Sunday, 27 July 2014

LUSH Shampoo: Rehab

 A while ago I mentioned that I had tried Lush's American Cream conditioner  and loved it and wanted to try more products from their hair care range. I popped in on my lunch break from work a few weeks ago and got chatting to a lovely sales assistant who talked me through the majority of the shampoo's and we decided Rehab would be best for my hair.

I have funny hair - the middle and towards the ends get dry, but the rest doesn't. I wash my hair every other day - so for example, i'll wash it, miss a day, wash it, miss a day, wash it etc and on the days I don't wash my hair, it's okay but you can tell it's not freshly washed and by the end of the day it's starting to look greasy. The sales assistant informed me that Rehab would help rid my scalp of excess oils which I thought would be perfect!

As soon as I tried Rehab I could tell my hair had improved - it smelt gorgeous straight away. When you first open the bottle and pour some in your hands and start to massage it into your scalp it kind of smells like After Eights! Which I loved, but also expected as Rehab does contain Peppermint. This combined with Juniper are said to stimulate the blood flow which helps the scalps condition over time.

Sea salt and seaweed also helps your hair feel lovely and soft and full of shine! This shampoo also contains fresh papaya, pineapple, kiwi and mango and those juices are then mixed with strengthening, organic extra virgin olive oil and jojoba oils. So it definitely is full of lovely fresh and natural ingredients to help get your hair back health!

Can I just say, the label made me giggle? It confused me the first few times I read it but the third time it finally clicked - well done Lush, you clever little things you!

And I can safely say it worked! I adored the smell straight away and it didn't clash when I used American Cream either which is always a bonus, when I dried my hair it was SO shiny and soft, I fell in love with this shampoo straight away. The real test of this shampoo would be on the day I didn't wash my hair - and I can safely say, I definitely saw and felt an improvement. The next day, my hair still felt lovely and fresh and it had kept it's shine by the end of the day and still felt lovely and soft! It definitely did what I was told it would and keep the excess oils at bay! 

I thought I would need to buy more of this soon as I had bought the same 250g size of American Cream and finished it in just over a week (I have long hair that's relatively thick so I use more than normal Shampoo and Conditioner - FYI: I have bought another American Cream, but in the larger 500g size this time!) however, it's been just over 3 weeks now, and I have only used half a bottle of Rehab! But I already know I definitely will be repurchasing this as soon as I run out! 

What's your favourite product from Lush?

Life in Letters Tag

I first saw this Tag over on my friend Natalee's blog, There Might Be Coffee and knew I had to do it at some point.. and now it's that time to finally go ahead and get it done.

A - Amy. That's my name so it's pretty self explanatory. I've always had a love/hate relationship with my name though. I've always kind of what a name that you can create a nickname with but as I've got older, I've liked my name more.

B - I've been a blogger now for almost 2 years (with a few breaks in the first year) and I love it. I've met so many lovely people because of it and have had some brilliant opportunities since I've become more serious about my blog.

C - I have a best friend, and that is my Cat. I love him so much, he is 5 years old tomorrow (23rd July) and he means the world to me. I'm one of the only people who he will let pick him up, cuddle him and do whatever I want with him and he doesn't care. He knows when I am sad and he knows when I am happy. Just looking at his little face or giving him a stroke will always, always put a smile on my face.

D - As I've grown older, I've realised just how much I love my Dad and just how much he means to me and how much he is there for me. I'm sad it's taken me this long to realize this though, but I'm glad I have. I know he will always be there for me.

E - This is an easy one for me. Eminem. This man is my idol, he is my inspiration for everything I do. I admire him so much and look up to him - it definitely helps that he is absolutely gorgeous as well. It's inspiring to see where he came from, what he has been through to see where he is today and who he has become. He has taught me so much through his lyrics and interviews. I finally managed to see him live on Saturday 12th July 2014 and it was the most amazing night of my life and the whole event meant so, so much to me. You can read more about that here.

F - This is hard one for me so I managed to narrow it down to a few things before I finally decided on one. Friends. During the past year, I've made quite a few new friends - through blogging, through work and through shop visits/seeing each other about. I'm very, very grateful for this as I didn't have a social life really - but now I think I'm slowly getting one.

