Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Sleek 'Original' Devine Palette.

Today I picked up the Original Sleek Palette. I know, I know I should have picked this up a LONG time ago - but I wanted others first and I also didn't have other shadows to go with the shades in the palette, and considering I do now, it was about time I picked it up!

(Sorry about the vertical picture, Even though it's horizontal, blogspot will only post it this way round!)

Anyway, this is actually a stunning palette. As I have recently purchased Blues, Greens and Purples from Mali's blog sale - I picked this up as the colours will go beautifully!

This palette didn't come with shade names (or I picked up one that didn't have the names on the plastic)

Above: Swatched in Daylight

Below: Swatched with Flash.

As with all Sleek palettes and products they are highly pigmented and go on beautifully.These are all swatched without primers so I can imagine they will be even more amazing with a primer underneath. They are smooth and shimmery and there are shadows for day time with the nudes and champagne colours, as well as dark and brighter colours for night wear such as the blues, purples, greens and black.

My favourite shades in this palette are the purple, the light blue, the turquoise, the light pink and the light brown. I can see me getting ALOT of use out of this palette.

And to say it was only £7.99 from Superdrug!

What is your favourite Sleek palette?


  1. If you save your photos as PNGs, they'll appear the right way :)

    This looks lovely, I always think palettes look so nice but there's no point in me owning any because I'm so fussy about my colours most of the shadows would never get used! x

  2. Ah thanks! I just got theme straight off my phone, so that's probably why!

    Ah that's understandable! I really am just a sucker for palettes, I love having so much to choose from! x


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