Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Olympic Themed Palettes.

With the London 2012 Olympics just around the corner, you can't be surprised that some make-up brands have jumped on the band wagon and launched Olympic themed palettes to co-inside with the games.

The first one I picked up was the Sleek 'Glory' i-Divine Palette.

You can instantly tell it's Team GB themed when you pick it up. With Landmarks in London printed on the front, the English coins and the GB Badges at the top. (the 2012 also kind of gives it away as does the name of the palette!) It's obviously limited edition too, so pick it up whilst you can (if you can! I managed to snag the last one!)

The colours inside are named after London tube stops!
Top: Tube (An off white), Overground (Champagne), Bakerloo (Brown), Jubilee (Shimmery Grey), Platform (Matte Grey),  and Nothern (Dark blue)
Bottom: District (Turquoise), Hammersmith and City (Pink), Picadily (Blue with purple undertones), Circle (Yellow), Victoria (Light Blue) and Central (red)

This palette is absolutely beautiful, and once again, Sleek do not disappoint. The top is nudes and the bottom is lovely bright colours! Whilst Sleek are known for their shimmery eye shadows and not so much for their matte shades (apart from their two new matte palettes that were recently released) - in this palette they have included two matte shades so there really is something for everyone! The matte shades are the grey which is named Platform (Second from right, top row) and a red shade named Central (Very right), all the rest are the typical shimmery shades

Above: With Flash
Below: Daylight (No Flash)

I love this palette, and as with all Sleek palettes, I can see myself getting ALOT of use out of it. I wish I had picked this up earlier, as most of these shades would have gone beautifully in my last challenge (Different colour a day eyeshadow which can be seen here) They are highly pigmented and you don't need alot of product to get a great payout. The only disappointment I have with this palette is the matte grey shade (Platform) as it doesn't have a great colour pay-off which is unusual for Sleek, but it doesn't bother me as I probably won't use it much and the other colours make up for it!

My favourite shades in this palette are Overground, Bakerloo, District and Victoria.

This again was only £7.99 from Superdrug!

The second Olympic themed palette I picked up was 'Going for Gold' by MUA.

(again, sorry about the vertical picture!)

This palette is obviously going off the medals (Silver, Bronze and Gold!) and contains 10 beautifully shimmery colours! 

The first thing I love about this palette is the new square design, it's so much better than the circles. It looks like you get more for your money! 

Most of the shades are beautiful browns and golds, one of the shades looks orange in the palette however when swatched on the skin it's the most beautiful gold colour. This palette is perfect for every day use and the greys are perfect to use on a smokey eye!

Above: With Flash
Below: Daylight (No Flash)

They don't have a good as colour pay off as Sleek but they are still amazing - especially at the bargain price of £4!

What do you think about the MUA and Sleek Palettes?
Are you going to do your make-up to tie in with the Olympics?

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