G - This one was a hard one for me too - but I think I decided on Games. I do love video games - but a select few have a special place in my heart, and I have some YouTubers that I watch that play games, and I have become friends with one of them.

H - I have had so many Hair colours and styles in my life I can't even remember them all. But now I am ALMOST happy with the colour (although, I do want my gorgeous red hair back but the upkeep was too much for me at the minute, one day I will have beautiful Ariel hair though!) and it's in a lot better condition than it was a year ago.

I - This is also a kind of cheat answer as it's going to be Illustation. Ever since I can remember, I have drawn. My parents always told me I've be drawing ever since I could hold a pencil - I love drawing realistic portraits and seeing people's faces come to life in front of me, over the past 2 years I have also been drawing in Photoshop using my graphics tablet.


J - I'm kind of cheating with this one but this is for Jimmy "B Rabbit" Smith Jr. This is Eminem's character from his film 8 Mile set in Detroit, Michigan where Eminem grew up and still lives today. This film is my all time favourite film and I've lost count how many times i've watched it. You can often catch me mouthing the words when I do watch it!

K - This one definitely has to go to the stunning Kat Von D. This woman inspires me so much, and I think she is incredibly beautiful - her make up line and clothing line are amazing and she is so talented with everything she does. I have had the amazing opportunity to speak to her twice via social media and she is so lovely, I wore one of her dresses to my graduation - and she asked for a photo, and then said I was beautiful and wore her dress "oh so well" - and that has stuck with me ever since. Thanks to a friend, I also now have her autograph.

L - Over the last 6 months, I've definitely turned into a Lush fan and now I can't live without some of their products (especially Ultrabland and Eau Roma Water!) my skin has improved so much and my hair has never felt better thanks to their magical products.

M - My favourite high end brand is MAC - need I say more? I pretty much can't fault their products and they are my go to brand if I need something as I know I will always come away happy!

N - A favourite brand amongst the blogging community is Nars, this is a brand I still haven't tried but I want to so much. The only problem is I don't know of anywhere that sells it in Sheffield and when trying new products or a new brand, I always want to see it in person and test if first before I buy it.

O - I'm very open minded and I am willing to try anything once. I like to go on adventures, meet new people and experience new things. I think that's one of the fun things about life - trying new things and being open to anything.

P - One of the things people have always told me I have a talent for is photography, and this has always had a special place in my heart. I've had so many tell me that I should try and make a career out of it, but I don't want too. I like it to be a hobby and to be something I can do when I want and not have to be told what to photography, when to photograph etc.

Q - People often say that I'm a quiet person, and this is mostly true. Until you get to know me that is. I also like to have a few hours of the day, just to be quietly on my own to relax - watch a movie or play on my laptop and just be peacefully. I also can't sleep unless i'm in a quiet environment.

R - I work in Retail, and I honestly do love it. We get some of the nicest customers and I love talking to new people and making people leave the store happy. It also helps that I work with a fantastic group of people who I love!

S - I never can resist a drink from Starbucks. You can't beat a Mango Passion Frappacino on a hot day, or a hot chocolate with whipped cream on a Winters day! They always have something to cheer me up.

T - This is for Television. I do watch quite a bit of TV, mostly American programmes that we don't get over it (Such as Ink Master and Face Off). I do love The Big Bang Theory, Catfish and Orange is the new Black though!

U  - I went to University in 2009 and finished in 2012 and although it wasn't the best time of my life, I met some amazing people - including my best friend in the world who I love so much. I don't know what I would do if she wasn't in my life.

V - I do love Video Games and one that will always have a special place in my heart is Tomb Raider, I love all the games and the whole concept. Tomb Raider reboot that came out last year is my favourite game of all time, I was in awe the whole time I was playing it!

W - I'm definitely a Winter girl. I've never been a fan of the heat, or the summer - although now I'm a bit older, I don't mind warm with so much during the day but I still hate it at night time! I can only sleep when it's cool and I can wrap myself up in my duvet.


X - I play most of my video games on my Xbox 360. I'm on my second one as my first one got the red ring of death just as I was finishing university as I used it so much - both to play games and at the time I had to use it as my DVD player! I amazingly got a new one for my birthday that year though off of my dad and step mum as they knew how much I loved my old one.

