Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The Body Shop Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet

The Body Shop Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet

So a few months ago when The Body Shop released their Sorbet range, mainly consisting of the Body Sorbet which came out in a variety of flavours, the bloggersphere was full of reviews and first impressions of those, and I feel like the Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet severely lacked interest. I know it's now start to pop up on a few blogs but not as much as I would have though.

I got this around 2 months ago and I have been loving it ever since, as soon as I samped it in store I fell in love with the product, with how it smell and how it felt when applied and when it had been given the chance to sink in to the skin. It comes in a sturdy frosted glass pot with a screw on lip and this is definitely a weighty product thanks to the packaging and it feels really sturdy when holding it which I like.

This sorbet claims to be a cooler version of the Vitamin E Moisturizing cream, as well as that this Sorbet includes mattifying products so you don't need to worry about getting a shiny face afterwards, which is definitely a plus - especially if you use this on the go! The texture of this sorbet is so incredibly cooling and light on the skin and personally, my skin feels hydrated as soon as I apply this product and continues to feel that way for several hours after application.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet

This cool gel sinks into the skin easily and you can instantly see the mattifying properties contained within the sorbet working, and straight away your skin feels baby soft. I normally apply this at night and my skin still feels so incredibly soft when I wake up in the morning, which is definitely an important factor for me as my skin has started to become slightly dryer in some places (personally I put this down to the air con at work and the changes in temperature recently!) Can I take this oppertunity to say how incredible this smells as well? It smells like summer in a pot - kind of like sweets but not, it's a very hard scent to describe. The only downside I think that there is to the Aqua Boost Sorbet is that it doesn't contain any SPF in it, so you will need to make sure you apply some of that to protect your skin.

Have you tried any of the Sorbet range from The Body Shop yet?

Saturday, 13 September 2014

August Favourites

Collection The Body Shop Simply Beautiful Collection Aqua Boost Sorbet Cream Puff Lip Cream Amazonian Lily Shower Gel

I know, I know - I'm late with this post! But here is my favourites for the month of August! Throughout this month I have kept my make-up and everything very simple and going for the more natural approach to things to have a change - and I've been liking it! I've also been trying a few new skin care products that have definitely made their way into my skincare routine and I can definitely see an improvement. I won't talk about everything in depth as I have full review posts coming up in the future about each individual item.

The Body Shop Amazonian Wild Lily Shower Gel
I got this product free when I got a new Love Your Body card after mine ran out and I have loved this product ever since. It comes in six different scents - of course some of them being your usual fruity smells like a lot of The Body Shop products do, but when I sniffed this I knew it was going to be a favourite. It doesn't smell fruit at all, which I like, it smells kind of like cucumbers in a way - but it just smells like that healthy smell that you get from greens, if that makes sense? It just smells so fresh and full of moisture! It lathers up beautifully and a little goes a long way. I'm already a quarter of the way through the bottle so that just shows how much I love this shower gel!

Collection Cream Puff Moisturising Lip Cream in Cotton Candy 1
I know this is already a staple in most Beauty Bloggers make-up bags and already have a lot of love for them around the bloggersphere already - but this is my little add to that! I've loved the Collection Lip Creams for a while now and have multiples of each shade but this one has been creeping into my bag more and more over the last few weeks as I have been toning down my make-up. It gives such a nice soft pink to my lips without being overly done and makes my lips still a very natural shade. It's super easy to apply and feels really soft on as well - I also think they have an impressive wear time on them.

