Thursday, 31 October 2013

Maybelline 24 Hour Color Tattoo in Pink Gold

Recently, I have fallen in love with Maybelline's 24 Hour Color Tattoo cream eyeshadows. Normally, I'm not one who likes to wear cream eyeshadows as I have found it does crease as the day goes on, even if I wear a primer underneath. But after watching a Pixiwoo video on YouTube using the shade Permanent Taupe, I decided to pick up a few of them - so over the next few weeks I shall review the other three shades I have. But for today, it's my favourite shade so far.. Pink Gold. 

Maybelline 24 Hour Color Tattoo in Pink Gold
Maybelline 24 Hour Color Tattoo in Pink Gold

Color Tattoos come in a sturdy glass pot with a plastic black screw on lid containing a lot of product for your money. On the top is a sticker containing information about the product - including the shade name: in this case 65 - Pink Gold. The label also echoes the shade of the product so the sticker for this was a shimmery pink. I've found though, that even if your colour is a matte one (such as Permanent Taupe) then you still get a Shimmery sticker. I think this is a design statement rather than mirroring the product inside. However, if you turn your pot upside down, because the pot is glass you can clearly see the shade inside so you don't have to worry about accidentally buying the wrong one (we've all done it). On the black it also repeats the name of the product in shiny silver lettering.  

Maybelline 24 Hour Color Tattoo in Pink Gold

Maybelline 24 Hour Color Tattoo in Pink Gold

The screw lid comes off easily (although it needs a bit of strength the first time you open it. But this is a good thing so you know it's secure and no-ones dipped their fingers in it). The formula is described by Maybelline as a Gel-Cream eyeshadow. I can see why they have described it as this but i'd say it's definitely more cream but you can feel the slight wobble of gel when you use if (if you use your fingers like me). It feels light and comfortable to wear and lasts all day with minimal creasing, even without primer. I've put it on in the morning and come home after 9+ hours at work and it still looking the same as when I left the house. So this is definitely impressive for longevity - however, I think describing it as being "24 hour" is being a bit optimistic. Plus, who wears eye shadow for that long?!  

I have also found it is easiest to use your fingers when applying this product and patting it on. as if you either use a brush or sweep it on your eyelids it has less pigmentation and you need to apply more over the top to intensify the colour. Another thing I have found, if you try and use a brush it could be tricky getting it in to the pot and picking up enough product - and that will only get harder as you use more and get lower down in the container.

Maybelline 24 Hour Color Tattoo in Pink Gold

The colour is a beautiful shimmery pink and you can definitely see the gold coming through - however, it does have some sparkle running through it, but it'd say the sparkle is more silver than gold. It's not a problem though for me as I prefer it that way. But if you are looking for something with shimmering gold, then maybe this isn't the product for you.

Either way, I love it and have worn it every day for the past 2 weeks for work. It looks fab with a bit of liner and a bit of colour on the lips! It works if you want a splash of colour but nothing too intense, so it's ideal for things like work or meals out where you want to look nice - but not as if you are going on a night out.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The Sinful Colors Series: Let's Meet

A series i've been meaning to start for AGES is a series on the American Sinful Colors nailpolish range that launched in UK Boots stores earlier this year. And when I mean I've been meaning to start this series for a while, i mean months! Some of these photos were taking 6+ months ago. So I apologize for the inconsistency of the photos!  

The idea of these is I'm hoping to review as many as possible as I already have SO many and I love them (well most of them, but we'll get on to that later) and I am going to try and upload every Tuesday (as well as that, doing this series will hopefully get me back into a blogging routine and will mean there will always be something to upload!)

and to kick us off, Let's Meet! 

All Sinful Colors nail polishes come in a large bottle containing a lot of product - and considering they only cost £1.99, you are getting so much for your money! I have to be honest and admit that's what made me first start picking up this range, i love a bargain and never can resist them! The bottles are made of glass and are very sturdy so you know they won't break if you need to carry them in your bag (i've done this several times incase i need a touch up on the edges because of chips or wear, and have never had a spilliage or breakage).

Let's Meet is what i'd describe as a Mustard Yellow with a small amount of shimmery specks running through it to add a bit of sparkle. Something i've found with Sinful Colors is that the majority of polishes have some kind of shimmer or sparkle running through them, even if they don't look like it in the bottle. Which is a little disappointing to me as although I do love a bit of shimmer, I don't want to wear it every day.

This polish is one of their pearl nail polishes - I wouldn't agree with this, I would say this polish is would comfortably sit in their Shimmer range.

The coverage with Let's Meet was actually quite thin and sheer compared to other colours in the range and I needed 3 - 4 coats to ensure none of my nail was showing through, whereas some other colours I own, I only need one coat. But this is a problem I have always found with yellow polishes so I don't think it's to do with the brand and/or price, it think it's just something to do with the colour. It does mean it takes considerably more time to paint your nails with this yellow shade compared to others - but that doesn't bother me too much - and considering the time of year, I'm not wearing much yellow!  

Even with the thin formula - the amount you get and the price more than make up for it, and i'm definitely glad I picked it up! It does look lovely and shimmer in the Summer sun. So if I was you I'd wait until the Spring or Summer to pick this polish up as it's definitely not an Winter Shade.

What's your experience like with yellow polishes?

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