Y - I love watching YouTubers, it's a favourite past time of mine. I watch so many different ones. From daily vlogs (CTFxC, BFvsGF, Bubz etc) to make up artists (Pixiwoo, Wayne Goss, Lisa Eldridge) to Gamers (Flabaliki, TheSimSupply, TheRadBrad and Toadlet25) I have even become friends with Toadlet25 thanks to Twitter!

Z - I went to Londoon Zoo with my best friend in 2010 whilst we had a small trip away during a University holiday and we had so much fun! We went for the full day and we still didn't see everything we wanted to see!

Friday, 25 July 2014

Red Balloon - MAC Playland Collection

A while ago, I had a little accident at MAC and my bank balance got severely injured, and that included two items from the MAC Playland Collection. One of those items is a lipstick I had had my eye on for quite a while and had swatched so many times I had lost count, so I finally bit the lipstick bullet and bought it. That lipstick was a lovely little Summer shade named Red Balloon! 

This lipstick is a bright cool toned pink, described as "hot fuchsia" and has an amplified finish. The application is amazing - it glides on your lips beautifully due to it's gorgeous creamy formula and it applies with no tugging and has impressively high pigmentation, one sweep is more than enough to get a beautiful opaque finish and it feels comfortable and buttery smooth to wear. Of course, this smells just like the rest of the MAC lipsticks, vanilla! I really do love the scent of their lipsticks. 

The wear time is impressive - a good few hours before any touch ups are required. I have been wearing a small amount of this for work and then rubbing it in with my fingers a few hours later when it's started to wear and I've found it kind of has a stained effect and lasts a little longer when I do that which is definitely a bonus at work when I don't have time to reapply this lipstick. 

I am SO happy I have finally picked this up and I can't believe how much I have worn this lipsticks since getting my paws on it, it's definitely become a firm favourite for the Summer months!

Have you tried anything from the Playland collection? If not, What is your favourite Summer lipstick?

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Eminem at Wembley Stadium - Saturday 12th July 2014

If you know me, or have been following my twitter or instagram for a while - you will know I have a lot of love for Marshall Mathers aka Eminem. He is my idol and inspiration - that man inspires me in so many ways it's unbelievable, plus it helps he is absolutely gorgeous! So, when I found out he was performing a concert in London I knew I HAD to get tickets - apart from festivals he hasn't performed a gig in the UK since 2001, and after recent interviews where he said he's probably going to go into producing more now and doesn't know about another album yet, i knew I had to see him live as I had a gut feeling it was probably going to be his last. So after bugging my friend for a good few days - she agreed to come see him with me. However, the tickets where released 2 weeks before payday so I had 0 money, however my gorgeous friend bought the tickets on release day so I could give her the money when I got paid to make sure we got tickets.

She bought the tickets at just after 9am on the day of release and we were right at the very top, at the back of seating. Luckily the other friend we were going with managed to snag us tickets for another show - when the tickets went on sale, another show was added but not announced - so we managed to get standing tickets! (long story short.. we managed to sell the others for the same price we paid for them).

I also live in Yorkshire - quite a distance from London, however my best friend who I was going with lives in Portsmouth, so she told me I could stay at her house! I bought my train tickets plenty of time in advance so got a very good deal and everything was set. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you would have seen the countdown to the best day of my life.

Image from Eminem

After a few shuffles we managed to get to the barrier.. albeit, not the barrier to the stage but the barrier separating us from the VIP area at the front.. so still a very good view. I wasn't a fan of the opening acts but you have no idea how excited I was and how big my smile was when the screens lit with with Marshall's face with a little video before he came on. It was a very, very clever video too - a follow on story from Stan.

If you know Eminem's music, you will know the song and video for Stan - a fan who is obsessed with Eminem and keeps writing to him, eventually killing himself and his pregnant girlfriend who he had locked in the boot of his car and driving off a bridge. He had a brother that was mentioned in the song, and the video focused on him and what happened as he grew up. Turns out he was just like Stan, only more obsessed with Eminem and took things a little further with his obsession..

and then BOOM. Eminem appeared on stage. 

this is my favourite photo from the night!