Simply Beautiful Collection Collagen Skincare Gel
I was lucky enough to receive this in the goody bag given out to everyone who attended the Northern Blogger Meet Up a few weeks ago. I was already loving the baby pink gel before I had even tried it! When using the product it is a little more watery than I would expect a gel to me and it is a lot less pink when out of the bottle - but that's not really an issue. It feels very cooling on and makes your skin instantly feel smooth and even better in the morning after it's had several hours to soak in! I can already see the difference in my skin from using this.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet
There was a lot of hype around the Body Sorbets that The Body Shop released, however I felt that the Aqua Boost Sorbet released around the same time as kind of neglected and I popped this in my bag as soon as I saw it instead of the body sorbets. It feels so cooling to put on and makes your skin incredibly soft - plus it smells absolutely amazing! Kind of like a bag of sweets you get at the beach. I've been using this for almost 2 months now and I'm not even a quarter of the way through the pot yet as a little goes a long way - this is definitely going to be a repurchase when I eventually run out!

What have you been loving this month?

Friday, 12 September 2014

Zizzi Ristorante at Sheffield Meadowhall

Zizzi Ristorante Sheffield Meadowhall

The other night myself, my dad, my stepmum and her friend went out for a family meal to celebrate my stepmums birthday. We couldn't decide where to go but when my stepmum got some vouchers e-mailed to her from Zizzi - our decision was made for us! 

Zizzi's is an italian ristorante located in the Oasis Dining Quarter of Meadowhall Shopping centre on the upper floor- although there are more scattered across the country, including one in Sheffield City Centre. Although it's located in the heart of Meadowhall, once inside it still feels cosy and like a restaurant. 

Zizzi Ristorante Sheffield Meadowhall

When we first arrived we were given a table right at the very front of the restaurant and my chair was pretty much in the entrance of the restaurant - you see in the first photo there is three plants at the very front? our table was that one at the front between the first two plants!So people were bumping into our chairs as they entered and left the restaurant, so we requested to be moved - they gladly let us and clean and set up a table for us further in the restaurant. Sitting here made it feel a lot more like a restaurant less like a place to grab something to eat mid-shop, considering we had dressed up for the occasion we definitely wanted to feel like we were at a restaurant instead of a cafe in Meadowhall.

Zizzi Ristorante Sheffield Meadowhall

Zizzi Ristorante Sheffield Meadowhall

Zizzi Ristorante Sheffield Meadowhall

When ordering I was torn between two things for my starter - I was torn between Garlic Bread with Mozzarella or Fonduta Formaggi. I eventually opted for Fonduta Formaggi which is "A melting Pot with Gorgonzola, Gruyere and Pecorino cheese with baked dough sticks and focaccia bread for dipping" On reflection, I kind of wished I went for the Garlic Bread as the only reason I didn't go for that is because I thought my pasta main would come with some. I liked the bread and melting pot of cheese, but the flavours of the cheese were a little strong for me personally, as I can be fussy with cheese. However, my stepmum had the same starter as me and she loved it!

For main, I chose one of my favourite dishes - Rigatoni Carbonara, which "comes with Pancetta, wild mushrooms, thyme and parsley". I am a big pasta lover so I knew I'd like it. The Pancetta was delicious and the flavour really stood out from the rest of the meal which I really liked. The sauce had a bit too much, what I think was, Olive Oil on it as there was a lot left in my plate and then end and kind of gave the pasta a slimey texture as it mixed with the Carbonara sauce - it didn't detract from the taste of the food though and the pasta was delicious - I finished eating mine first! The portion size was just right, I think any more and I wouldn't have been able to finish (or order any desert!)

For desert, I was once again torn between two items on the menu which was Chocolate Melt which is "Hot, Gooey pudding served with Crema Gelato" and one of their Gelato Sundaes which were new on the menu, Lemon Meringue Sundae which is Lemon Sorbet, Crema Gelato, Crumbled Meringue, Whipped Marscapone Cream, Lemon Curd and Mint. I opted for the Sundae as the Pasta had filled me up and I decided that sorbet and meringue is something light and isn't too filling. It was definitely the right decision! This was my absolute favourite part of the meal - I love the taste of anything Lemony anyway so it was always going to be a winner. It was light and very refreshing to eat after the meal and was definitely a pallet cleanser! Once again, it was the perfect amount and I definitely couldn't eat another mouth full after.

