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Guest Post: Crop Tops by Natalee from Brokenprophetblog

Hello, my names Natalee and I'm from Brokenprophetblog. My blog mainly consists of fashion a beauty, and that's why I'm here. I'm Amy's first guest poster on her blog and I'm going to write a piece up about fashion!

I love fashion and I'm always looking out for something new to put together, whether it be grunge, heritage, or teddy boy I'll put anything together that I think looks amazing.

Spring and summer are just around the corner and that only means one thing, warmer weather and more rain. Lots of pastel and monocrome shades hit the runways for S/S 13 which will be perfect for spring days and summer evenings.

One thing that is lovely to wear during days and evenings out with friends is a crop top, whether it be short sleeved, long sleeved, with no sleeves at all,  or go smart with a shirt they're great to wear and anyone can pull them off. Yes you read me correctly, ANYONE can.

I know most of you will already be thinking, "but what about my stomach? I hate my stomach, it's horrible and disgusting and will be on show for the whole world to see!" don't panic, I've had this worry many times but over the past year it's dissapeared, thanks to certain clothes.

Disco Pants

Black disco pants from Topshop - £30.00
Black and white striped crop top from - £10.00
Aztec print platform heel from New Look - £27.99
Moustache ring from Accessorize - £4.00
Pink quilted patent crossbody bag from Forever 21 - £16.75

Disco pants are everywhere at the moment and if you want to try disco pants and want a good quality pair then I highly recommend Topshop's disco pants. They're thick, comfortable and make your bum look amazing! They're high waisted too and will sit just above your belly button, perfect if you're as paranoid about your stomach as I am. Pair these with a striped crop top, you can go for short or long sleeved, whichever you fancy, long sleeved is my preference. An aztec platform heel will look great for these as clashing prints and black and white are perfect for the monocrome trend that is hitting the high street this spring and summer. However if heels are a bit daunting for you then stick with a pair of flats or boots, they'll look fab, even a pair of high top sneakers will look great! A cute piece of jewellery will make the outfit pop, the moustache ring looks adorable and I know I'll be buying one and finally to add a pop of colour to this outfit, a bright pink crossbody bag finishes the look off perfectly. Team this with a black biker jacket or a parka and you'll look fabulous, day or night!

Leather/pleather skater skirt

Wet look skater skirt from - £12.00
Star Wars muscle t-shirt from Forever 21 - £11.50
Studded biker jacket by Glamourous from Republic - £35.00
Skeleton hand bone bracelet from eBay and Etsy - Prices vary but usually start at £5.00

Have to be honest, I own everything featured on this image, apart from the bracelet, but it's on my wishlist of things to buy soon! This outfit has rather a lot of grunge elements mixed into it as well as what's in fashion at the moment, which is fab! Although the Star Wars muscle t-shirt isn't a crop top, it can be rolled up to be one. The skirt can be worn on your hips, although it does sit more comfortable on the waist just about the belly button, which looks great with a muscle tee that has a quirky print on it. The biker jacket adds more of a rocky edge to the outfit and would look amazing with a band crop top on underneath. Finally truely let out your rocker self with the skeleton bracelet, these are all over Tumblr at the moment and I guarantee they will hit the high street shops soon. Shoes wise you can wear this outfit with any shoe, personaly I'd wear my Dr Martens boots or a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Lita's, but they're too expensive... At the moment.

So there you have it, two ways to wear a crop top without worrying about your tummy! I hope you enjoyed this guest post from me and if you liked that, make sure to check out my blog which has plenty of fashion and beauty posts on it.

Also feel free to leave any questions in the comments down below and I'll be happy to any any queries you may have for me!

Take care and see you soon!


Thanks Natalee for being my first Guest Poster and a wonderful one at that! Be sure to go check her blog out, it's BrokenProphetBlog and it's wonderful! She has amazing fashion posts (including posts about her own gorgeous outfits!) and some great make-up reviews too! Let us know what you thought about this fashion post! I loved it!

Thanks again Nat!


  1. I keep seeing the wedges everywhere!
    I should listen to fate!
    UK High Street Fashion & Style

    1. Haha it's definitely fate! You are clearly meant to have them! :P

      Amy xo

  2. That black skirt and jacket are amazing! Love both those looks :)

    Following you now, would so love it if you followed back!

    1. Thanks! Glad you liked it.

      I'll check out your blog tonight!

      Amy xo

  3. Hey hun is it okay if you change the blog links for me to this one? ^_^

    Thank youuu! :D


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