Thursday, 28 February 2013

Rimmel Lipstick and Apocalips!

The other day I treated myself to two new lip products (this is why I shouldn't go to drug stores! I only went to get shampoo and conditioner! I get distracted!) Anyway, I was instantly drawn the the Rimmel stand and soon had my eyes set on a lipstick and a lipgloss and before I knew it money had fallen out of my purse and into the till and I was heading down the street with two new lip products in my bag. Oops?

Anyway, what did I get? Rimmel lipstick and one of the new Apocalips lipglosses! 

Rimmel Lipstick and Apocalips!

The lipstick I got was Amethyst Shimmer and the Apocalips lipgloss was called Apocaliptic. The lipstick smells absolutely wonderful - like raspberries (it doesn't taste like them though which is disappointing!) and is a lovely shimmery pink with purple undertones. But the lipgloss.. well it's not like any other lipgloss i've tried! The applicator has a well in it so you get alot of product on the wand itself and the product is very thick and very pigmented. All the shades from the range have strong, pigmented colours so if you like your lipgloss with just a hint of colour - this is not for you. However, if you like colour on your lips but don't like the feel of lipstick, this is for you. Don't worry if you don't like bold colours though - Apocalips range in colour from nudes to vivd pinks and everything in between, so there will be a shade for you.

Rimmel Lipstick and Apocalips!

I adore both these products but at the minute i'm wearing the lipstick the most. It's become my staple lipstick and i've been wearing it every day for work! It's not a bold colour so that your lips are really noticeable but yet it's not stuble. It gives your lips a nice coat of colour and shine and it's very easy to wear and mositurising. Very impressed, Rimmel! 


  1. I saw some bloggers post about these agggges before they came out as they were sent them to try out and review.

    I wanted one for ages but I was so sad when I swatched them, they're far too pigmented for me and although that is a good thing, I knew if I bought one of these I'd just keep reaching for my lipsticks instead.

    Gorgeous pay off though and totally worth the money in that aspect. Maybe I'll get one in future, but for now I'll stick to my MAC lipsticks. :)

    Great review by the way hun. <3

    1. You should try some of the lighter colours - they aren't so in your face. Try the lipsticks too - they would look wonderful on you! (: Definitely worth the money - Rimmel have 3 for 2 on at the minute, so even more worth it!

      Thanks Nat! (:

      Amy xo


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