The prices were incredible too - since we got discount vouchers because it was my Stepmums birthday, she received her main meal for free and the table got a free bottle of Prosecco worth £23.50 - although I didn't drink any as I don't drink alcohol. With the savings we made it came to £89.35, we decided to split the bill four ways instead of adding up everyones meal individually to make it fairer - meaning for a three course meal plus drinks we only paid £23 each, which included a tip for the lovely and friendly staff who work there.

I definitely recommend Zizzi Ristorante and I know we are already planning to go again in the future!

Sunday, 7 September 2014

The Hair Tag.

So after speaking to Georgina from SheMightBeLoved when we met up for a bit of Shopping in Meadowhall, we were talking about her and she suggested that I should start a hair tag as I've had my fair share of hair colours and hair styles! So I've finally got around to doing it, so here we go. (:

What is your Natural hair colour?

What hair colour is your hair currently?

Me as of now. 

What hair colour would you love to have?
Red! I've had red hair before, but I'd love to have red, wavy mermaid hair.

What is your everyday hair style?
Straight and down, but if I'm working that it's just tied up in a pony tail.

How often do you dye your hair?
It used to be every two weeks, but now it's every 3-4 months.

Is there a hair style you would love to have, but can't do?
Wavy! My hair refuses to stay wavy - or even go wavy in the first place! It's either ringlets or straight.

Honestly, how often do you visit the hairdressers?
I used to go EVERY week because my hair just wouldn't be have. Now it's every 4ish months.

What's the worst hair style you have ever had?
There's so many to chose from! It's either be when I was trying to get rid of black and and part red hair and was very patch. Either that or when I had black hair, cheap fake clip in extensions and a fringe that covered my eyes!

Any hair disasters?
Quite a few! I once tried to go brown but the dye went black! So the same night I bleached my hair twice and dyed it brown - safe to say it killed it!

What hair tool could you not live without?
My hair dryer! Without it my hair turns into dreadlocks. My hair is pretty straight naturally, so I can go without straightners or any styling tools.

Over your various years of having hair... what are the biggest things you've learnt about hair care?
Don't use too much heat! Since i've been using less and less heat I've really started to notice a difference. I used to blow dry and straighten my hair pin straight almost every day. Now I wash it every other day, use my hair dryer but only quickly straighten the ends and I have really noticed an improvement.


Any Shampoos and Conditioners you swear by?
I used to only use Aussie shampoos and conditioners but since learning that most shampoos contain Silicone to give your hair that shiny appearance, I've switched to using Lush as they don't use chemicals and keeps your hair super healthy and shiny - plus smells incredible!

Anything you regret?
Dying my hair so much, and using so much bleach. It killed my hair and it's taken 5-6 years to get it looking remotely healthy again. If you use ColourB4 it strips hair dye out rather than bleaching it - it stinks, but your hair will thank you for not using bleach.

How do you keep your hair happy and healthy?
Don't use bleach and dye your hair the least amount possible and leave as long as possible between dyes. Also don't use heat - or if you do, use the least amount possible! For example; let it dry naturally and then just give it a quick blast to finish it off and then run the straighteners over the ends to smooth them. Check the ingredients on hair products, some brands (such as Tresemme) actually use certain ingredients that make hair dye fade quicker.

I tag the following ladies:
Georgina from SheMightBeLoved
Jemma from DorkFace
Zoe from ClassicRouge
Caitlin from ThroughTheMirror
and Natasha from NatashaParisBlog

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Northern Blogger Meet Up in Sheffield

On Sunday, I was lucky enough to attend the Northern Bloggers Meet Up in Sheffield and I had been looking forward to it all week! We all meet up at a lovely little Cafe named Eten which is right in the centre of Sheffield, but yet tucked away so it still felt cosy. I had never heard or seen this cafe before, but after this meet I will certainly go again!

