Friday, 28 February 2014

Soap and Glory: Hand Food

Hey ladies!

One of my sale finds in the January sales was a set by Soap & Glory which aimed to give you super soft, manicured hands. It included hand cream, hand scrub, nail file/buffer, nail polish, moisture gloves and a cuticle stick. The set was aptly named I'm Your Manicure. 

The hand cream that was in the set has fast become a firm favourite of mine! Because of my work, I get very dry hands so was in need of something to give them a bit of TLC, so it was perfect when I found this set for half price in Boots just after the New Year.

That hand cream is of course, Hand Food!

Soap and Glory Hand Food

Soap and Glory Hand Food

I love the packaging to Soap and Glory thinks, it's vintage and girly and definitely stands out among other products I won. The bottle is a good size (124ml) but it's still small enough to throw in my every day handbag to carry with me so I can always make sure my hands are soft and smelly lovely!

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The Sinful Colors Series: GoGo Girl

This week for the Sinful Colors series, we have a lovely little red lady, named GoGo Girl! 

Before we start, I just want to apologise for the green splat on the bottle. I used to keep my polishes in a make-up bag, and well the gravity decided it wanted to see the bag.. and you can guess what happened. It wasn't a good day for polishes. However, we went to a few meetings and we have slowly recovered from the traumatic polish explosion and now we are back to normal.

In the bottle, GoGo Girl looks like a gorgeous classic red - as regular readers of my blog or my Sinful Colors series, will know that it's taken me absolutely forever to track down a classic red polish. At times, I have thought that I had found one (such as when I picked up Big Daddy as it looked completely different in store than it did at home!) - but finally, my search is over!

In my opinion, nothing can beat a good classic red shade (and a good red lip with a flick of eyeliner!), although Vacation Time is running a close second with it being my current favourite and go to nail polish!

Monday, 24 February 2014

Sleek Blush by 3: Sugar

 So, way back when, Sleek brought out a range of blushes that contained 3 different shades in each one (hence the name, Blush by 3). I picked up one of the ones as soon as they released them, and I opted for Sugar which I felt would suit my fair skin the best (It was Winter time, hence I opted for slightly darker tones).

I firstly, just want to apologise! I bought these before I started blogging so they aren't in the best condition ever - you can definitely tell which one has the most love.

Sleek Blush by 3 Sugar

Sleek Blush by 3 Sugar

Sugar contains a berry toned red named Turbinado, a warm brown shade with red tones running through it, which I would describe as kind of a terracotta shade, this blush also has flecks of gold running through it which is named Muscovado, and a warm mid-orange shade with brown tones running through it which Sleek have named Demerara. 

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Illamasqua lipstick in Resist

Last year, I ventured to the Illamasqua counter at work and had a look around, chatted to one of the sales advisors about wanting something a little different than my usual red lipsticks and perhaps something for the eyes as my looks are usually lip-heavy. 

She was very unhelpful and just kept suggesting things I didn't want/told her that I already had and wanted something different from.. but I found this lipstick and liked it, she tried to rush my purchase and didn't care about what I wanted or what I had to say - something I hate, especially when it comes to make up counters, especially high end ones. (I've noticed in recent months, she has stopped working there too)

Enough about that though, the lipstick I chose was Resist. A bright blue toned barbie pink - a far cry from my usual reds!

Illamasqua Resist Matte Pink Lipstick

Illamasqua Resist Matte Pink Lipstick

This lipstick comes in a cardboard packaging with gold writing and accents. The lipstick itself is encased in black plastic and comes in the unique shape that all products from Illamasqua come in, a sort of curved square - that's probably a terrible description, but we will roll with it for now. It has very little detailing on the bullet itself apart from the shade on the bottom on a sticker and the brand name printed on the side in the same font and colouring as the outer packaging.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

The Body Shop: The Mango Collection

Ever wondered about buying something from The Body Shop from the Mango collection? Well, I'm here to help. Over the past year or so, i've slowly (accidentally, may I add!) gained most of the Mango items from TBS - when I say accidentally, I mean accidentally! As most of these items were gifts for Birthdays and Christmas' in gift sets as the mango scents are one of my favourite from there. (I'm trying to send subliminal messaging to The Body Shop to start a permanent Cherry scented line as that's my all time favourite scent! Their Wild Cherry shower gel is the best smelling shower gel ever and is my all time favourite!)

I will warn you now, this will be a long post! But it does contain most of the collection.

The Body Shop Mango Collection Shower Gel Soap Body Butter Lip Balm Sugar Scrub Butter Body Mist crinkle lily room spray creamThe Body Shop Mango Collection Shower Gel Soap Body Butter Lip Balm Sugar Scrub Butter Body Mist crinkle lily room spray cream

In my collection so far I have: 
  • 2 x Body Mists
  • 2 x Soaps
  • 2 x Body Scrubs (1 small, 1 large)
  • 2 x Shower gels
  • 1 x Crinkle lily
  • 2 x Body Butters
I also have a lip butter and another body butter which I completely forgot to include in this photo, however they are included further down.