He performed some of my favourite songs! I was so surprised when he performed Square Dance.. that song always makes me laugh and I really didn't expect to hear it live. I was also surprised he only did 3 songs off of The Marshall Mathers LP 2 (Bad Guy, Rap God and Bezerk). When he performed Rap God I was in actual awe, his mouth moved SO fast and it was perfect. He knew how to work the crowd and it was so energetic. One thing I love about Eminem is his humour, and he didn't disappoint - he did funny little dances and pulled funny faces (especially an amazing one during Bezerk!) He also performed Stan, The Monster and Love the way you lie - Dido and Rihanna weren't there though, his backing singer performed their parts for the show.

One person who did make a surprise appearance though was Dr Dre! He showed up half way through the show and the crowd went insane. He performed a few songs with Eminem - including Still Dre and Forget about Dre. Another guest was there - but who wasn't performing was Xzibit! And because we were at the barrier, Xzibit walked straight past us to get the the tent in the middle of the stadium. 

It was also incredible to here Business live as I love that song so, so much and have had it stuck in my head ever since. He of course did Lose Yourself - he couldn't do a show without performing that, however he did tease us! He said his goodbyes and went off stage, only for the crowd to chat his name.. and then to chant "Lose Yourself!" before he came back on for the Encore. 

Another thing I love about Eminem is his opinions and how he emphazies you should be proud of who you are and that everyone is beautiful (listen to the song Beautiful, even if you don't like rap it's such an amazing song!)

It was such a surreal night, and almost 2 weeks later it still hasn't sunk it that I was meters away from my idol. I honestly could have stood and cried in that stadium when he came on stage, and I had to stop myself. I'm so, so glad I got to see him perform and that night will stay with me for the rest of my life. Hearing the man himself, plus 80,000+ people chant the songs that mean the world to me, standing next to my best friend was the best feeling in the world and like nothing could hurt me and I was invincible.

Nothing will ever top that night, ever. Eminem will always be my inspiration and my idol. Always. 

Friday, 11 July 2014

A Bobbi Brown lesson on Classic or Smokey eyes

After a visit to the Bobbi Brown counter in Meadowhall a few weeks ago, I discovered that they did complimentary lessons. Most beauty counters offer lessons and make-over services but required an amount to be paid which is reedemable in products on the day of the makeover. However, with Bobbi Brown, the lessons are free and you are not forced to buy anything if you don't want too. I think the makeovers being free is absolutely brilliant, as I'm relatively new to the brand and hadn't tried anything from Bobbi Brown before so I liked that their was no commitment there that would make you buy anything as your not always guaranteed to like everything - as with everything, everyone has their own opinions and preferences. 

You book in for whatever lesson you want - from basic lips to a full on party look, or a step by step guide to create a flawless look. Each lesson varies in length from 15 minutes to a full 45 minutes, depending which makeover/lesson you choose. This time around I opted for the 'Classic or Smokey eye' lesson, which says it lasts 15 minutes. I chose this lesson as I'm not amazing an eye make-up, due to my love of a bold lip I often keep the eyes very light and natural to balance everything out.

This is my make-up just before I left the house. I didn't put on any eyeshadow at all as I knew I was going to Bobbi Brown for my lesson. Also ignore the rubbish eyebrows - I was getting my eyebrows waxed and tinted at Benefit just before my lesson.

The make-up artist I had at Bobbi Brown was named Brooke, and she was absolutely lovely and incredibly stunning with the most flawless skin I have seen. As I said, I had a wax and tint at Benefit beforehand (you can read my post about the Benefit Brow Bar here) and I had a new lady do my brows and she rushed them and filled them in so sloppily it was ridiculous, so I cheekily asked Brooke if she could fix them for me and she had no problems with that and happily redid my brows for me by using their eyebrow pencil in blond and combing it through with a spolie and using their foundation stick in 01 to cover any redness.

During the lesson, Brooke explained things step by step as she went, allowing me to look in the mirror after each step so I could see the make-up look coming together and I could see how she was creating the look. 

First, she removed any make-up from my lids (we kept my mascara on, which was Benefit They're Real if you're wondering) with a cotton swab and eye make-up remover. We then chatted about colours and I said I liked my bright lip so she said we'll create something light that I can wear with a bright lip, and then darken it up to a more night time eye that can be paired with a nude lip. 