A few of the other bloggers that were there had ordered food which looked absolutely incredible and was beautifully presented! I soon found a seat and sat near Faye, who I have met before at the Fruition Hair & Beauty demo night a few weeks ago - I also sat near Emily and Lauren who were really lovely! So many bloggers attended, I think there was over 35 people there which was brilliant and really added to the atmosphere. Everyone was having fun, and we all had a giggle when as soon as something happened, or a product was shown everyone jumped out of their seats with their cameras in hand!

Lush made an appearance around an hour after the meet had started to give people a chance to eat and have a look around - Leanne from LM Blog was there selling her absolutely gorgeous nail polishes - I seriously wanted to take them all home! They were also selling raffle tickets, with the proceeds going to Macmillan Cancer Research which I thought was brilliant.

The lovely guys from Lush did a talk about how the company started and that is is a close group of people and feels very family oriented. They spoke about how they fairly trade and help those who provide ingredients have a better life. They both had such a huge passion for Lush and the company itself, which was very clear when they spoke about the fabulous work that Lush do and the great ethos the company have.

Whilst they were talking, we were able to pop some bath bombs into some bowls of water which were situated on each table which made the whole room smelt like a Lush shop. So yummy! They also handed out goody bags containing 2 full sized bath bombs and 2 incredibly large sample pots of products - however at the end, there were bags left out so they generously said to people come help themselves to the remaining items. I ended up leaving with 2 sex bomb bath bombs, 2 I Love Juicy pots, Cynthia Sylvia Stout sample pot and a Blousey sample pot. I donated the bath bombs to my step mum as I don't like floaty things in the bath with me.

After a few technical difficulties, Jamie and Kitty from Benefit were here to talk about the brand and how it got started - would you believe that Benefit was started by twins who sold a few makeup items, but one lady kept coming back asking for more and more Benetint. What was she using it for? A nipple rub for herself - She was an exotic dancer and it turned out Benetint made your nipples pinker and didn't come off with sweat under the bright lights. So there you go - Benefit started out by selling nipple rub to exotic dancers! I bet you won't look at the brand the same now!

Kitty, who is a manager at the counter in Boots in Sheffield City Centre, then did a make up demonstration using some of their products - including the They're Real mascara and new Push-Up Liner, as well as speaking about how they created a product to remove it without damaging your eye lashes.

Jamie, who is the regional manager, and I got speaking and after hearing about how Benefit are meant to do eyebrow mapping and consultations when you get your eyebrows waxed, mentioned to her that I have never had mapping and consultations done and I've been going there for 2 years and no-one has ever mentioned it, and also that last time I went, she made my brows very uneven and left me with almost half an eyebrow on one side, and also wipped my mascara down my cheek without fixing it - she was very shocked! So she took my details and promised me a call in the week. (I got a call today and they are going to arrange for me to go in and they will sort out my eyebrows and look after me!)

The ladies at Benefit were also kind enough to give us each a goody bag containing a full size They're Real mascara and a full sized They're Real Push Up Liner - which was very generous of them.

The goody bags we got were INSANE. I was truly blown away by the amount - the bag was so heavy when I was walking through the city centre to get my bus home. There were some really amazing things in there too and I feel so incredibly lucky to have recieved them.

The goody bags did contain a few things aimed at smokers - such as the electronic cigerette and smokers toothpaste which I donated to my dad. It contained some lovely sweeties and good which I am slowly making my way through! 

There was also a raffle, and they made sure that every single person there won a prize which I thought was amazing and a really lovely thing to do and I really thank them for that as it made everyone feel appreciated. I really had so much fun and I can't wait to go to the next one! I now have such a big back log of things to test, try and write reviews for and I can't wait!

Thank you to Eten cafe for letting us take over the upper floor and making it stink of bath bombs, and thank you to The Kats Paws, Short Lashes, Counter Pretty and Dolly Birds and Bows for making it happen! 

