Friday, 7 March 2014

A quick look at Benefit; Gimmie Brow

Benefit Gimmie Brow

Apologies for the stock image! I don't own this product, but tested it out recently whilst I got my eyebrows waxed at Benefit, so I wanted to do a brief look at it after my first experience with it. 

The lady who did my brows suggest the Gimmie Brow to try out once she had finished shaping and making my eyebrows look fab. She explained that it is a new product and that it helps create a more natural feel to your brows (I felt quite offended! Did my brows look unnatural?! I don't think so!) she also said it helps your hairs grow. However! Walking past today, I heard the manager doing a demonstration about them to a group of ladies and she explained that the product wasn't actually for making your hairs grow, and it wasn't designed for that and there are no promises it will help it grow. 

This product is designed to help your brows look fuller and natural (does anyone else hear Cara Delevingne's named being shouted out here?) It is also water resistant and it contains fibres that cling on to your brows which is what helps them look thicker. I was also told by the sales assistant that the colour clings to your brows instead of your skin, as opposed to filling your brows in with powder. Wrong. Once she applied it, the colour was clearly on my skin and not just on my brows!

Now how did it look? It made me look Cara Delevingne-esque! It did indeed make my eyebrows look thicker. But not in a good way, it made them look like fluffy slugs on my face - so much that when I went to speak to a work colleague, she couldn't stop staring at my brows, and not in a good way! So, I had to go to the loo and fix them myself with what I had in my bag - concealer and some powder. She had used a Gimmie Brow that was too dark for me (after I told her I don't like having dark brows on my pale skin! - can I also say a benefit brow expert once told me to dye my eyebrows black and she was deadly serious about it! I'm very pale and have light brown hair, black brows would not be a good look!) - I managed to fix it somewhat, but I was still annoyed.

I couldn't wait to get home and get it off my face (and can I point out at this point, it wasn't completely waterproof as she had told me it was. In her own words; "it's completely waterproof and takes a lot of scrubbing to get it off!". It took me one wipe with a damp make-up wipe and it was gone).

Benefit, I'm disappointed in you. Never being a huge fan of Benefit products (I only use their eyebrow service and the They're Real mascara), I was hesitant to begin with - and if i'm wrong, and I do like a product - i'll happily admit I was wrong. But no, as I said, Benefit I'm disappointed in you.

Have you tried Gimmie Brow? What do you think?

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