The first shadow was Stone, which was a cream shadow which Brooke took all over the light and above the crease as I have a hooded lid and deepset eyes. We then took the shade Taupe which is a powder eyeshadow and we took that through the crease and in the outer V as well as underneath the lower lash line. To add some sparkle we used a shadow I think was called Black Chocolate, but unfortunately it wasn't written on my face chart with the other shadows so I can't be accurate. It was a gold shimmer/glitter to give the eye some sparkle. For the liner, we used Cavier Ink which is a black gel eyeliner - I explained to Brooke I had fallen out with gel eyeliner as I had bad experiences with it (I'm looking at you, MUA!) so she said she would make me fall back in love with it - and she did! Such a beautiful deep black liner! Brooke then used Light Bisque to conceal and clear up any fall out and to brighten up under the eyes and down my nose as well as my cupids bow. To blend everything out under the brow bone we used another powder eyeshadow, this time named Ivory which was an off white shadow. 

To my surprise, Brooke also finished off the rest of my face for me, adding some more foundation where I needed any touch ups, add Uber Beige blush to bring warmth to my cheeks and to contour my nose. She then chose a nude lip to go with the heavy eye make-up, we opted for Pink Beige lipstick, which is such a lovely pink and definitely a 'my lips but better' shade that I now love, then added Brightening Pink gloss to give my lips some shine. The lipgloss was sticky which I wasn't a huge fan off but it wasn't uncomfortable. 

Uber Beige blush is at the very, very top of my wishlist at the minute with Cavier Ink and Pink Beige lipstick a close second/third! 

and here's the finished look! 

I absolutely LOVE what Brooke did. I instantly wanted everything but only walked away with the cream eyeshadow in Stone. Definitely will be buying Uber Beige in the near future and not long after that I will be purchasing Pink Beige lipstick and Cavier Ink! My skin looked absolutely flawless and the warm tones in my make-up brought some gorgeous warmth to my porcelain skin which I loved. 

It's now been almost 12 hours since my make-over at Bobbi Brown and everything still looks flawless and my eyeshadows haven't creased or moved or faded at all, they still look exactly like the did when Brooke first applied the shadows which I'm very impressed with!  

Brooke also supplied me with a face chart with everything on it that I needed to know (I didn't realise until I got home that it was missing an eyeshadow) but nevertheless, it's very handy for when I go back to purchase more of the items which I will definitely be doing. I also loved how they didn't rush it and just went with the flow, Brooke was lovely and was happy to chat, making sure that I liked everything as we went along and the makeover/lesson ended up going over by 30 minutes, making it a 45 minute lesson rather that the stated 15.

I have another lesson booked in at the end of July to have a look at their skin care and foundation lesson. I have another lesson booked in for August 7th when one of Bobbi Brown's global make-up artist who works closely with Bobbi herself is coming in to store to give out tips along with lessons so that is very exciting!

I'm definitely looking forward to trying more out from Bobbi Brown in the future! 

What is your favourite item from Bobbi Brown? Have you tried any of their lessons?

Sunday, 6 July 2014

LUSH American Cream Condtioner

So I though considering as it's American Independence day as I write this (July 4th) I thought it was only appropriate to write something American-themed (kind of) so I went with American Cream conditioner by Lush Cosmetics! I've been getting into Lush more and more over recent months, so after a trip during my lunch break I picked up this. I originally went in for a hair mask, but discovered they were out of my price range (especially for a one use product!) so I had a look around the Shampoo/Conditioner section of the store - I settled on this. I went for a conditioner as I'm constantly trying to improve the condition of my hair as i'm almost rid of the damaged parts thanks to years of dying/bleaching/killing it during my teenage years.

American Cream Conditioner Lush

American Cream Conditioner Lush

This conditioner is described as a 'strawberry vanilla milkshake' and it contains Vanilla pod infusion, vanilla absolute and clary sage. It also contains fresh strawberries to cleanse the hair, as well as being rich in vitamin C. To help your hair get super glossy, the creators of their conditioner have also included fresh orange juice in to the mix, this is because "the acidity of the orange juice makes the hair cuticles lay flat and allows them to reflect more light". The Clary Sage and a splash of lavender are thrown in there too to help calm your scalp. 