Sunday, 24 August 2014

MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer - The Full Collection

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you will know at the start of the year I reviewed MUA's Lip Lacquer line, however since then they have released four new shades so I thought I might as well do an updated post which includes better photos and covers the whole 9 shades. I did want to do this a few weeks ago however, one of the new shades was impossible to get hold of - Halcyon. Every single time I popped into Superdrug they were sold out - however, I went in after work one day last week and they had one left, and it came home with me!

MUA Make Up Academy Luxe Velvet Matte Lip Lacquers Reckless Kooky Funk Atomic Serene Tranquility Aflush Criminal Halcyon

The four new shades make sure that this collection now has something for everyone - previously they were all very bright shades of reds and pinks - and even a dark purple! But the new shades include pale pinks and nudes so there is definitely a colour for everyone. I'm sure I've said before but I absolutely love the packaging for the Luxe Line from MUA - the sleek black with gold detailing and frosted tubes make these look so much more expensive than their £3 price tag! 

MUA Make Up Academy Luxe Velvet Matte Lip Lacquers Reckless Kooky Funk Atomic Serene Tranquility Aflush Criminal Halcyon

MUA Make Up Academy Luxe Velvet Matte Lip Lacquers Reckless Kooky Funk Atomic Serene Tranquility Aflush Criminal Halcyon

Atomic: A lovely neon coral tone that is very orange based.
Kooky: A dark vampy purple, that I'm beginning to love!
Funk: A deep raspberry shade and one of the more wearable, every day sort of shades.
Reckless: Something every collection needs - a classic red!
AFlush: One of the new shades. A coral toned pink and is brighter on that I thought it would be.
Tranquility: One of the new shades. A light brown new shade and cool toned compared to the other nude.
Serene: One of the new shades. A light pastel pink shade and definitely too light for us pale skinned ladies.
Criminal: A hot bright barbie pink that is definitely perfect for the Summer months!
Halcyon: One of the new shades. The warmer out of the two shades as there is some pink running through it which makes it more wearable in my opinion.
MUA Make Up Academy Luxe Velvet Matte Lip Lacquers Reckless Kooky Funk Atomic Serene Tranquility Aflush Criminal Halcyon

A lot of people I have spoken too have had problems with the MUA Lip Lacquers, however I haven't had any problems and can wear them for 3 - 5 hours before a reapplication is needed. If you are having problems, I highly recommend moisturizing your lips beforehand as they can be drying at times, also I have found wearing a lip liner underneath the Lip Lacquers can help with their longevity. 

Out of the four new shades - Halcyon, AFlush, Tranquility and Serene - I think I would say I liked Halcyon the best (no wonder it was the one that was the hardest to get hold of!) but I think that my favourites are some of the original five shades. Reckless and Funk will also be my favourites out the collection, however as I was swatching these I did fall a little bit in love with Kooky but I don't think i'll be wearing it a lot! Maybe more in the Winter months. 

Have you tried any of the MUA Lip Lacquers?

Saturday, 23 August 2014

A Bobbi Brown Makeover with Pro Artist Amy Conway

Bobbi Brown Pro Artist Amy Conway

Image take from here.

Earlier this month, I got the opportunity to pop along to House of Fraser in Meadowhall where one of Bobbi Browns Pro Artists, Amy Conway was going to be giving tips to create the perfect look and help with make overs and make up lessons.

Amy Conway is one of Bobbi Browns Pro Artists and has worked closely with Bobbi Brown herself.  Amy has appeared on QVC and has worked globally with the brand so I definitely couldn't pass up this opportunity to learn some tips! 
Bobbi Brown Pro Artist Amy Conway Makeover Sheffield House of Fraser Meadowhall

Myself and Lara
One of make-up artists who works at House of Fraser who did part of my makeup.

