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Illamasqua lipstick in Resist

Last year, I ventured to the Illamasqua counter at work and had a look around, chatted to one of the sales advisors about wanting something a little different than my usual red lipsticks and perhaps something for the eyes as my looks are usually lip-heavy. 

She was very unhelpful and just kept suggesting things I didn't want/told her that I already had and wanted something different from.. but I found this lipstick and liked it, she tried to rush my purchase and didn't care about what I wanted or what I had to say - something I hate, especially when it comes to make up counters, especially high end ones. (I've noticed in recent months, she has stopped working there too)

Enough about that though, the lipstick I chose was Resist. A bright blue toned barbie pink - a far cry from my usual reds!

Illamasqua Resist Matte Pink Lipstick

Illamasqua Resist Matte Pink Lipstick

This lipstick comes in a cardboard packaging with gold writing and accents. The lipstick itself is encased in black plastic and comes in the unique shape that all products from Illamasqua come in, a sort of curved square - that's probably a terrible description, but we will roll with it for now. It has very little detailing on the bullet itself apart from the shade on the bottom on a sticker and the brand name printed on the side in the same font and colouring as the outer packaging.

Illamasqua Resist Matte Pink LipstickIllamasqua Resist Matte Pink Lipstick

Illamasqua Resist Matte Pink Lipstick

Illamasqua Resist Matte Pink Lipstick

The bullet of the lipstick looks like a very bright blue toned pink - but you will also notice that this lipstick also has some 'scrapping' marks down the side, as if someones taken a rough tool down the side and made some marks. This wasn't me - this is how the product came. It looks as if this was down when the product was made and it makes it look as if very little care has been taken with the product. It may be a finicky thing to be annoyed at - but when i'm paying £15 for a lipstick, I want it to be good quality! I have seen cheaper lipsticks (from the likes of MUA) have better/neater lipsticks than this. I haven't tried any other lipsticks from Illamasqua so I can't say if this is a running theme or not in their lip products, but I won't be getting any more any time soon.

Illamasqua Resist Matte Pink Lipstick

The lipstick itself is true to colour and it is very pigmented, and produces a bright blue toned barbie pink when swatched. However, this is a matte lipstick (just like all of Illamasquas' lipsticks are!) and because of this, it feels very drying and pulls on the lips when you apply it. It does give off impressive pigmentation - in the swatch above, that is only one swipe of the bullet. You can also see in the swatch above tiny little lumps of lipstick! These came off as I swiped the lipstick and it dragged on my hand. Do to these properties of the lipstick, it is annoying when it comes to topping up the lipstick when it fades during the day, as it is not a good lipstick to build on and layer up (but I have found that with most matte lipsticks) as it kind of clumps together in little balls.. (such a technical term, i know!)

So, my thoughts on the lipstick? It's a nice colour and has impressive pigmentation - but the rest of it is a big thumbs down from me! For the price I paid, I expect something A LOT better and definitely presented better. So, for now - no more Illamasqua lipsticks for me. Can I also add that I have noticed Illamasqua only do matte lipsticks? They really are failing on the lipstick front in my opinion and really should branch out and do other finishes with their lipsticks, or at least work on improving the formula of their poor matte lipsticks first. I really don't like to write negative reviews like this, but I'm very disappointed with the lipstick and the brand, and I made a promise to myself when I started this blog that I would always be honest with everything I review, and talk about.


  1. This looks like a lovely shade! What a shame it was all scratched though when you bought it! You should have taken it back hun. :(

    1. I know I should have.. but it really wasn't worth it as i'm not a huge fan of the lipstick anyway! x


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