American Cream comes in three sizes - a small 100g which costs £4.50, a medium size (which I picked up) and that costs £8.95 for 250g of product, or you can pick up a large size which is 500g and costs £14.25. This is the pricer end of shampoo/conditioners and is a lot more than I'd usually pay, but I thought I would treat myself. However, I don't think i'll be using it every time I was my hair - I think i'll use it every other time to make sure it lasts quite a while. 

American Cream Conditioner Lush

It says on the back that American Cream is a heavy conditioner however despite the heavy formula it won't leave the hair weighed down or feel heavy, however I wouldn't agree! I found it to be quite a thin consistency and I needed quite a bit in order for it to feel like it was working at all, combined with having long hair - after two uses I'd used up quite a considerable amount which I wasn't too happy about.

It also states this is quite sweet smelling - again, I disagree. I found mine to be almost cinammony or spice kind of smell - definitely a warm scent that I associate with Christmas. So I think due to that alone, I won't be repurchasing this for the time being and will wait until we are back in the Winter months and in the mean time I will find something that is lighter and sweeter smelling.

After my first use of American Cream I wasn't too sure on my opinion - at first, I thought it kind of left it feeling a little dry and not as soft as I was used too. But after I had left it to settle a few hours after drying it, and then straightening it, it soon felt gorgeous and soft again, and the acidity of the orange juice definitely made my hair shiny. It is also true when they say the smell lingers - I went out that evening for a friends work party and could definitely still smell it on my hair hours later! 

I definitely do love the American Cream conditoner and I'd be interested in trying out some more from their range of hair care products in the future. But as I said, something lighter and sweeter - but I'll definitely be picking this up again once the Winter months roll around as I think it will be perfect for then. 

Can I also just take a minute to mention how lovely the staff are who work for Lush? The lovely lady who was helping me pick out which shampoo also showed me some more of their hair care and as it was a little out of my price range - she gave me two sample pots, and she said and I quote "I've put more than I should have in there so you can give it a proper test" - how sweet is she? 

What's your favourite buy from Lush?

Sunday, 29 June 2014

The Duchess Eyeshadow Quad - The MAC Osbournes Collection

Unless you have been living under a blogging rock for the last few months, you will of course know that Kelly and Sharon Osbourne have released a collection with MAC that started to appear in stores during the early parts of this month. Being a huge fan of the Osbournes anyway (many nights as a teen were spending watching The Osbournes at night time!) I knew I had to have a piece of the collection, and at the top of the list was Sharons Quad of eyeshadows! From the colours in each range (Kelly having more purples and Sharon having the warmer tones), Sharon's would be my favourite - and I was right.

I wasn't surprised to see the collection sell out like hot cakes (Strip Poker which is a nude lipstick from the Kelly Collection soldout within 12 hours at my MAC counter! With almost the entire collection selling out within a week - so I got this eyeshadow quad (and an item from Kellys collection) the day after release to make sure I didn't miss out.

Sharons eyeshadow quad contains four neutral warm eyeshadows that go absolutely beautifully with my eye colour. It contains three shimmer shades and one matte. The matte is an eyeshadow from the permanent range and the rest are limited edition colours. The lightest shade is named Sweet Eyes, which is a light pearl pink shadow and has a veluxe pearl finish, this is a wonderful shadow for highlighting, personally I have been using it on the inner corners of my eyes to make them appear bigger. The shade to it's right is named Sexy Eyes, which again is another Veluxe pearl eyeshadow and is a light rose gold eyeshadow that has very warm tones and is absolutely gorgeous! The next is a copper eyeshadow named Femme Fetale which is a satin eyeshadow and is very bronze toned. Finally we have the Matte eyeshadow and this one is the eyeshadow that is from the permanent line and it is Embark, which is a cool toned brown eyeshadow and is great for darkening up the outer corner or crease! 

As you can see Sweet Eyes is near my skin tone but adds shimmer so is the perfect highlight for the inner corner! I have been using Sexy Eyes and Femme Fetale in my outer V and in the crease to add definition and depth and it works lovely! The warm tones definitely compliment the blue in my eyes!

This is definitely a palette to pick up if you get the chance as it is so stunning, and one of those rare ready to made palettes that can transfrom your make-up from day to night with no problem at all. It costs £33 from MAC counters and online, but as I said, the Osbourne collection is/was fast to sell out to grab it if you can!

What's your favourite item from the Osbourne Collection?