You may also notice some are slightly different shades/designs that others but I'll get on to that as we go through them.

The Body Shop Mango Collection Shower Gel Soap Body Butter Lip Balm Sugar Scrub Butter Body Mist crinkle lily room spray cream
One of the gift boxes which include: a 'crinkle lily', body butter, body scrub, shower gel and soap.
This gift set retails at £17 and can be found online or in store.

Other collections that are available are:
  • Mango shower, scrub & moisture set which can be found here - This set includes 60ml shower gel, 50ml body scrub, 50ml body butter and an orange 'crinkle lily'. 
  • Mango shower and moisture set which can be found here - This set includes Shower gel, shower cream and a crinkle lily.

As I said above, just like most of the permanent lines at The Body Shop, you can get a few items from the collections in gift sets - these are available all year round, but around Christmas and other selected holidays they do bring out limited edition scents, for example the Christmas just gone, two of the of the limited edition scents were Cranberry and Gingerbread - these also had limited edition Christmas packaging. Cranberry was metallic red, with snowflakes and cranberrys all over. Whereas Gingerbread was light brown and had pictures of gingerbread men on it, and some even came in gingerbread shaped boxes! The cranberry soap also was heart shaped, rather than the standard bar shaped too! (I can safely say I snapped that up!)

The Body Shop Mango Collection Shower Gel Soap Body Butter Lip Balm Sugar Scrub Butter Body Mist crinkle lily room spray cream

Apologies for the change in background! I had to quickly snap this as i'm writing this as I completely forgot about them whilst taking the blog photos.

This is one of the limited edition packaging for part of the permanent line. This little snowman contains a mini body butter and a lip balm, both in mango of course! However, it is usually available in more scents too. Other limited edition packaging was a Christmas Cracker shaped one, which contains three Body Butters, including one limited edition one.

Pictures of the limited edition heart shaped soap and the christmas cracker packaging can be seen below.

 Now, on to the collection!

Lip Balm

The Body Shop Mango Collection Shower Gel Soap Body Butter Lip Balm Sugar Scrub Butter Body Mist crinkle lily room spray cream
The Body Shop Mango Collection Shower Gel Soap Body Butter Lip Balm Sugar Scrub Butter Body Mist crinkle lily room spray cream

Again, sorry about the quality! Snapped these at 1am whilst writing this post! If I remember, i'll change the images when I get better lighting.

Lip balms, are definitely the one thing I have most of from The Body Shop - they have two kinds, Lip balms and lip butters. Lip balms are thinner, highly scented and sheer giving your lips a lovely glossy finish. Lip butters, are thicker and creamer and need to be worked in to the lips to make sure it isn't visible. At last count, this is my 7th balm/butter! They are brilliant and are small enough to pop in your bag to use whilst on the move. They are quite thick though so do need warming up from your finger before you use them but once they have melted a bit, they are good to go! The Mango scented one is one of the thicker lip balms from the entire lip balm range, and it does need to be rubbed in due to it's thick yellow colouring. Out of all the Body Shop lip balms I own, the Mango is the least scented out of all of them - which is disappointing! You can read the review for the rest of my Body Shop lip balms here.

 Crinkle Lily

The Body Shop Mango Collection Shower Gel Soap Body Butter Lip Balm Sugar Scrub Butter Body Mist crinkle lily room spray cream

In most of the collections from The Body shop, you get a crinkle lily, the colours correspond with the scent of the gift box - so, as I got this in a mango gift box I got an orange one. My stepmum got a Coconut gift set which I got her for Christmas, which included a white one. I got our family friend the Cranberry gift box which included a red one.

However, if you want one without spending the money on a gift box, you can buy them individually online or in store, but I believe you are more limited on colour.


The Body Shop Mango Collection Shower Gel Soap Body Butter Lip Balm Sugar Scrub Butter Body Mist crinkle lily room spray cream

The soap comes nicely wrapped in tinted plastic, again, according to the scent of your choice. This is something I really like about the Body Shop. They really don't leave any detail out, and even though it's a small thing, I really feel like it makes a big difference. 

I got both of these soaps in gift sets, but again, just like everything else that comes in gift sets, you can also buy them individually in store or on the website. They stay fresh in their packaging until you need to use them, and also keep the scent locked in so, in my case, i'll always smelly like mangoes when I use it! Which is definitely a good thing, there is nothing worse than something loosing their scent after a few uses!

