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MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer

Recently, you will have seen I have been making my way through the MUA Luxe Collection - starting with the Powerbrow in Mid brown and then moving on to the Precision Felt Liner from the collection, today's post in the final in the collection and features the most popular items from the collection - the velvet lip lacquers! 

These have been the hardest thing ever to find - it's taken me literally weeks to get the entire collection of lip lacquers - there are 5 in total. Every time I popped in to Superdrug they either had none, or one left. So, I eventually ordered the remaining two I couldn't find it store, which was the most popular out of all of them - Reckless, a lovely red number, and the most unusual out of them - Kooky, a deep purple shade. 

Finally though, I have a complete collection - so here you go! 

R - L: Reckless, Criminal, Kooky, Funk, Atomic

   Reckless                          Criminal                              Kooky      

Funk                                Atomic

I adore the packaging of the Luxe Collection - The black and gold make the products look very fancy and makes the products look much, much more expensive than the current £3 price tag. I'm really not normally a fan of the MUA packaging, thinking it looks cheap and flimsy - but this has won me over. 

R - L: Reckless, Criminal, Kooky, Funk, Atomic

The lip lacquers themselves come in a frosted tube, which again makes them look a lot fancier than they are a lot more expensive - I like how MUA have continued the theme of the packaging and brought it on to the product itself, with the back and gold lid. They definitely stand out in my make-up drawer!  

On to the swatches!

R - L: Reckless, Criminal, Kooky, Funk, Atomic

 These lip lacquers are so pigmented it's unbelievable! In one swipe you get so much colour pay off and an opaque coverage. Each shade is so soft and glides on so easily, and feels velvety on the lips before it's even dry! All the shades are beautiful and unique in their own way and there is definitely a shade for everyone! These lip lacquers go on like a lipglosses and after a few minutes they will have dried to a lovely matte finish, that really does feel like velvet to touch, so soft on the fingers and lips and they feel very comfortable to wear, It is one of the only matte lip products that I have tried so far that doesn't feel drying on the lips, or feel heavy at all, they are very comfortable to wear. Each lip lacquer comes with a doe foot applicator which makes applying super easy, although it the round and soft edges of the applicator do make it tricky making the edges of your lips neat, especially around the cupids bow area.

The wear time is also incredible - they last 6+ hours, including some eating and drinking and even then you only need a few touch ups in the centre of the lips. After doing these swatches, it took several make-up wipes to make them budge!

Reckless:  A gorgeous vampy red shade.
Criminal: A bright hot pink Barbie shade - a very girly shade!
Kooky: A deep plum shade. The most unique out of all of them.
Funk: One of the most wearable.A deep, muted pink .
Atomic: A lovely neon coral shade, which leans more towards the orange side.

A lot of people have been saying they are a good dupe for the Lime Crime's Velvetines - I can't say, as I don't own any or have tried any because I have personal issues with the company itself, as they do things I don't agree with, but I won't get in to that now.

I can't praise MUA enough for these lovely lip laquers - I think they are a must for every lipstick fan! 

Do you have any of the Lip Laquers? If so, which is your favourite?


  1. I swatched one recently and it didn't come off for days, which is a positive thing but my superdrug NEVER has any colours!!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

    1. It was the same for me which is why it took me weeks to get all 5 - in the end I had to order Kooky and Reckless off the Superdrug website. X

  2. Oh wow, so beautifully pigmented! Wish we could get MUA here in Canada! :)


  3. The Kooky shade looks so pretty! I need to try MUA!

  4. wow these look so amazing! the colors are so vivid!

    Pink Frenzy

  5. I love Reckless and Kooky! I find these work better with a lip liner and last even longer!

    I'd love to buy them all but I think two shades is enough. :P

    Great review hun! :D


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