Myself and Amy Conway
Bobbi Brows Pro Make Up Artists

Bobbi Brown Pro Artist Amy Conway Makeover Sheffield House of Fraser Meadowhall

Bobbi Brown Pro Artist Amy Conway Makeover Sheffield House of Fraser Meadowhall

Amy opted for blues to bring out my blue eyes - I never thought of doing this as I always stick with the colour wheel method - using opposites to bring out eye colours (for example: browns to bring out blue eyes, purples to bring out greens, and for Browns, blues and greens) - but we went with it anyway, and we used a bit of a sparkle to jazz it up a little. 

The first thing we did was create depth using Taupe in the corner and crease before we used Denim Ink gel liner which is a dark navy shade to line the upper waterline, not being neat as it was going to be blended into the first eyeshadow which is a dark navy as well and then blended that into a purple toned lighter blue to give it an ombre look.

Amy did my left eye, explaining everything as she was going and then Lara did my right eye trying to emulate what Amy had created with the first eye.

They then fixed my eye brows (I had been having a bad eyebrow day and they didn't want to go right at all!) aswell as conceal and add blush and bronzer. Bronzer is something i've always struggled with as I have such Pale skin, but Amy explained that it isn't meant to be a tan colour - it's meant to be the shade you go when you tan. So for me, it wasn't a tan shade it was more a pink shade and she applied that to the high points on my face and also my chest as that's where the sun would hit (I was wearing a low cut top). 


However, once I got home, I noticed that my eyes weren't even AT ALL. The side Amy did was a lovely soft gradient and quite natural considering the blue tones that were used. However, the side Lara did was incredibly darker and not blended as well. It wasn't noticeable when my eyes where open which is obviously why I didn't notice it when I was there. This is the second trip to Bobbi Brown where I have left with very uneven makeup, Surely you can see that it's very different when you are applying it? 

As usual, they gave me a face chart which listed most of the products used (not all of them were written down this time) incase I wanted to purchase any of the products in the future. The one thing I do like about Bobbi Brown is that these makeup lessons are FREE and you aren't under any obligation to purchase anything at the end.

Have you tried anything from Bobbi Brown?

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Meadowhall Blogger Event - Cocktail Class at Chao Baby

Palm Sugar Lounge Chao Baby Sheffiled Meadowhall

Last week I was kindly invited down to Meadowhall for the second Bloggers Hub meet. This was arranged to take place at the Palm Sugar bar, which is a part of the Chao Baby resturant which is next to the Palm Sugar lounge, to learn how to make cocktails and mocktails (for those under 18, those who were driving, and awkward ones like myself - who don't drink!) 

We gathered there around noon and introduced ourselves before making ourselves comfy around the circular bar where Matt, who was the Mixologist, showed us how to make cocktails and mocktails after honing his skills in Sydney, Australia (does anyone else think of the Tom Cruise movie, Cocktail?). He even got some of us up to make the cocktails and get really involved with the process which was brilliant. 

Palm Sugar Lounge Chao Baby Sheffiled Meadowhall

Palm Sugar Lounge Chao Baby Sheffiled Meadowhall

Palm Sugar Lounge Chao Baby Sheffiled Meadowhall

Palm Sugar Lounge Chao Baby Sheffiled Meadowhall

Palm Sugar Lounge Chao Baby Sheffiled Meadowhall

Palm Sugar Lounge Chao Baby Sheffiled Meadowhall

This cocktail was a Tom Yam Siam - and yes, that is a chilli floating in the top! This little spicey cocktails uses the same spices that are used in the Tom Yam soup and some of the ingredients include lime juice, vodka, rum, lemongrass - and as you probably guessed from the little red spicey thing floating in the top - this cocktail contains red chillis to give it a spicey kick! As I don't drink I can't tell you how spicey this is, but from the faces fellow bloggers made, it definitely had some power behind it!  

