Thursday, 28 February 2013

The White Company

Recently I was contacted by Sherin who is a Fashion Outreach Specalist from Greenlight Digital, which is a marketing agency, about a fabulous giveaway! The Mummy Blogger has joined up with The White Company to give away a prize which is up to £200 to be spent at The White Company. How fab is that?

I have never heard of this brand before so was delighted to get the e-mail telling me about it! After a quick search through the website - I can definitely say, they have some great stuff! They are mainly neutral colours (think whites, grey's, blacks and navy) which is great - because this season it's all about monochrome! Score!

Anyway.. On to the pieces that I like!

Every Day

The White Company

I like simple outfits most of the time - I really am just a t-shirt and jeans type of girl! So there are a lot of outfits on The White Company's website that call out to me.. but I restrained myself and picked two. The first outfit I put together was a navy and grey strip top, light grey skinny jeans, light grey scarf and a silver leaf shaped necklace. I really am in to scarfs lately (I have a nude one at the minute that I got a few Christmas' ago and I LOVE it!) and I think this simple scarf would go wonderfully with this outfit on those cool Spring nights. The necklace I love because of the shape (very apt for the season!) and I love silver jewellrey, so it's perfect!

The second outfit I put together was a simple, but classic one. A white vest and dark skinny jeans, and I completed the look with another leaf shaped necklace but this time in a deep grey so it would stand out against the white vest. Wonderful!

The thing I love about simple outfits like this is that they can either be dressed up or dressed down - a pair of nude or black heels would make these outfits look amazing, but so would comfy flats or wedges to make it a more casual look. Perfect!

Striped T-shire can be found here.
White vest can be found here.
Dark skinny jeans can be found here.
Grey skinny jeans can be found here.
Dark grey leaf necklace can be found here.
Light coloured lead necklace can be found here.
Scarf can be found here.


The White Company

Over the past year or so, I have grown to love one thing: Maxi Dresses. And these blue floor length dress just called out to me! How perfect would it be for those Summer nights? Or walking round in the evening whilst on holiday? Another thing that called out to me on the website was these short white dress - it'd be perfect for Summer parties or popping over your bikini on the way to the beach. It cover you up but also keep you nice and cool! I would team both of these outfits with this gorgeous soft grey pendant to keep the outfits simple but interesting.

Blue maxi dress can be found here.
White tunic can be found here.
Pendant can be found here.


The White Company

There is nothing I love more than curling up at night in my pyjamas and dressing gown and relaxing. So, I was very happy when looking round the White Company's website and found the most soft looking grey dressing gown! I only just got a new fluffy dressing gown for Christmas, but when that's in the wash I get so sad when I have to wear my old one whilst waiting for my fluffy one to dry! So a new fluffy one would be perfect - then i'd always be snuggly! These PJ bottoms and top would be fab - why? Same story! I got a wonderful pair of pyjamas for Christmas but when they are in the wash I have to wear an older pair which aren't as warm and comfy - so this set would be perfect! And the slippers.. well they just speak for themselves. How warm and comfy do they look?

Pyjama bottoms can be found here.
Slippers can be found here.
Pyjama top can be found here.
Dressing gown can be found here.


The White Company

For so long now my dad has been wanting a pair of pajamas and a dressing gown as the ones he has at the minute are quite old - so these would be absolutely perfect for him! Me and him are the same, when he gets in at night he loves nothing more than to take off his work clothes and get into something comfy, and this would do just that! I think he'd love it and I'll definitely be showing him this look i've put together for him!

 Dressing gown can be found here.
Pyjama bottoms can be found here.
Pyjama top can be found here.


  1. That robe looks very comfy! I love your blog btw keep up the good work! Check out my blog and follow me if you like what you read :)

    1. Thank you! It honestly does mean a lot. (:

      I'll check out your blog. (:

      Amy xo


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