Body Butter

The Body Shop Mango Collection Shower Gel Soap Body Butter Lip Balm Sugar Scrub Butter Body Mist crinkle lily room spray cream

The Body Shop Mango Collection Shower Gel Soap Body Butter Lip Balm Sugar Scrub Butter Body Mist crinkle lily room spray cream

 Apart from lip balms/butters - this is the thing I own most of from the Body Shop! At last count I had 10! And because I got gift sets, 3 of those are mango flavoured - 1 that I bought for myself and then I got 2 more after than when family members realised I like the smell of mangoes. You can never have too many body butters, right?

These are one of my favourite products from The Body Shop (obviously, considering I have so many!) - the scent lasts and lasts.. and lasts! I remember at Uni applying the coconut body butter after a lovely relaxing bath and climbing in to bed with fresh pyjamas and fresh bedding - I could still smell it the next morning, just as strong as when I first applied it! And if that isn't good enough, I could smell it the next day too! And this mango body butter is no different at all - strong smelling and feels smooth. They don't take any work at all to melt their way into your skin, leaving you smelling gorgeous and feels velvety smooth.

You can also see these body butters have two designs - this is because since I bought my first one, TBS have an a makeover and had a little update on the design of things. So the vivid orange has been replaced by a subtle more peach/mango tone which is a lot more appropriate - the writing and picture has had a slight overhaul too and is a lot neater and more readable, and now looks less busy. I for one definitely prefer the new design/look TBS have given to their products!

 Sugar Body Scrub

The Body Shop Mango Collection Shower Gel Soap Body Butter Lip Balm Sugar Scrub Butter Body Mist crinkle lily room spray creamThe Body Shop Mango Collection Shower Gel Soap Body Butter Lip Balm Sugar Scrub Butter Body Mist crinkle lily room spray cream

Sugar scrub is a thick gloopy product, that is rough to feel thanks to the sugary ingredients. You buff it in to wet skin whilst your in the bath/shower and it acts as an exfoliator to make your skin super soft and leaving it smelling beautiful. Make sure you rinse your self well after using this product though, nothing worse than getting out of the shower and drying yourself and finding little bits of sugary scrub dried and stuck to you! 

It works really well and leaves your skin lovely and smooth to touch and preps it beautifully so it's ready to soak in the moisturizer/body butter after! By the time you are done with this lot, your going to be baby smooth and smelling great! 

Shower Gel

I LOVE the shower gels from the body shop! The smell absolutely divine and are just the right consisitency where they aren't so thin that then run everywhere but they aren't thick so don't take much to get a nice lather going. I found these also last quite a while too! They normally last me 1 - 2 months depending on how much I use them - sometimes I like to switch it up and use a different flavour otherwise I get bored smelling the same all the time - no matter how much I love the scent.

Like I said above, my all time favourite shower gel from The Body Shop is the Wild Cherry one, as cherry is my all time favourite scent, but Mango is definitely a very close second!

 Body Mist

Body mists are the products i've recently discovered from The Body Shop. I found the middle of last year (2013) and fell in love straight away! They are strong smelling mists, and for a few months I would use these for work. Before my shift, I'd spray this on myself and I loved it - I actually got so many compliments on it too! One of my friends at work even went out and bought herself one after she smelt it on me. As a dual use, I also tested this out as a room spray/mist after wanting a change from constantly spraying it on myself when I changed back to a perfume. It did work well, and the scent lasted several hours (both on me and in a room I sprayed it in!). 

I'm almost out of my first bottle as you can see, so I am glad I have a back up bottle which I got in a gift set last year for my birthday. I'm still mainly using it as a room spray/mist as I feel it's too summery to wear as a body spray/mist at the minute, and I know it's not meant to be used as a room fragrance, but it works for me! 

Other mango products that are avaliable, which I don't own are:

  • A beautifying oil which can be found here - which gives your skin hydration and a shimmering finish. And can be used on face, body and hair.
  • Eau De Toilette which can be found here - it is what it says, a perfume!
  • Hand cleanse gel which can be found here - a handbag sized cleansing gel.
  • Lip gloss which can be found here - a shiny, sheer lipgloss that smells of mangoes.

What's your favourite scent from the Body Shop? Do you have a favourite product from there?

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The Sinful Colors Series: Winterberry

I know today's Sinful Colors post is a little late, and that's because I thought I had one scheduled, but I got home after work at 10pm to find there wasn't one! So, therefore this one is being written and posted straight away!  This polish is a dark little number, which I probably should have blogged about back in December, as it's named Winterberry!

In the bottle in looks like a deep purple shade with grey tones running through it and a small amount of sparkle can be seen when the light catches the polish. When I spotted it in Boots I thought it looked absolutely gorgeous, so in my basket it went! 