Palm Sugar Lounge Chao Baby Sheffiled Meadowhall

Palm Sugar Lounge Chao Baby Sheffiled Meadowhall

These two were the first mocktails that we made - Mojitos! A raspberry flavoured one and a mint (i think?) flavoured one. Mojitos typically include white rum, however as these were mocktails, the rum was subsituted for something non-alcoholic. They also include sugar, lime juice, sparkling water, mint and as you probably guessed for the red one - raspberries! They were very fancy looking, but I didn't try these as I'm very fussy when it comes to things floating in my drinks! 

Palm Sugar Lounge Chao Baby Sheffiled Meadowhall

Next up was another cocktail - Strawberry Daiquiris. Which includes a blend of Vodka, Strawberries and Ice - I couldn't see what else what put in as they were made in a blender on the other side of the bar. They came out resembling a strawberry smoothie and I know that if I did drink, I'd probably really like this! 

Palm Sugar Lounge Chao Baby Sheffiled Meadowhall

For the non-drinkers, Matt made a smoothie! This contained Mango Juice, Strawberries, Ice and Limes to create a real tropical tasting smoothie that was really nice and I can imagine it being really refreshing on hot days! However, this drink isn't actually on the menu as it was created just for us - so it was unnamed, therefore it's now been dubbed the "Bloggers Hub" - well, what else where we going to call it?

Palm Sugar Lounge Chao Baby Sheffiled Meadowhall

The last drink that was made was a Frozen Margarita which contained Tequila, Vodka, Lime, Ice, Lemon Juice and an Orange Liqueur - once again, as I don't drink I can't comment on how it tasted, but it definitely looked fancy! 

Palm Sugar Lounge Chao Baby Sheffield Meadowhall

After the cocktail making class we were very kindly given lunch by the chefs over at Chao Baby, it was the first time I had tried Thai food and it certainly won't be the last!

Whilst we were waiting for everything to be cooked, we were told about Chao Baby and how the company got started. A man named Martin was in Bangkok, Thailand and one evening he really wanted Pad Thai, so he went down to one of the main streets to a street vendor selling the food, it was a lady named Kim and eventually they fell in love. The couple moved to the UK in 2004 and that is when they opened their first restaurant in Leeds named Chaophraya before opening another one in Manchester in 2007 and then another in Liverpool. The couple then developed Chao Baby which is designed to go in shopping centres like Meadowhall in Sheffield.

To this day the couple still live, and work in Leeds and Kim can often be found in the kitchen in Chaophraya in Leeds cooking away. We were also told that alot of people who work for the group are from Thailand and so that food is always tradiational. We were told that they consider Chao Baby and Chaophraya to be a group rather than a chain as they work very closely together and consider each other family. Often the people who come over from Thailand, come with relatives or as a couple so everyone who works there often have a strong bond with each other.

Being a hopeless romantic myself, I loved the story and the background of the group!

Palm Sugar Lounge Chao Baby Sheffield Meadowhall

Palm Sugar Lounge Chao Baby Sheffield Meadowhall

Palm Sugar Lounge Chao Baby Sheffield Meadowhall

Palm Sugar Lounge Chao Baby Sheffield Meadowhall

The food was absolutely delicious. We were given rice crackers, pad thai which was under a giant omelette (I really liked that they made Pad Thai - as if it wasn't for this dish in Thailand being sold by Kim, Chao Baby wouldn't exist today) as well as Beef Curry, Egg Fried Rice, Plain Rich, Fish in Batter, Chips and Vegetable Spring Rolls. Everything was full of flavour and I couldn't find a single thing wrong with it! 

I can't believe that I've worked in Meadowhall for almost 2 years now and gone there so often outside of work that I hadn't tried Chao Baby before, but I certainty know now that I will be going back in the future as their food is incredible and the staff there are so lovely, it's a brilliant atmosphere there and has such a lovely back story.

At the minute Chaophraya and Chao Baby are a northern based group, and only go as far south as Birmingham - but they are hoping to branch out in the future and reach London! If you ever are near one of their restaurants and are hungry - I highly recommend you pop in and sample some of their gorgeous Thai food!