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Kat Von D: Painted Love & Foiled Love Lipstick Set.

This lipstick set was the first Kat Von D make up product that I bought - being from the UK it is extremely difficult to get hold of any of Kat's make-up here, therefore I am heavily reliant on eBay as we don't have any Sephora stores over here. 

Words couldn't contain my excitment when I stumbled across this set on eBay containing six lipsticks - one of them being a foiled lipstick in Adora. Which is the lipstick I had been lusting after ever since I laid my eyes on any of the Kat Von D products, and being the huge Kat fan that I am - seeing her wear this beautiful shade made me want it instantly - we both share a love of a red lip. 

Being that I had to go on eBay for this set and having it shipped over from the US ensured it wasn't a cheap purchase. Altogether it cost me around £50 plus around £6 p&p. It took around a week and a half to arrive, unfortunatly I had it sent home as I was at uni at the time and didn't want to risk it being lost in the mail (I had already had several cases of letters being lost that were sent to my Uni address!) so i didn't get my hands on these lipsticks until several weeks later when I got home.

Kat Von D: Painted Love & Foiled Love Lipstick Set.
(Adora, Celebutard, Backstage Bambi, Hellbent, Vestalula and Whiskey Woman)

The lipsticks are only mini's so not full sized ones, each lipstick contains 1.2g of product. I didn't mind though - I have love anything Kat Von D a ridiculous amount so it didn't bother me in the slightest  I was just happy I finally had some of her products myself. The eBay had stated they were mini so I knew what I was getting when I purchased them, so it didn't come as a shock when I opened the packaging. 

Kat Von D: Painted Love & Foiled Love Lipstick Set.
(Adora, Celebutard, Backstage Bambi, Hellbent, Vestalula, Whiskey Woman)

The lipsticks themselves are simply beautiful, they are creamy and are very pigmented, as well as long lasting! When going to wash these swatches off my arm they took SO much scrubbing to get off, and on night's out you hardly need to touch them up. Perfect!

Adora: My favourite lipstick and the one I lusted after the most and it didn't disappoint. On the lips it is a beautiful metallic apple red and shines beautifully in the light. It feels creamy and moisturising on the lips and lasts all night. 

Celebutard: This lipstick I was most worried about as I never wear nude lipsticks because of my pale skin colour. But I was pleasantly surprised - although it's still not my favourite of the bunch, I will still wear it. It's perfect if you want the main focus to be on your eyes, although on some skin colours I fear it may look like the dreaded concealor lip. It's creamy and feels lovely to wear, but this one feels the least mositurising out of the six.

Backstage Bambi: A vivid pink lipstick with purple and blue undertones. This colour is for those brave lipstick wearers out there and not for the faint hearted. It's a very bright colour and definitely for those seeking a bright statement lip. Personally, I like it and would wear it but as I said - i'm very much in to bold lips rather than eyes. Just like the others in this set it feels creamy and beautiful to wear. I can see me getting a lot of use out of this over the Spring and Summer months.

Hellbent: Another one of my favourites from the set. It is a deep red colour with blue undertones, and one that I got a lot of wear out of over the winter months and it's a very Autumnal colour. This one is one of the most long lasting colours out of the set and feels beautiful on. 

Vestalula: This is the lipstick out of the set I would recommend to a person who doesn't like bold or statement lips. This colour is just a bit more darker than my natural lip colour when applied so would be perfect for day time wear, or to wear for work. It's a very wearable colour for almost any skin colour and feels just as beautiful to wear as the others.

Whiskey Woman: Another lipstick that I would recommend to a person who isn't fond of statement lips. This is an equally wearable shade like Vestalula is, but with more pink tones running through it - it's still a a wearable lip for day wear or for work, with just a bit of colour running through it. Again, creamy and lovely to wear.

Have you tried any of Kat Von D's products? What's your favourite?


  1. I'd love to try some of Kat's makeup. Adora is my favourite! x

    1. The quality is simply amazing - such a shame it's expensive and on eBay! Although if you play it right, you get a good deal - i got a few of Kat's things for a good price but most of the time your talking £20 or more.



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