Monday, 17 February 2014

FOTD: Berry Tones

So, the other day I was in a berry kinda mood.. So, of course that influenced my make up. I was only nipping in to town and to do a bit of food shopping, so I wanted a simple hair up and simple kind of make up, which I think I achieved.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

The Lipstick Tag

So, recently I was tagged by my lovely friend and fellow blogger Natalee (who has also done a few guest posts for me, so definitely check those out!) over at ThereMightBeCoffee to do the lipstick tag, considering we are both HUGE lipstick lovers, so how could I say no? 
~ x ~
1. How many lipsticks do you own?
At last count, between 40 and 50. I have bought more since then though. (I swear it's an addiction).
2. What was the first lipstick you owned?
It was a cheap red lipstick that came in one of those fun make-up sets you buy when your 10, where nothing has a name and everything comes in clear plastic packaging, and you want to be like a grown up and wear red lipstick and prance around in heels. I still own it to this day, although it probably wouldn't be safe to wear and it's at the back of my make-up drawer somewhere but still.. it was a fun lipstick.
The first high-end lipstick I bought was Rebel by MAC whilst I was at uni in 2010, Me and my best friend, Louisa,  (we were flatmates at the time) went to the Metrocentre in Gateshead and she introduced me to the MAC counter, she is a make-up artist and loves make-up and is always showing me new things, and so persuaded me to buy a lipstick (I didn't need much convincing) and I have been a make-up/lipstick addict since.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Maybelline Baby Skin - Instant Pore Eraser

Considering it was allllll over the blogging world when it hit the shops a few months ago, you have probably heard about Maybellines primer.. Baby Skin, Instant Pore Eraser. Similarly named and designed to the cult lip balms that hit the shelves last year (Baby Lips), and just like those, these primers flew off the shelves and made them almost impossible to get - it literally took me weeks of searching until they finally had a few left that I was able to get my hands on.

The packaging is similar to that of Baby Lips aswell, with the pastel colours and cartoon, fun writing. It comes in a small squeezy tube which is nice and light to hold and fits nicely in the palm of your hand. The bright colours of the bottle means that it quick and easy to spot among your other bits of make-up.

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Primer

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Primer
Remember, it's only for adults! ;)

FOTD: Valentines Day

So, I spent V-Day alone (Boohoo! haha) with my cat being a domestic goddess! I cooked a homemade lasange and cleaned the house and had a healthy lunch. So, I didn't do nothing fancy with my make-up. Just simple eyes, with the obligatory Valentines red lip, and simple wavy hair.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Top Pink and Red Lipsticks

So - if you haven't of guessed, it's Valentines Day! So, I thought I would quickly bring you some of my favourite lipsticks to celebrate. 6 gorgeous pink shades and 7 reds (because I can't narrow down reds.. I love them too much!) ranging from light and sheer, to deep and intensely pigmented so there is definitely something for everyone!


MUA Velvet Lip Laquer in Funk: My favourite out of all the lip laquers and the most wearable for every day use out of the whole Lip Laquer range. It's a dark dusky pink that will suit most skin tones. The staying power is incredible. It took ten minutes of scrubbing with TBS Body Polish to get this off! So, it's definitely kiss proof ;) This lip laquer applies like a lipgloss but dries matte and feels like a lipstick Full review can be found here.

MUA Criminal: A vibrant bright, barbie pink that is perfect for those of you who love bright colours and are quite daring when it comes to your lip colour, it applies like a lipgloss but dries matte and feels like a lipstick. Just like Funk the staying power is incredible. It took ten minutes of scrubbing with TBS Body Polish to get this off! So, it's definitely kiss proof ;) Full review can be found here.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Guest Post: Perfumes by Natalee

As you can see from the title of this post, this is a guest post but your truly, Natalee and I'm from my blog ThereMightBeCoffee. In the past I've written for Amy before, but that was on her old blog (RoseberryLipsl) and that post was about fashion.

This one, as you can see is about perfume, thus is beauty related. Perfume is an amazing beauty related product and aside from lip products, is one of my favourites to use on a daily basis. As I don't wear a full face of make up, my perfume goes in place of it and since I was a little girl, my Mom has taught and told me all I need to know about perfume, which I am going to share in this post today.

This is my perfume collection up to this day and the oldest perfume in there dates back to 2005! Wanna know which one? It's Envy Me by Gucci. My newest edition in there is Rose by Paul Smith, which was a birthday present from my Mom this year.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The Sinful Colors Series: You Just Wait

When I was recently in Boots I had a quick browse (as I always do when i'm there) for any polishes that I want to use for this series. When I came across this polish named You Just Wait..

In the bottle, this polish reminds me a lot of Cinderella by Sinful Colors - with it being a pink base with different colours such as greens, yellows and purples running through it catches the light, it also looks like a subtle shimmer running through it to give it a pearlescent finish. - I included two photos of the bottle, as opposed to the normal single photo I upload. 

As standard, the shame name and number is on the bottom. 

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