Sunday, 9 September 2012

GOSH Holographic Nail Polish

When I found out GOSH were bringing out their famous Holographic nail polish again for a limited time, I was scanning Superdrug every time I went in in case they had some! You can't even begin to imagine my excitement when I popped into Superdrug and they had two! I snapped it up straight away (even thought I probably couldn't afford it, but I couldn't leave it in case I couldn't get my paws on it again!)

Above: With Flash
Below: Without Flash

This nail polish is simply beautiful. In the light it shines so many different colours, and whilst I was wearing it I couldn't stop staring at my fingers! It's very eye catching!

The only downside I found with this nail polish is that it chips quite easily. After wearing it for 2 days, I found I had ALOT of chips and had to re-do them! It's was a little disappointing, but not once have I regretted buying this polish!

I was surprised at the price too! It retailed at £4.99, and considering it was a special edition polish that people ALWAYS snap up, I was surprised it didn't have a higher price tag, but I wasn't complaining!

Have you managed to snap up this fab polish? If so. what did you think of it?


  1. I have a GlitterGAL polish that's very similar :) x

  2. I HAVE THIS! I bought it after you wrote about it here! I love it so much, think I might wear it sooooon. :D

    I reckon it would look fab on the ring finger with Raindrops by Illamasqua. :P


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