Thursday, 28 February 2013


Pixiecraft sell a whole range of handmade and embroidered goods that range from pillowcases to necklaces to tote bags to pencil cases - all completely hand sewn with adorable patterns and pictures gracing the front - often the cutest little animals!

Recently I got in contact with the absolutely lovely Katy who runs Pixiecraft, after knowing her briefly for a while and was an avid fan of her work but never knew what to order - i first had my eye one the monocle kitty cushion, so cute! But I resisted (for now! We have already spoke about a custom order for that too but that shall wait for a while) and the kitty's in love cushion. Anyway, then browsing Facebook one day, Katy has posted about a pencil case on the Pixiecraft Facebook Page and it gave me an idea! A make-up case!

I quickly got to work messaging Katy about the idea as she accepts custom orders, and she responded really quick even though this was 8pm at night! We exchanged a few messages about the order and colours, and as I had mentioned it was a case for my brushes, Katy asked how big my biggest brush was so she could make sure it fit into the case as the standard pencil case we were adapting it from would be too small, she didn't charge me any extra for this either. Katy then said she'd draw up a few sketches of ideas and would send them me within a week - sure enough, less than a week later, a few sketches were sitting in my inbox! We just had to change a few details but Katy was more than happy to do and was very open to ideas. Again, she responded within an hour every time! Once she had finished my make-up brush case - she sent me photos to make sure I liked it, before sending the invoice. She sent the invoice on the Saturday and said if I paid before 10pm that night it would be put in the post that Monday. So I quickly paid before heading to work and she sent me a messaging confirming payment (which I liked!).

Then today, (Thursday), it arrived on my doorstep! I was so happy!

On to the photos..

I was very pleasantly surprised to find it delicately wrapped up in red tissue paper - it matched my brush case! On it was an adorable hand written note from Katy and a Pixiecraft sticker on it. I can safely say i'm keeping the paper and sticker! It was taped down firmly to keep the case safe and secure - as was the envelope it arrived in.

 The make-up brush case itself! How pretty is it? It fits my brushes in perfectly! Every single stitch is hand sewn and there's so many just to make up the lipstick mark itself - I can only imagine how long it took Katy to do! It has a little Pixiecraft tag on the side which I like, can I just take this moment to say how lovely the logo is? All together I paid £15 for the case itself, and then £1 p&p which is VERY reasonable!

You can see more close up of the details below!

Attached to the zip was her card for Pixiecraft which came away easily making sure it didn't damage the product itself - i'll be keeping that too! On closer pictures you can see just how many stitches were put into the lips and the writing. The attention to detail is simply wonderful and you can tell just looking at Katy's work that she really loves what she does and she cares about each order - so much thought is put into everything!

I will definitely be ordering from Pixiecraft again in the future.

How to find Pixiecraft:

Massive thanks to Katy for everything!

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