealer to cover up the redness and then, if you wish, will apply a brow powder to fill in your brows to give them a little more shape/definition - then your done!

In all, it normally takes 15 minutes for me - but it may take longer if you are new or having your brows waxed/tinted for the very first time as you will need a few minutes to chat about how you want your brows to look.  


Benefit Brow Wax and Tint
Benefit Brow Wax and Tint

I always adore my brows when I leave the brow bar. They always look perfect and I'm always so happy with the outcome. The Benefit ladies are wonderful and I don't think I would go anywhere else, it's so handy to have them in my place of work too - I have been known to pop up on my lunch/dinner break and get my brows done then! 

At £18 it is on the pricer end of the spectrum but I think it's worth every penny, and i'll gladly spend that to get my brows looking how I want them. (It also helps I get 20% staff discount!).

 And this is when I powdered them in the following day..

Benefit Brow Wax and Tint

Have you gone to Benefit to get your brows done? What did you think?


  1. your brows looks so good! I didn't know Benefit did wax and tint I'm definitely going to see if they do it near my area X

    1. Yep! I don't think i'll ever go anywhere else as they do my brows perfectly! x

  2. You have such lovely eyebrows hun. ^_^


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