Wednesday, 6 March 2013

MAC Lip Conditioner

Recently I invested in a lip conditioner from MAC, over the winter months i've been suffering with horrible dry lips (partly thanks to the air con at work too!) - which is an absolute nightmare if your favourite make-up is Lipstick! So I quickly set about trying to something to make my lips feel a bit happier whilst it's cold outside. Enter MAC lip conditioner...

MAC Lip Conditioner
(The lid isn't actually sparkly! I spilled some glitter.. oops!) 

I've been testing it out for a while before reviewing it (as you can see by how much i've used!) so I could give it a fair trial. This lip conditioner is just like MAC lipsticks in that it tastes and smells of vanilla (or icing, I can't quite decide - either way, it's yummy!) and I've gone through almost half a pot just because I keep licking it off! I have enjoyed using this as it has made a difference to my lips and they don't seem as dry as before. I was applying this every hour or two at work in a battle with the air conditioner to keep my lips hydrated as well as after I got up in the morning and when I went to bed. So I can definitely say I will be getting more of this - it's been such a useful product to have in my pocket over recent months and i'm so happy I have it! I know some lip conditioners or lip balms can feel heavy to wear, but this one is smooth and buttery and very comfortable - just make sure you don't put too much on (unless your at home/alone!) otherwise it leaves little white blobs especially if your lips are super dry. I found this out at work, it wasn't a good look at all.

Anyway.. MAC are definitely on to something here! It's a full on winner in my books.


  1. That looks great! Hope it's not sold out at my local store!

    1. Hope it's not for you, it is wonderful!

      Amy xo


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